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Median XL - Σ 2.8

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Additional Notes

2.8.1 Notes


  • "Pack Size" refers to the amount of monsters spawned at once
  • "Frequency" determines which type of monster to spawn
  • "Minions" are separate monsters that always spawn with the indicated monster.
  • A lowered frequency simply means the zone will be populated with less of that type of monster, and more of other available types.

Misc changes

Rainbow Storm

  • Visuals matched to actual damage spread
  • Damage increased by 25%

Void Goblin

  • Void Gobs velocity decreased by 23%, AI delay increased slightly

Relic Goblin

  • Now has a cooldown of 5 seconds between teleports

Monster balance

General Monster Changes

  • Unseen: Slow on hit reduced from 25% to 10%
  • Hexwing (Heroic): Now casts Decrepify on attack instead of on sight
  • Experience gain in level 90+ areas scaled back up based on area level. This results in around a 5% boost from current experience gain (27% reduced from 2.7) at level 90 and a 35% boost (13% reduced from 2.7) at level 140 and above.



  • Phantasms: Reduced frequency and pack size. Increased minion pack size
  • Soul Reaver: Reduced frequency. Now Spawns with Hardliner minions

Toraja Jungles

  • Forest Keeper: AoE skill now checks defence

Kurast 3000BA

  • Risen Warlord: Pack size and frequency decreased
  • Toxotes: Pack size and frequency decreased

Tran Athulua

  • Sovereign of the Sands: Slow aura removed. Can now drop the Maiden Bow base
  • Mephisto's Cabalist: Can now drop the Maiden Bow base
  • Grizzly Giant: Pack size and frequency decreased
  • Bloodfire Rogue: Pack size and frequency decreased

High Heavens

  • Hexwing: Now casts Decrepify on attack instead of on sight. Pack size and frequency decreased. Health slightly decreased.
  • Eternal Ember: Pack size and frenquency significantly decreased
  • Serafiend: No longer casts bone prison
  • Magistrate: Pack size and frenquency decreased
  • Cabalist: Pack size and frenquency decreased
  • Electrogeist: Pack size and frenquency decreased
  • Exalted One: No long grants immunity to minions


  • Salamander: Spawn frequency decreased
  • Temple Spire: Spawn frequency decreased


  • Dark Sovereign: Health significantly decreased. Spawn frequency decreased
  • Slain soul (Barrels): Spawn frequency significantly decreased
  • Toxotes: Pack size and frequency decreased. Minion count increased
  • Fleshless one: No longer casts Decrepify
  • Ancient Vampire: Pack size decreased. Minion count increased
  • Thunderbolt: Pack size and frenquency decreased
  • Erinys: Pack size decreased. Minion count increased
  • Blackened One: Pack size decreased and frequency. Minion count increased


  • Magistrate: Pack size and frenquency decreased
  • Cabalist: Pack size and frenquency decreased
  • Overseer: Pack size and frequency decreased
  • Eternal Ember: Pack size and frequency decreased
  • Cow Honcho: Pack size and frequency decreased
  • Centaur: Frequency decreased
  • Erinys: Pack size decreased. Now spawns with Necrobot minions
  • All non lab guest monsters: Resistances matched to native monster values


  • Erinys: Pack size decreased. Minion count increased
  • Colossal Tunnneler: Now uses the Sapling Guard treasure class instead of the Etherborne treasure class
  • Thrall of Destruction: Pack size decreased. Minion count increased and changed to Treant Archers
  • All non lab guest monsters: Resistances matched to native monster values




  • Range for experience received by other members of the party has been greatly increased


  • Baal: will now drop the Paragon Soulstone as his one time quest reward from Hell difficulty
    • The Soulstone will give you fancy rewards when transmuted at certain level milestones
    • Rewards include: new Mastercrafted bases, new Sacred uniques, the ability to reroll Relics, procs, the Rainbow staff, and much more!
    • Due to a technical limitation any unclaimed rewards will be lost
    • The first reward requires level 115 to unlock, do not wait too long to face him
  • Goblins:
    • Doubled the spawn rates of all goblins
    • Regular goblins now also have a chance to escape
    • Increased the hit points of all goblins by 50%
    • Relic goblins:
    • Now appear three times as often and start spawning from Nightmare difficulty onwards
    • Now drop 3 Relics instead of 1 relic and unique jewels
  • Campaign acts 1 to 5:
    • Increased monster density by 10%
    • Increased monster health by 20% for all monsters with levels between 1 and 104
    • Greatly reworked the monster pools in all campaign areas from the Normal Cold Plains onwards:
    • Reduced the maximum number of different monsters that can spawn in a zone
    • The specific amounts vary by zone but were tuned to mostly avoid cases where none or only Elites would spawn
    • Added several new types of monsters to each zone pool, who are thematically appropriate for the map
    • There will be more Elite enemies than usual when going through the storyline on Normal Difficulty
    • On Nightmare and Hell difficulty Veteran monsters can spawn in all areas
    • On Nightmare and Hell difficulty you can seldom meet Rift or Dungeon enemies which will drop items from the respective endgame quest pool
    • Some of the monsters you will fight have clawed their way back from the depths of Median XL history
    • This includes fan favourites such as Porkulators, Alpha Centaurs, of course: Startled Witches, and more

Endgame Quests

  • The pandemonium has also enveloped every Rift and most Dungeons in the game
  • Every rift will feature an even bigger pool of thematically appropriate potential enemies, every clear will feel different and pose new challenges
  • The new guests in Rifts will drop items appropriate to the zone you are farming
  • Dungeon guests will not drop items from their original pools but serve as a way to refresh the challenge of those quests
  • Some dungeons will also feature thematic challenges
  • The hit points of all dungeon monsters and rift bosses from the 105-115 bracket have been increased by 20%
  • Rescaled the life values of regular rift enemies in the 105-120 bracket. Currently many had hit points lower than those of the campaign enemies at the same area level. Therefore, life of these enemies has mostly increased

Nephalem Rifts

Tran Athulua

  • Guest monsters have a ~0.3% chance to cast Arrowside on death

Dimensional Labyrinth

  • All tiers:

    • Core and Guest mobs have been replaced, resulting in 1 fewer base mob type but entirely new guests and visually fresh monster types
    • Observers and Sinew Shapers have been merged into one new monster that uses the same skills as the Observer in addition to having a slow regeneration aura for nearby monsters, to replace the extreme regen pools of the Sinew Shaper
    • Erinys have been replaced with a new monster that randomly uses cold or lightning orbs, instead of fire missiles
    • Colossal Tunnelers and Remade Flesh have simply been reskinned and resized
    • Twisted Necrobots, Morlus, and Sapphire Knights have been replaced by Twisted Gore Crawlers, Twisted Spriggans, and Twisted Sires respectively
  • Monsters now gain 20% movement speed at tier 4, down from 70%. This Increases to 40% movement speed at tier 8

    • Phoboss is unaffected by the reduction movement speed applied to the rest of the Labyrinth, as to not affect the balance or muscle memory of the encounter
  • The tier 9 labyrinth zone is now level 140, required level to enter unchanged

  • Navigator:

    • In tier 8-10, now has a 50% chance to drop a tier 8 stone, a 30% chance to drop a tier 9 stone, a 14% chance to drop a tier 10 stone, and a 6% chance to drop a star chart. Tier 8-10 Navigator will never drop a stone below tier 8
    • Spawn rate slightly reduced in tiers 8-10, to compensate for having much more reliable drops in those tiers
  • Corrupted Assassin: Avoid reduced to 60%, from 70%

Endgame Dungeons

  • All Dungeon level requirements have been removed except for the following:
    • Heroic dungeons are unchanged
    • Bremmtown, Lilith, Spirit World, Uileloscadh Mor, and Deimoss are unchanged as they are located in Rifts
  • Experience gain in areas with level 90+ has been reduced by 30%
  • The above changes aim to create a different ladder experience for the Pandemonium season, where charms can be obtained as soon as possible to help you progress and level your character in the chaos

Binding of Baal

  • Tal Rasha: reduced lightning bolt damage by 15%

Judgement Day

  • Shadowgate Totems have manifested in the Pools of Wisdom and the Halls of Valor

Twin Seas

  • Athulua:
    • Greatly reduced knockback chance and removed crushing blow
    • Now has the Soulstealer property (10% max life heal on player kill)
    • Damage increased by 10%

Kingdom of Shadow

  • Doubled the spawn rate of Darkwardens
  • Porkchops can now also spawn. These cast Porkulator which lasts 3 seconds, duration can be further reduced by "Curse Length Reduced"

Mirror Temple

  • Closed during the Pandemonium season

Eve of Destruction

  • Now accessible from level 110 onwards
  • Baal:
    • Reduced damage and health by 33%
    • Visions have 33% less health
    • Minions of destruction have 40% less health

Ghosts of Old Bremmtown

  • Timewarp totems are present around the center of the map
  • These increase teleport cooldowns by 8 seconds and warp strike cooldowns by 4 seconds
  • Dragon Claw rolls are now (100-150) on health and (50-75) on mana

Nymyr's Light

  • Startled Witches can now spawn in the World Nexus

Heart of Darkness

  • Blood of Creation (Sorceress):
    • Clear Mind:
    • Damage reduced by 15%
    • Hit frequency reduced at all breakpoints
  • Reduced AI delay of bosses in phase 1 by 30%

Archbishop Lazarus

  • Now spawns only 1 totem per cast, down from 3
  • Totems cannot be killed
  • Fragment drop chance increased by 33%
  • Tremor from totems will now also deal flat damage
  • Increased damage, health, and attack rating by 10%

Herald of the End

  • Added two extra Pain Worms to the arena
  • Increased life by 10%
  • Chance to drop unique items increased by 30%


  • Teleport affecting obelisk now also increases Warp Strike cooldowns by 5 seconds
  • Councillors Ormac and Vanig deal 30% extra damage




  • Backstab: fixed weapon physical damage description under the "While Backstabbing" section



  • Rite of Thorns: damage multiplier bonus now 10%, down from 25%
  • Rite of the Restless: damage multiplier bonus now 10%, down from 25%
  • Sanguine Covenant: Life on attack per Skill Level now +3, down from +4


  • Symphony of Destruction: Fixed a bug which made the buff last for 1 frame



  • Arcane Fury: Now counts Superposition as an arcane skill, since its been moved to the arcane tree


  • Havoc:
    • Damage increased by 33%, reverting damage nerf from hotfix
    • Reverted visuals
    • Now 1 second minimum cooldown


General Changes

  • Rune downgrading is available again for the standard runes

Item Affixes

  • Staves can now roll + All Skills (max roll +9)


  • The Warmage: replaced energy bonus with fire pierce


  • Increased skill level bonuses by 50%
  • You can now carry 4 relics, up from 3 (will only apply to freshly dropped ones)
  • Added rare new relics featuring Ultimate skills, strong oSkills and even some Boss skills! See below for the full list
  • Relic drop rates from regular monsters (those without specific relic bias) have been doubled
  • All relics will now spawn with a random class requirement
  • New Relics: Spirit of Vengeance, Spellbind, Beacon, Doom, Runemaster, Gladiators Dominance, Thundergod, Faerie Fire, Vine Companion, Survival Instinct, Superbeast, Dragons Blessing, Blessed Life, Veil King, Rathmas Chosen, Summon Jinn, Chronofield, Baneblade, Blight, Force Blast, Havoc, Voidstar, Ultimate Chaos, Trinity Beam, Fire Cannonade, Azure Orb, Judgment Day
  • Added a hidden bonus to many of the new relics, in cases where the skill would be underwhelming due to existing scaling (e.g. Doom, Baneblade etc.)
    • This bonus only applies if you have no skill points in the skill in question

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