Median XL - Version Log

Median XL - Σ 2.3.0

Table of Contents

2.3.2 Additional Notes

  • Fixed a bug with Chance to Hit and Chance to Get Hit not reading correctly
  • Scosglen: fixed a bug that caused higher relic drops than intended
  • Mooncall: fixed issue with distance casting
  • Amazon Hammer Path now compatible with melee devotion
  • Discharge: improved description
  • 2.3.1 Additional Notes

  • Fixed Spirit Walk cooldown not going down
  • Determination: now adds a Base Defense bonus based on your Weapon Physical Damage bonuses
  • 2.3.0 Additional Notes

  • Shaman relics now give 25% of one minion stat. Set bonus now increases Spirit Walk heal +5% of Max Life
  • Shadowtwin:
    • Removed mana, mana on kill, Veil King oSkill
    • Now allows you to summon 2 ancient spirits per cast
  • Malleus Maleficarum:
    • Removed Skill Level bonuses to Retaliate and Divine Judgment
    • Now grants 6% chance to cast Widowmaker on Attack
  • Lacerator:
    • Removed orange text
    • Bear Claw Nova now 130% weapon damage, up from 110%
  • Game



    • Temporarily removed Physical Damage from extended stat screen as it wasn't accurately accounting for flat physical sources. For the time being you can calculate your physical damage with D2Stats
    • Fixed chance to get hit in LCS using monstats level (which is no longer used) instead of area level
    • Both formulae now use the area level the monster was found in as opposed to the current area level (i.e. the town's area level for instance when you're in town)

    Quality of Life

    • New feature: most melee skills can now be used with shift and without having to select a target. However, "on attack" procs and healing will only trigger if the main swing lands on a target. Melee skills that benefit from this are:
      • Impale
      • Great Hunt
      • Hyena Strike
      • Noctule
      • Crucify
      • Earthquake
      • Shower of Rocks
      • Thunder Slam
      • Iron Spiral
      • Primordial Strike
      • Wildfire
      • Twisted Claw
      • Carnage
      • Divine Judgement
      • Retaliate
      • Lemures
      • Blood Thorns
      • Bladestorm
      • Glacial Torrent
      • Spiral Dance
      • Charged strike
      • Black Lotus Strike
      • Death Blossom
      • Winter Avatar
      • Gorefest
      • Ancient's Hand
      • Medusa
      • Whirlpool
      • Stormblast
      • Iceburst
      • Deathgaze
      • Batstrike
      • Rend (made into proper melee skill)
    • The following attack buffs are converted to buffs:
      • Shadow Refuge
      • Conflux
      • Mooncall (renamed from Moonstrike)
      • Conquest


    • Goblins: reduced Voided Spawn/Glob flee chance
    • Mephisto: fixed flashing circle arena dealing damage inside itself


    • Increased density in the following zones to improve the leveling curve:
      • Catacombs 1, 2, 3
      • Rocky Waste
      • Dry Hills
      • Far Oasis
      • Lost City
      • Canyon of the Magi
      • Harem
      • Palace Cellar 1, 2, 3
      • Maggot Lair 1, 2, 3
      • Tal Rasha's Tomb
    • Small area level tweaks in early normal difficulty

    Endgame Quests

    Nephalem Rifts

    Kurast 3000 BA

    • Reworked several areas to be more open and interconnected to reduce backtracking
    • Made a few sections more distinctive as to improve player's navigation
    • Ennead Necromancers are located very close to the same old coordinates
    • 35% overall gain in enemies spawning areas

    High Heavens/Library of Fate

    • Added a small shrine bias


    • Added a small shrine bias


    • Fauzt-great rune drop chances increased by 90% (1 every 40 rune drops in the zone)
    • Improved unique and rare drop chances
    • Increased shrine drops by 33%


    • Corrupted Boxes:
      • Added missing emblem outcome
      • Reduced golden cycle spawn chance
    • Increased oil drops
    • Added additional relic drop bias
    • Increased unique and set drop rates
    • Halved winter damage in snow areas
    • Increased tenet design drop chance by 40%

    Dimensional Labyrinth

    • Overhauled the reward structure to make the zone more rewarding and give a better sense of progression
      • The Dimensional Key charm now has a 50% chance to drop from Corrupted Heroes on yellow floors. No longer drops from Deimoss
      • There are now four different types of base charms as opposed to one, each tailored to different builds
      • The types are: physical weapon, elemental weapon, caster, summoner
      • You will now unlock bonuses as you progress through the Riftstones to complete several quests
      • Quests
      • Trial of Discovery: transmute one of every depleted Riftstone with the charm. Adds magic find with increasing returns based on the stone tier
      • Trial of Purity: transmute the rare miniboss drops (star chart pieces & dream fragments). Adds bonuses depending on charm base with increasing returns
      • The above two quests will produce a charm with better stats compared to the 2.2 equivalent which required a 100% Deimoss kill
      • End the Invasion: defeat Deimoss to add a bonus to your Dimensional Key, depending on charm base
      • Trial of the Nephalem: complete the above three quests to unlock the final two hard mode quests
      • Occult Smithing: defeat Deimoss with exactly 3 optional difficulty modifiers
      • Dimensional Alchemy: defeat Deimoss with exactly 5 optional difficulty modifiers
      • Completion rewards
      • Trial of Discovery: +75% magic find
      • Trial of Purity: +75% Enhanced Weapon Damage or +16% Innate Elemental Damage or +35% Spell Damage or +100% Minion Damage
      • End the Invasion: +5% Deadly Strike or +(100 to 200) Tri-Elemental damage or +5% Spell Focus bonus or +5% Maximum Life and Mana
      • Trial of the Nephalem: unlocks hard mode quests
      • Occult Smithing: unlocks the Occult Effigy upgrade recipe. Transmute two identical Effigies to receive a higher tier. Unlimited uses
      • Dimensional Alchemy: unlocks the Relic crafting recipe. Transmute a Depleted Riftstone (6) to receive a random relic. 5 charges
    • Replaced Curse Immunity modifier on monsters with 80% Curse Length Reduction
    • Abyssal Shrines:
      • All Abyssal Shrine bosses may now drop Sacred items with a high chance of being Set or Unique. Probability depends on difficulty and floor
      • Archbishop Lazarus:
      • Will now always summon T10 infused groupies, as opposed to regulars
      • Trophy drop chance now 50% on yellow floors and 75% chance on red floors
      • Atanna Khan:
      • Replaces Astrogha spawns from Abyssal Shrines
      • Has a high chance to drop The Awakening unique armor: 10% on yellow floors, 25% on red floors
      • Bartuc: will now always spawn T6 infused Blood Golems instead of regular
      • Unstable Anomaly:
      • Is now more aggressive
      • Now drops 3 items, up from 1

    Endgame Dungeons

    Legion of the Damned

    • Soul Pillars have been slightly distanced some more to reduce occurrence of unintended AoE damage
    • Fixed a bug where Rotted Husks weren't spawning in the correct pattern (Wave 3)
    • Soul Pillars will no longer spawn anything/give rewards if killed by Manourouk's death

    Yshari Sanctum

    • Set pieces no longer have durability and no longer break
    • Minor details additions to improve player's sense of orientation on all stages
    • Dream of Anguish: improved visibility and further simplified some sections of the maze
    • Snare of Destruction: improved visibility and greatly reduced dead-ends
    • Specter of Hatred: slightly simplified some sections of the maze and reduced dead-ends
    • Figment of Pain: fixed some pathing issues


    • Completely reworked boss fight while keeping to the theme of the original and being lore friendly
    • No longer extremely punishing for melee characters, removed one shot debuff mechanics
    • Split into two phases, the cunning spider has one final trick when near death
    • The Web of Deceit now has a 5 minute lockout timer
    • Life roll on charm is now +(200-500), up from +(100-500) to compensate for the increased fight duration

    Nymyr's Light

    • Reenvisioned the map to reduce details density and improve visibility
    • Reduced the area surrounding the entrance's portal

    Invasion III

    • Removed the change introduced in patch 2.1 causing the boss to rarely gain avoid when hit
    • Increased the number of Rift Storms in the area

    The Void

    • Soul of Gluttony: reduced regeneration in the middle of the zone
    • Lilith: reduced Poison Spray damage

    Nephalem's Sacrifice

    • Removed "superunique" property from bosses that had it (making them very resistant)
    • Rebalanced health/resist from minibosses
    • Reduced Jazreth the Deceived AI delay


    • Removed the change introduced in patch 2.1 causing the boss to rarely gain avoid when hit
    • Rebalanced the optional difficulty modifiers
      • Boss Healer: healing per second halved. Fixed a bug causing the boss to not heal at certain player positions
      • Teleport cooldown increase: will now also reduce all your skill levels by 10. You will not be able to use abilities with a resulting level of 0
      • Speed slow: will now reduce Movement Speed by 40%, up from 15%. Navigator spawns in the arena have had their movement speed reduced by 30%
      • Councillor Ormac: will now use Rift Volley instead of Supernova, fixed a bug where his Stormblast attack always had a 5% chance to hit
      • Councillor Vanig: will now use Poison Volley instead of Poison Nova



    • Sky Siege/Tantrum/Disco Inferno/Wychwind:
      • Using any of these skills near Deimoss the Fleshweaver or the Ascendant Riftwalker will cause all nearby enemies to gain 66% chance to avoid damage for a short time



    • Fixed Ecstatic Frenzy's and War Spirit's buff icons


    • Magic Missiles:
      • Increased base missiles by 2
      • Mana cost per level reduced by 10%
    • Bloodstorm:
      • Reduced base mana cost
      • Increased base targets by 1
    • Balefire: now requires level 10, down from 15
    • Bacchanalia: now requires level 15, down from 20
    • Fire Elementals: now require level 20, down from 25


    The storm tree has been divided into two separate sub-trees: a caster tree using Stormcall and Askari Lightning, and a WDM tree with focus on Hammer of Zerae. You can only use one sub-tree or the other.

    • No longer compatible with Melee Devotion
    • Thundercrack: removed
    • Magnetic Field: removed
    • Thundermaiden:
      • Renamed from Asterism, now a level 1 skill
      • Now adds 3 max damage per Base Level (from 4), but adds an additional 0.5 max damage per soft (and base) level
      • No longer receives Defense bonus from points in Hammer of Zerae, but has defense bonus per level increased from 7% to 9%
      • No longer adds dexterity
    • Hammer of Zerae:
      • Now a level 2 skill, requires Thundermaiden
      • Increased hammer area of effect
      • Reduced visual spam
      • Now scales with Attack Speed
      • Now convert 50% Physical Damage to Lightning
      • Weapon damage now 180%
      • Bonus lightning damage now 20% per Base Level in itself rather than Stormcall
      • Increased additional Physical and Lightning Damage scaling above slvl 17
    • Power Shift:
      • New level 10 skill, requires Hammer of Zerae
      • Throws an additional two hammers, but they all travel a shorter distance
      • Ideal for concentrated damage
      • Max level: 1
    • Reckoning of Zerae:
      • New level 40 skill, upgrades Hammer of Zerae and Power Shift
      • Adds a chance that hammers will bounce once they are destroyed (end of travel or hitting a wall)
      • Hammers will bounce to the cursor location at the time of first casting the skill
      • The hammers explode dealing 100% Lightning Damage and hitting multiple times
      • Chance to bounce is 10% per Base Level for Hammer of Zerae and 3% per Base Level to Power Shift
    • Stormcall:
      • Now a level 2 skill, requires Thundermaiden
      • Now scales with Energy rather than Dexterity
      • Removed Physical Damage
      • Increased starting damage and damage in early levels
    • Askari Lightning:
      • Now a level 5 skill
      • Reduced base mana cost
      • Fixed inaccurate damage formula
      • Now displays damage in tooltip
      • Base damage from stormcall increased from 300% to 330%
    • Conductivity:
      • New upgrade skill available at level 50 for Stormcall which gives it a chance to proc Askari Lightning
      • Gives 0.5% proc chance per base level
      • Max Level: 7
    • Discharge:
      • Now a level 25 skill
      • Revamped skill into a buff
      • Now casts periodically thunders at your foes, making them more vulnerable to your Lightning Damage
      • Emits a thunder every 7.4 seconds, -1 seconds per Base Level
      • Max Level: 6
    • Resistance:
      • New level 75 skill
      • Provides stats based on the storm path chosen
      • Adds 30% block speed
      • Adds 1% Base Block per Base Level, if the Thunder path was chosen
      • Adds 1% Maximum Block per Base Level, if the Hammer path was chosen
      • Max level: 7



    • Barrage:
      • Weapon Damage now 90%, up from 75%
      • Fixed a bug which resulted in the flat damage being significantly lower than intended
      • New bonus damage formula scales quadratically with Skill Levels
      • Maximum Base Level reduced to 5, but will now scale with Elemental Command (to prevent excessive flat damage at the levelling stage)
    • Trinity Arrow:
      • Removed flat Physical Damage
      • Added bonus Fire, Cold or Lightning Damage to projectile. Scales quadratically with Skill Levels
      • Maximum Base Level reduced to 5, but will now scale with Elemental Command (to prevent excessive flat damage at the levelling stage)
      • Weapon damage increased by 10%
    • Elemental Command:
      • Now increases Trinity Arrow and Barrage maximum Base Levels
      • The formula is +1 max Base Level per 4 character levels
    • Wyrmshot:
      • Increased base target seek range, equivalent of 3 points in Keen Sight
      • Weapon damage now 80%, up from 75%
    • Keen Sight: maximum Base level reduced by 3
    • Phalanx:
      • Weapon damage now 150%, up from 140%
      • No longer has a cooldown
    • Fire at Will:
      • Now increases attack & movement speeds while Phalanx is active
      • Movement Speed bonus is 5% per Base Level
      • Attack Speed bonus is 10% per Base Level


    • Eviscerate: Weapon Damage now 90%, down from 95%
    • Impale:
      • Weapon damage now 170%, down from 180%
      • Expose weakness is now a curse (doesn't stack with other physical resist debuffs)
    • Second Wind: maximum health regeneration now 6% per second, down from 7%
    • Elemental Aegis: maximum absorb now 12%, down from 13%


    • Great Hunt:
      • Reduced clown fiesta



    • Shadow Refuge:
      • Fixed a bug that caused it to not be affected by Continuity
      • Now gains 1 second extra duration per Base Level
      • Tripled mana cost
      • Added "burst of speed" overlay instead of glitchy color palette effect
    • Queen of Blades:
      • Reworked mechanically, now leaves stationary spinning blades after hitting an enemy, instead of bouncing
      • Blade traps last for 2 seconds and hit multiple times
      • Now checks AR
      • Weapon damage increased from 35% to 45%
      • Delay between Volleys increased to 1 second
    • Shred: blade scaling now 4 + 1 per Base Level, down from 2 + 2 per Base Level


    • Noctule: improved area of effect
    • Way of the Gryphon:
      • Base pierce increased by 1%
      • Reduced damage in early levels but increased damage in mid/late game
    • Winged Calamity: max level now 10


    • Way of the Spider:
      • Base pierce increased by 1%
      • Damage increased by 29%
      • Increased early level damage
      • Now adds 2% poison spell damage per level under 100
    • Scorpion Blade:
      • Now a level 6 skill
      • Fully reworked due to multiple issues and unnecessary complexity with scaling
      • Knives now explode instantly in a radius after hitting, however old poison cloud visuals were maintained
      • Starts at two knives
      • Now scales based on Way of the Spider damage, multiplied by Spell Damage. No longer scales with Spell Focus and energy
      • Knife count synergy now based on Base Levels rather than Queen of Blades level
      • Now detonates twice, for better Area of Effect coverage and damage
      • Increased area of effect
      • Blades now have ND, greatly improving their spread (not being all tanked by a single fat enemy)
    • Lethal Incision:
      • Now a level 15 skill
      • Reworked damage numbers
      • Now also increases skill duration to Scorpion Blade
    • Storm Crows:
      • Reduced base mana cost
      • Increased early level Physical Damage
      • Primary knives (before homing) travel faster and trigger quicker
      • Homing knives now have a greater hitbox for better accuracy, and travel further
    • Wychwind:
      • Now a level 20 skill
      • Now always explodes when it reaches the end of its range
      • Increased main knife size
      • Weapon damage reduced from 40% to 35%
      • Now properly checks for Attack Rating
      • Fixed vulnerability duration tooltip not accounting for continuity
    • APF-20 'Maelstrom' MkI:
      • Now a level 10 skill
    • Broadside:
      • Now a level 30 skill
    • Void Gazer: doubled Maximum Block Chance bonus


    • Way of the Phoenix:
      • Base pierce increased by 1%
      • Reduced damage in early levels but increased damage in mid/late game
    • Crucify: damage increased by 20%
    • Laserblade: damage based on dexterity per level increased by 40%


    • Forger's Hegemony: block speed bonus now 25%
    • Incineration Trap:
      • Increased damage by 10%, and base damage by 20%


    • Vampiric Icon: reduced size to reduce clutter
    • Prismatic Cloak: now adds Block Speed per level
    • Way of the Raven (new):
      • New level 90 ultimate skill, replaces Phase Bomb




    • Lion Stance: fixed synergy string
    • Snake Stance: increased early game damage, late game damage unchanged
    • Eagle Stance: maximum Innate Elemental Damage bonus is now 30%, up from 20%
    • Wolf Stance: fixed Crushing Blow synergy tooltip
    • Spirit Guide:
      • Fixed a bug where the Bonus Defense was scaling with points in Shamanic Trance instead of Base Levels
      • Renamed to Wolven Guide


    • Tectonics: new passive skill
      • Your Earthquakes occasionally trigger Shower of Rocks (bypassing cooldown)
      • Chance is 1% per 230% Weapon Physical Damage bonuses
      • Weapon Physical Damage requirement is reduced by 10% per Base Level
      • Requires Heart of Stone
      • Requires level 110, maximum Base Level is 5


    • Thunderstorm:
      • Weapon damage now 200%, up from 150%
      • Lightning bolt area of effect increased by 21%
      • Movement speed bonus now 7% per Base Level, up from 6%
    • Iron Spiral:
      • Mana cost reduced by 40%, cooldown removed
      • Evened minimum and maximum values for bonus damage
      • Added a Base Level synergy: bonus Lightning Damage increases quadratically with Base Levels
    • Galvanism: new passive skill
      • Upgrades Iron Spiral and Thunderstorm
      • Iron Spiral maximum level increases by 1 for every 3 character levels above 90
      • Thunderstorm inherits Iron Spiral bonus lightning damage (and then doubles it due to weapon damage modifier)
      • Requires level 93, maximum Base Level is 1


    • Whirlwind: now gains 25% Weapon Physical Damage bonus per Base Level, up from 20%


    • Snake Bite:
      • Damage at level 1 increased by 6x, damage at endgame increased by 5%, increased minimum damage to be closer to the maximum
      • Changed the way endgame character level influences damage. Character levels above 130 will now add significantly more damage compared to before
      • Previously going from level 130 to 150 would increase damage by ~9%, now it will increase it by ~52%
    • Stampede:
      • No longer has a cooldown, projectile count now fixed at 12
      • Now gains +2 flat physical damage per Skill Level (max 56)
      • This damage scales with your Weapon Physical Damage bonuses
      • Now has a synergy which increases this damage by 10% per Base Level
      • Weapon Damage increased to 110%, up from 100%
    • Violence: reworked skill
      • Now grants a short duration buff after using Stampede
      • Grants Deadly Strike and Innate Elemental Damage for 0.6 seconds
      • Deadly strike amount is 2% per Base Level
      • Innate Elemental Damage amount is 4% per Base Level
    • Honing: new passive skill, upgrades Stampede
      • Stampede Weapon Damage modifier increases to 120%, up from 110%
      • Stampede no longer gains bonus Physical or Magic Damage
      • Violence will also increase your Snake Stance damage by 25%
      • Required level is 50, maximum Base Level is 1
    • Fortress:
      • Fixed a bug where the skill was dealing significantly less damage than intended
      • Weapon Damage now 100%, down from 120%
      • Effective damage per second has more than doubled compared to previous patch


    • Ancient Spirits:
      • Maximum Base Levels of spirit summons reduced to 20, down from 25
      • Synergy bonuses have been increased accordingly
      • Fixed inconsistencies between the bonuses granted by Stances to players and Ancient Spirits
    • Guardian Spirit: now throws an extra axe on every Difficulty, projectiles changed to axes
    • Spirit Walk:
      • Now requires character level 25 to learn, down from 30
      • Now instantly heals a portion of your Maximum Life on use
      • Base life healed is 2.5% and increases by 0.25% per Base Level in the Shaman tree (max 10%)
      • Range now 13.33 yards, down from 16.67, but now increases by 0.11 yards per Skill Level (max 20 yards)
      • Mana cost now 10 + 6 per level, down from 55 + 4 per level
    • Shamanic Trance:
      • Is now a passive skill, maximum Base Level is now 1
      • No longer grants additional maximum Spirits per Base Level
      • Now gain +1 maximum Spirit at player levels 20, 40, 100 and 140
      • Completely reworked the other stat bonuses granted by this skill, to make them scale better in the endgame and simplify their logic
      • The Life bonus from base Strength is now multiplicative with Minion Life bonuses instead of additive
      • As a result, minions are now much more durable in the endgame and stacking Minion Life on gear provides much better returns
      • The life and damage bonuses from Skill Levels have now been moved to Base Level bonuses on the minion skills
      • These bonuses now stack linearly with Minion Life / Damage stats on gear. Their values have been greatly increased
      • Therefore they are very powerful early on, but points can be freed up in the endgame for well geared characters
      • The damage bonus from base Strength is now multiplicative with Minion Damage bonuses instead of additive
      • As a result high investment in Minion Damage gear in the endgame will result in higher damage output compared to before
      • Bonuses from base Strength now cap at 600, and have been scaled accordingly, in order to give more freedom in stat allocation
    • Spirit Reave:
      • Can now be used at all times / no longer requires an Ancient Spirit death
      • Reduced damage during the levelling stage
      • Mana cost now 75, down from 100
    • Spirit Bond: maximum Base Level is now 2
    • Ancestral Endurance: new passive skill
      • Upgrades Spirit Reave, activates after using Spirit Reave
      • Gain the Melee Devotion damage mitigation without losing the ability to summon
      • Base duration is 20 seconds
      • Ranged skills will be disabled
      • This does not stack with the Melee Devotion mastery
      • Requires level 30 and 20 points in Shaman tree skills, maximum Base Level is 1


    • Runemaster: now also gives +2% to maximum Fire, Cold and Lightning Resistances
    • Nephalem Spirit:
      • No longer gives Innate Elemental Damage
      • Now gives 15% Physical Resistance (this also applies to Ancient Spirits - see tooltip)
      • Fixed a bug causing it to give less damage per base Vitality
    • Gladiator's Dominance:
      • Magic damage synergy on ranged skill tooltips now only displayed if you have this ultimate
      • Base Block Chance bonus now +6%, up from +5%



    • Infected Roots:
      • Damage increased by 10%
      • Reduced mana cost


    • Heartseeker: Weapon Damage now 140%, up from 110%
    • Cascade: weapon Damage now 115%, up from 90%


    • Rend:
      • Now triggers on-attack procs and healing
      • Increased area of effect
      • Reduced thorns lingering damage by 16%, to reduce excessive single target damage


    • Increased attack speed, can now reach 7 FPA, up from 8
    • Earth Talons:
      • Base duration increased by 50%
      • Increased area of effect (visually still the same)
    • Ferocity: now requires level 6
    • Charged Talons: now requires level 9
    • Raid:
      • Renamed from Birdstorm
      • Increased base projectile count by 33%
      • Now requires level 12
    • Egg Trap:
      • Now requires level 24


    • Twisted Claw: mini twisters duration is now 15% shorter, to reduce excessive single target damage
    • Howl of the Spirits: reduced base cooldown by 25%


    • Mythal: fixed a bug causing it to be considered a curse



    • Bend the Shadows: cooldown increased by 0.2 seconds
      • Slightly reduced teleport range


    • Dream Eater: base cooldown reduced by 50%


    • Carnage: now 90% Weapon Damage, up from 80%
    • Parasite: doubled flat Magic Damage
    • Reaper: duration now 5 seconds (affected by continuity)
    • Blight Descent: base duration now 5 seconds
    • Deathlord: re-added duration to skill description


    • Buckshot: Weapon Damage now 120%, down from 125%
    • Fragmentation Shot:
      • Now a level 5 skill, requires Buckshot
    • Dragonfire Oil:
      • Now a level 10 skill, requires Fragmentation Shot
    • Widowmaker:
      • Increased base missile count
      • Weapon damage now 57%, down from 60%
    • Ignite: now a level 30 skill
    • Death Shards:
      • Now a level 50 skill, requires Widowmaker
      • Weapon Damage increased from 50% to 100%
      • Increased mana cost
    • Carrion Drain:
      • Halved life leech to Death Shards



    • Retaliate:
      • Now gains an additional 120% increase to bonus damage at character level 1, tapering down to 0 at character level 120
      • Base mana cost reduced from 3 to 1, mana gain per level reduced by 9%
      • Weapon Damage increased to 133%, up from 100%
      • Bonus Fire Damage reduced by 25%
      • Thus, bonus damage stays the same but Weapon Damage has increased (this is a buff)
    • Divine Judgment:
      • Weapon damage now 105%, down from 110%
      • No longer has a cooldown
      • No longer gains Magic Damage with Skill and Base levels
      • Now grants a buff for 0.6 seconds after using the skill
      • Buff gives 6% bonus to Weapon Physical Damage per Base Level
    • Consecration: skill has been reworked
      • Now adds 50% bonus damage to Undead and Demons per Base Level
      • Now halves the bonus damage from Holy Fire
      • Now requires level 15
    • Lionheart: fixed the skill giving less IED than intended


    • Dragon Jaws:
      • Damage at level 1 increased by 50%, endgame damage unchanged
      • Damage bonus from character level now caps at 145, up from 120 (~23% more damage at max level compared to before)
    • Annihilation:
      • Damage at level 1 increased by 33%, endgame damage unchanged



    • Bladestorm:
      • Weapon Damage increased to 60%, up from 55%
      • Magic Damage synergy increased to 12%, up from 10%
      • Magic conversion now 90% at level 1, down from 95%. Max conversion now 50%, down from 60% (more leech)
    • Fusillade: Weapon Damage increased to 110%, up from 100%
    • Cold Blooded: now adds 1.5% of Dexterity as Cold Pierce, up from 1%
    • Determination: new passive skill
      • Sacrifices Elemental Damage dealing capabilities to increase your Defense
      • 30% of your average Fire, Cold and Lightning Damage is added as Bonus Defense
      • Deal no Fire, Cold or Lightning Damage
      • Only allows the use of melee, summoning and buff/debuff skills
      • Requires level 50, maximum Base Level is 1
    • Fatal Focus: new passive skill
      • Increases your Deadly Strike at the cost of your Maximum Block Chance
      • Grants 1% Deadly Strike and +4% per Base Level
      • Grants -5% Max Block Chance per Base Level
      • Requires level 70, maximum Base Level is 8


    • Forked Lightning: damage at level 1 increased by 150%, endgame damage unchanged

    Item Only Skills

    • Pentagram: damage increased by 10%
    • Wyrd: affix now requires character level 60, up from 40
    • Searing Glow:
      • Now hits 5 times per cast, up from 4
      • Successfully corrupted equipment damage bonus now 30% per item up from 20%
    • Avalanche: area of effect expansion requirement now 1250 Spell Focus, up from 1200
    • Guard Tower: now converts 33% of damage to magic; now requires 11 levels for an extra target, up from 10
    • Hamstring: removed
    • Clobber: removed
    • Cherubim: Weapon Damage now 110%, down from 120%
    • Death Star:
      • Fixed a bug where the projectiles would stop dealing damage after hitting an unpoisoned target
      • Pulse radius reduced by 8%
    • Tantrum:
      • Fixed a bug causing the set to not function
      • Halved number of hits



    • Replaced Amulet/Ring/Quiver +1 Life Regen mystic orb with +20 to Life
    • Blackleach Blade: now adds 100/250/500/1000 Poison Damage over 2 seconds
    • Brainhack: Deathgaze is now usable again
    • Fixed the Magister still having Apocalypse instead of Flamefront
    • Zerae's Veil: rebalanced for new stormzon
    • Dreamswayer: rebalanced for new stormzon
    • Fixed a bug where tiered Throwing Axes were counting as 2H weapons (not retroactive)
    • Increased base damage for most Scepters
    • Naginata: WSM buffed to 5, from 10
    • The Black Dame: requirements per tier now +10/25/50/75%
    • Chargebreaker: removed minion stats and added Block Speed
    • "Slain monsters rest in peace" stat no longer has a visual effect and sound
    • Crystal of Tears:
      • Removed health penalty, biggest stackers were builds who could ignore this anyway
      • Level requirement now +20, up from +10


    • Corrupted Crystals now require 5 shards to be made
    • Added all possible cube combinations that could add up to 3 crystals or less


    • Queen of Blades: Shred duration bonus now +50%
    • Eviscerate: now +1 projectile, down from +2
    • Mythal: replaced previous orange stat which wasn't working, now provides double debuff duration of Mythal effect (1s -> 2s)
    • Removed Magnetic Field & Thundercrack relics
    • Added Discharge relic
    • Stormcall: replaced Stormclash proc with +1% proc chance to Conductivity
    • Titan's Fortitude: description now accurate
    • Phalanx: skill level is now always 1

    Item Affixes

    • Boots: minimum FRW roll now 10%, up from 0%
    • Naginata
      • Removed Hades Gate cooldown reduction affix
      • Removed Bloodbath duration affix
      • Dual pierce affix now 25% pierce of all Elements
      • Removed %life affix
      • Enhanced Weapon Damage affix now (51 to 100), up from (31 to 80)
      • Broadside cooldown reduction affix now 3 seconds, up from 2

    Sacred Uniques

    • Natasha's Legacy Design: now requires 5 of each rune/essence, down from 6
    • Natasha's Legacy: minimum elemental pierce roll increased from 3% to 10%
    • Legio Di Manes: reworked stats
    • Zular Khan's Tempest:
      • 50% Fire/Lightning pierce changed to 30% pierce of all Elements
      • Removed redundant flat Fire/Lightning Damage bonus
      • Assassin's ways bonus levels now +(21 to 35), up from (25 to 30)
      • Now also includes skill levels to Way of the Raven
    • Black Ice: removed %stat bonuses, added 20% Innate Elemental Damage and 100% Attack Rating
    • Storm Blade:
      • Max Damage increased by 100
      • Now also pierces cold
      • Doubled Javelin Nova proc chance
      • Magic Find increased to 75%
    • Blackjade's Legacy:
      • Now also pierces Cold per point into Shadow Refuge
    • Banner of Bitter Winds: Cold Spell Damage bonus per way level now 1%
    • The Doom Gong of Xiansai: no longer has increased requirements, removed Strength bonus
    • Zayl's Temptation:
      • Now adds -(11 to 15) to all enemy resists instead of flat Elemental damage
      • Now adds 10% Maximum Block chance
      • Increased assassin skill levels from (3 to 5) to (4 to 6)
      • Removed reanimate, Crucify skill levels & ewd penalty
    • Saber of the Stormsail: fixed a bug causing the character to freeze in place whenever Squall Wave triggers
    • Dux Infernum: no longer summons jinns on attack, now grants level 8 Hellfire Aura (this change is not retroactive)
    • Azurewrath:
      • Now adds 90% of Vitality as Cold Damage to weapon (up from 80%)
      • Vitality now grants 0.5 less Maximum Life per point
      • Above changes are retroactive
    • Legion:
      • Renamed to Legionnaire
      • Now has 10% chance to trigger Thunder Hammer on striking
      • Slightly reduced added Physical Damage
    • Azgar's Crystal: removed Mana Pulse AoE effect due to technical reasons
    • Solar Scion:
      • No longer adds druid skill levels
      • Now adds 33% spell damage
      • New orange stat: Double Conductivity Effect
    • Gromotvod: changed orange text
    • Stormhammer:
      • Renamed from Thunderbane
      • Now adds effect: Reckoning of Zerae: Double Power Shift Bounce Chance
      • Added 4% chance to trigger Hammertime on kill
      • Now adds flat lightning damage and pierce rather than Physical Damage and Spellbind cooldown reduction
      • Doubled Physical Resist
    • Piranha Swarm:
      • Reworked stats
      • Now makes Scorpion Blade "Always Explode" (i.e. when missile reaches end of range, it will explode as if it hit something) and reduced max travel range
      • Adds 150% poison spell damage, 150 Life after kill, (4 to 7) assassin skills
      • Adds 50% magic find, 2% max Resistances and 50% Mana Regeneration
      • Increased rarity
    • Knight's Grace: increased flat Maximum Damage to 25 from 20
    • Angel's Wrath: increased Maximum Life from 3% to 5%
    • Buzzbomb: removed
    • Penumbra:
      • Now a SU rarity, slightly adjusted stats
      • Max damage now rolls (21 to 100)
      • Removed flat cold damage, added 10% Dexterity
    • Rakkis' Benediction: reworked for storm tree
    • New Sacred Unique: Death Sentence, replaces Eternal Bodyguard, increased rarity
    • New SSU Balanced Knife: Sky Murder
    • Shaman relics now give 25% of one minion stat. Set bonus now increases Spirit Walk heal +5% of Max Life
    • Shadowtwin:
      • Removed mana, mana on kill, Veil King oSkill
      • Now allows you to summon 2 ancient spirits per cast
    • Malleus Maleficarum:
      • Removed Skill Level bonuses to Retaliate and Divine Judgment
      • Now grants 6% chance to cast Widowmaker on Attack
    • Lacerator:
      • Removed orange text
      • Bear Claw Nova now 130% weapon damage, up from 110%


    • Witchhunter's Attire:
      • Two piece Lightning pierce bonus reduced from 20% to 10%, now adds 10% Maximum Block chance instead of 20% resistence
      • Full set bonus no longer has reanimate chance, now adds 20% pierce to all Elements
    • Witchhunter's Ire: now also adds Cold and Poison Damage
    • Thunderstorm: fixed full set bonus orange text
    • Spirits of the Nephalem:
      • The Guardian: removed +1 max Spirits
      • Two piece set bonus now gives 50% to Minion Attack Rating instead of the proc
      • Three piece set bonus now gives 15% to Minion Resistances instead of EWD, now 15% Minion Damage instead of 50%
      • Full set bonus now gives 300 to Vitality and Energy instead of 500 each
    • The Trickster: now gives Pestilence instead of Graveyard to make the required level on par with the rest of the set
    • Achilio's Wake: now gives Fire pierce instead of Poison
    • Achilio's Stealth: increased EWD and added 10% Movement Speed
    • Zerae's Divinity:
      • Two piece bonus:
      • Increased Lightning pierce to 25%
      • Replaced Amazon Skills with Spell Focus
      • Three piece bonus:
      • Replaced mana steal with Physical Resist
      • Rebalanced full set bonus
      • Zerae's Holy Wrath:
      • Crushing Blow increased to (10-15)%
      • Now adds 75-100 Energy
      • Zerae's Redemption: replaced Stormeye Totem with 30% to Combat Speeds
      • Zerae's Refinement:
      • Increased Amazon Skills from 1 to 2
      • Dexterity now rolls from 75 to 100
      • Maximum Damage replaced with Cast Rate
      • Zerae's Vindication:
      • Replaced proc with -40% to requirements
      • Replaced flat lightning damage with 1 to 2 to Amazon Skillssp
      • Reduced physical resist to 10%
    • Celestia's Charge: increased minimum Movement Speed to 10% from 8%
    • Vizjun's Devices:
      • Max resistance from full set bonus reduced to 1%
    • Creed:
      • Modified the stats of various pieces
      • Full Set Bonus:
      • Knife Throw on kill 30% -> 100%
      • Scorpion Blade on striking -> 5% on Kill
      • Removed 200 Strength/Vitality
      • Now adds +5 to Assassin skill levels


    • Pax Mystica: now only requires Tir rune
    • Twisted Mind: fixed Life bonus, Life bonus now requires Occult Path (this change is not retroactive)
    • Artemesia's Authority:
      • Orange text now synergizes with Hammer of Zerae
      • Life on Attack replaced with Life on Striking
      • Proc removed
    • Disturbance: now converts Hammer of Zerae to 100% Lightning, added flat Vitality
    • Perfect Storm: Physical/Magical Spell Damage changed to Lightning Spell Damage

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