Median XL - Version Log

Median XL - Σ 2.7

Table of Contents

Additional Notes

2.7.1 Notes

  • Workaround for the launcher not downloading updated Fog.dll

2.7.2 Notes

  • Anathema: fixed desc issue with IED
  • Arcane Torrent: fix damage overflow at high gear level
  • Survival Instinct: fixed physical resist desc
  • Catalyst of Transference:
    • Fixed a bug where you could input random stuff to withdraw shrine charges
    • Now works with the Collect button
  • Zerae's Holy Wrath: reduced proc rate to 1% to reduce visual spam
  • Fixed missing empty line in Quiet Shrine desc
  • Fixed emerald cluster life regen desc
  • Fixed Kukri orange text not working with EWD
  • Viz-jun:
    • Vorpal Elytron: Slow on hit reduced to 10%, from 30%
  • Blood of Creation (Sorceress): clarified that Clear Mind recieves quadratic scaling from unspent skill points, not exponential
  • Iron Spiral: clarified that the damage per base point increases quadratically, not exponentially
  • Screaming Eagle: removed tornado sound effect from debuff state
  • Fixed a bug where Hexblades could not be made into tiered uniques using the cube recipe
  • Dimensional Labyrinth: fixed an issue where the Void Armor oskill was displaying as a missing string
  • Havoc:
    • Total damage reduced by 25% -signed gato
    • We're aware that Havoc has release overtuned and this nerf does not address it in full. It will remain as is until 2.8 where it will recieve another full balance pass
    • Reduced visual intensity of first two explosions
    • Fixed a bug where the cooldown display could go negative

2.7.3 Notes

  • Catalyst of Transference:
    • now starts with 5 charges and set to Abandoned shrine.
    • If you have an unusable catalyst (generated by creating it and then using the inventory cleanup button) you can cube it by itself to set it to Abandoned shrine.
    • Also fixed a bug with it that prevented conversion of a single creepy shrine.
  • Frostborn: fixed display of max life
  • Clear Mind (sorc blood relic):
    • no longer shows AR
  • fixed synergy and damage scaling
  • Lemures, Blood Thorns, Wildfire, Glacial Torrent now show your AR
  • Armageddon and Frigid Domain now mention that they can't be used together
  • Added mana cost to death star description



  • Solo Self Found Mode:

    • Is now officially supported on The Sin War
    • All accounts will now have a toggle which determines whether newly created characters will be SSF or regular
    • You can set this either by using the TSW command "/ssf on" in the lobby (or in game) or on your notarmory account page
    • Characters created with SSF enabled will only be able to join games made by your other SSF characters from the same account
    • You can transfer your character back to regular ladder mode using the link on the notarmory character page. Note that this can only be done once per character
    • SSF characters will be displayed in gold color on your notarmory account page and on the ladder, and you can filter ladder rankings by SSF only
  • Speed Calculator:

    • Fixed a bug where Owl block frames were not displaying for the Kukri
    • Treewarden morph now correctly displays the attack speed for Rend and other Barbarian Skills


  • Disabled low durability and quantity warnings
  • Quantity is no longer reduced by normal attack and throw


  • Throne of Destruction: The delay between Baal waves has been reduced by 50%
  • Ennead Challenge:
    • Sacred Sunstone: increased life regen from 2.5 to 25
  • Elite Zones (Hell only):
    • Increased level by 5
    • Increased density of many elite zones by around 40%
    • Increased drop rate of oils by 50%

Endgame Quests

Nephalem Rifts

Tran Athulua

  • Now drops 125% more bow and crossbow quivers


  • Durram no longer flies, so he should no longer fling your Tome of Possession into the void


  • Demonsbane: increased life regen from 5 to 15


  • Lylia's Curse: increased life regen from 10 to 20


  • Spirit of Stone's damage reduced by about 30% to bring it in line with the other great elementals
  • Catalyst of Transference: can now convert up to 10 shrines at once


  • Corrupted Seer: damage reduced by 50%

Dimensional Labyrinth

  • Star Chart pieces can no longer be merged into an unnecessarily obscure Easter egg recipe
  • Removed 5% avoid penalty for melee attacks

Endgame Dungeons

Uber dungeons have been renamed to heroic. A more appropriate name with a nod to Median nostalgia.

Infernal Machine

  • Oil of Lesser Alchemy: reworked to have charges to conserve inventory space

Infernal Machine (Heroic)

  • New dungeon quest, requires level 122
  • Quest instructions are found on freshly dropped Optical Detectors
  • Drops Oil of Greater Alchemy, 9 total charges
    • The Oil of Greater Alchemy functions like the lesser one, except that the random stat modifiers you can receive are doubled

Death Projector

  • Uber dungeon renamed to heroic

Binding of Baal

  • Has been redesigned as part of the dungeon refresh program
  • Removed the Baal morph as it had clunky animations that caused desync, in addition to turning many player projectiles invisible
  • You will now be recreating the battle inside Tal Rasha that took place before the events of the game, which eventually lead to Baal overpowering his noble host
  • The immunity shield of the Horadric minions will now only protect Tal Rasha's spirit at close range instead of everywhere
  • The boss fight is now split into four phases where you battle each of the aspects of Tal Rasha's soul: Valor, Wisdom, Tenacity and Vengeance. Each form has different abilities and brings new challenges
  • Parts of the arena are subject to Tal Rasha's Scorn, which deals constant lightning damage to players
  • Tal Rasha's Scorn also manifests whenever you vanquish an aspect of the boss' soul, so make sure to manage your space carefully
  • As the battle is now longer than before, the charm reward will now always drop with maximum rolls

Rathma Square

  • Spirit Trance Herb: increased life regen from (1.1 to 4) to (10 to 25)

Invasion II

  • Greater Riftwalker: added a character debuff icon if you have been hit by Rift Storm (failed upgrade)

Legion of the Damned

  • Fixed the softlock by making Soulbreakers stop flying
  • Fixed a bug where optional difficulty modifiers could not be activated with poison damage

The Mirror Temple

  • New season set rotation: Zerae's Divinity, Witchhunter's Attire, Gathering of the Tribes, Lone Wolf's Path, Rathma's Empire, Malthael's Sanctuary, The Warmage
  • Nemesis (all): life reduced by 20%
  • Nemesis (Sorceress): damage with Forked Lightning and Flamefront halved
  • Nemesis (Assassin): damage with Mind Ripple reduced by 25%
  • Nemesis (Necromancer): increased delay between using skills
  • Mummy:
    • Density slightly reduced
    • Chance to cast Crucify on death reduced to 50%, from 100%
  • Vampire: Damage with Charged bolt reduced by 25%
  • Vile Mother: Life reduced by 25%


  • Spider Statues can now be selected by auto target skills

Invasion III

  • Ascendant Riftwalker:
    • Added a character debuff icon if you have been hit by Rift Storm (failed upgrade)
    • Winter's Grasp: graphical warning now more flashy and visible


  • Sescheron's Destroyer:
    • Made several tweaks to reduce the chance a Winter Storm ability will desynch, these do not change the battle
    • Upon casting Winter Storm the boss will now be invulnerable and receive the damage shield overlay for 2 seconds
    • To compensate for the above, the minimum time between storms has been increased by 1 second

Heart of Darkness

  • Grounded Flying Polar Buffalo damage sources in Phase two

  • We have decided to rework the reward structure of this quest. The original intent was to provide incentive for players to use the charm and the relics to reroll into new unique builds as well as provide a power increase

  • However, the power increase granted by the rewards was too big and it warped the experience between playing with them and without them too much

  • As such, we have decided to overhaul the rewards with a bigger emphasis on them enabling new, cool builds and foregoing the big power increase that made them feel mandatory

  • Essence of Time:

    • Now grants 20% Combat speeds instead of 10% maximum life
    • Time warp no longer grants 300% magic find after use, retains its low cooldown
  • Disabled all Blood of Creation relics, except the below:

  • Blood of Creation (Druid):

    • Reworked, now grants large bonuses to physical melee damage while unmorphed, based on your current stamina
    • Grants additional Maximum stamina based on total vitality
  • Blood of Creation (Paladin):

    • Reworked, now greatly empowers Servants of Valor, sapping their life in exchange
    • Servants of Valor gain doubled total damage, 100% attack and movement speed, and doubled fire pierce based on Elemental Wisdom's base level
    • After taking damage for the first time, Servants begin to lose 10% of their life per second, until they die
  • Blood of Creation (Amazon):

    • Reworked, now grants a skill that fires different projectiles based on your currently held weapon: between bow, javelin, or spear
    • All version deal weapon damage with 50% cold conversion
    • Skill can be used with Lioness, but not with Melee Devotion
  • Blood of Creation (Sorceress):

    • Reworked, now grants a new skill: Clear Mind
    • Clear Mind deals magic damage in small novas around the target for a duration
    • Skill scales with regular spell damage stats, but additionally gains exponentially more damage per unspent skill point available
    • Also gains increased radius and hit rate for every 25 unspent skill points available




  • Magic Missiles: reduced the length of the trailing animation for better visual clarity


  • Bloodbath: now lists duration


  • Anathema: replaced nonfunctional enemy damage multiplier with +1% maximum elemental resists
  • Crucify: fixed a bug where crucify procs could interrupt other skills



  • Bloodthirst:
    • Wolf stance portion of the tooltip now corrected to match the bonus
    • Wolf Stance bonus now 25%, down from 30%
  • Mighty Vigor: now 175 strength per 1% life steal, up from 150
  • Unyielding: fixed a bug which made it not work in higher Dimensional Labyrinth floors
  • Aptitude:
    • Now gets +1 maximum base level per 5 character levels above 120
    • Bonuses scale with base level instead of character level
    • Total bonuses are the same at level 140


  • Ancestral Endurance: tooltip now better explains the skill effect



  • Spiritual Alignment: normalized fire/cold spell damage bonus to 5% per base level
  • Hurricane:
    • Removed from the Druid's skill tree along with its upgrade
    • Still exists as an oSkill on a relic
  • Frigid Domain:
    • New skill: Grants a buff that periodically releases waves of cold, dealing damage and slowing enemies
    • Requires level 30 and Spiritual Alignment
    • Slow effect scales with base points and cold spell damage up to a cap of 30%
    • Maximum level of 10
  • Armageddon:
    • Requires level 30, Ember Spirit, and Spiritual Alignment
    • New skill: Returning from vanilla, skill mechanics largely unchanged
    • Rains meteors that deal high fire damage in a large aoe
    • Gains damage scaling from both strength and energy
    • Maximum level of 25
  • Pagan Rites: now requires both Ember Spirit and Hunting Banshee
  • Spiritual Alignment: now only requires Pagan Rites


  • Ferocity: now grants 1% movement speed per base level
  • Raid: now has 25% increased targeting range


  • Survival Instinct: physical resist increased to 20%


  • Cast speed with daggers is now 7 frames (similar breakpoints to before)


  • Nightwalker:
    • Fixed a bug that added +4% poison length reduction per skill level instead of just per base level
    • Added +1% poison length reduction per skill level
  • Death Ripple:
    • Increased projectile density (visuals unchanged but should actually line up with the damage better)
    • Increased damage scaling above level 28
  • Dream Eater: increased damage scaling above level 28


  • Angel of Death: now uses attack speed


  • Deathly Effigy: tooltip now correctly indicates it's a trap, not a regular projectile skill
  • Widowmaker: weapon damage reduced to 50%, from 75%
  • Brutal Effigy: Deadly strike bonus reduced to 0 + 1 per level, from 5 + 1 per level
  • Voodoo Practice:
    • Bonus to strength removed
    • Base strength to attack rating conversion now starts at 1 per 4, gaining an additional 1 per 4 every 10 base levels up to 3 per 4
  • Catapult Shot: fire damage bonus per level reduced to 25%, from 30%
  • Flameburst Shot: fire damage bonus per level reduced to 25%, from 30%


  • Vindicate: duration now scales with character level (up to 3 minutes)


  • Grim Presence: duration text on tooltip is now auto generated
  • Blood Thorns: now gains +1% Damage Multiplier per Base Level
  • Lemures:
    • Now gains +1% Damage Multiplier per Base Level
    • Base area of effect increased by 56%
  • Sanguine Covenant:
    • Max Base Level has been reduced to 15 (down from 25), now gains 4 life on attack per Skill Level (down from 6)
    • With the big improvement to damage in this patch, the build would be too strong with the old healing values from this skill
  • Transcendence:
    • Now gives 50% fire pierce instead of fire damage
    • Now also provides 25% Physical Resistance to Scourges
    • Increased the power of this passive, to better compensate for the fact that you are giving up Melee Devotion as a Ritualist summoner
  • Rite of Thorns:
    • New passive skill, upgrades Blood Thorns
    • Transforms your Blood Thorns ability into a single target attack by increasing damage, number of hits, and reducing area of effect
    • You cannot learn this skill if you have Rite of the Restless
    • Requires level 30, maximum Base Level is 1
  • Rite of the Restless:
    • New passive skill, upgrades Lemures
    • Transforms your Lemures ability into a single target attack by increasing damage, number of hits, and reducing area of effect
    • You cannot learn this skill if you have Rite of Thorns
    • Requires level 30, maximum Base Level is 1
  • The rite skills have been designed so that both Lemures and Blood Thorns will deal the same damage per cast when upgraded to single target. So pick your favorite farming/bossing combo based on gear, mechanics or flavor.
  • Possession:
    • Maximum Base Level has been reduced to 10
    • Base Level bonuses have been increased so that the skill will give the same bonuses as before but require 15 less points
    • Fixed the tooltip incorrectly claiming you get flat attack rating, when it is a percentage bonus


  • Servants of Valor:
    • Reduced AI delay in all difficulties
    • Mana cost halved
    • Required Level now 35, down from 50
    • Now gain the fire pierce from Elemental Wisdom
  • Conclave: required Level now 40, down from 60
  • Fervor:
    • Now grants added fire damage instead of added magic damage to Servants of Valor
    • Damage gain per Base Level now 8%, up from 6%
    • Required Level now 50, down from 70


  • Colosseum: fixed defense string
  • Retaliate: increased WDM from 133% to 140%
  • Divine Judgment: increased WDM from 105% to 110%
  • Holy Fire: added damage increased by 10%


  • Reverence: reworked, now a buff that applies the effect of both Ward of Fate and Veneration of Justice, disables casting those skills directly. Now benefits from buff duration.


  • Superbeast: counts its own base levels towards both spell damage bonuses
  • Divine Apparition: Frostbite damage now scales past level 28


  • Mana Shield: now displays its approximate mana cost


  • Arachnomancy: damage increased by 10%
  • Miasma: Haunt now also reduces poison resistance by 20
    • This also applies to miasma cast by mercenaries and by Ennead Necromancers in K3K


  • Superposition:
    • Now a level 25 skill in the Arcane tree, requires Raven Familiar
    • Mana cost reduced to 200
    • Range increased to 12 yards
    • Base cooldown set to 6 seconds, reduced based on your Total Energy to a minimum of 0 seconds at 10 500 energy
    • Entanglement effect is now an upgrade in the Lightning tree
    • Now usable in town
  • Immersion: tooltip now indicates the correct damage, no longer rounds down to a multiple of 20%
  • Arcane Torrent:
    • Remade tooltip to show actual damage numbers instead mana percentages
    • Will now deal half damage at level 1, 60% damage at level 25, 75% damage at level 65 and 100% damage at level 130
    • Early game damage scaling of the skill was too high, endgame potential is unaffected by this change


  • Mooncall:
    • Removed 20% maximum life (moved to Baneblade and reduced to 15%)
    • Added 10-289 Life on Melee Attack (scales with character level and base level)
    • No longer locks out spells and projectile skills


  • Incinerate: now provides 1 bolt per 25% current mana instead of 3 bolts only when above 80% current mana
  • Havoc: removed minimum cooldown


  • Superposition: moved to Arcane tree
  • Entanglement:
    • Replaces Superposition in the Lightning tree
    • Decreases the cooldown of Superposition by 2 seconds
    • New effect: after casting Superposition, you gain 150-200% cast speed and 38-50% move speed for 6 seconds, but your mana regeneration is reduced by 100-75%
    • Effects scale with points invested in the Lightning tree
    • Now adds 5-10% Avoid
  • Tempest: average damage increased by around 12%, damage range increased
  • Mind Spark:
    • Now just adds extra bolts instead of replacing skill level scaling
    • Maximum bolts increases with base level


  • Frostborn:
    • Now adds 1% max life per 100 energy (max 25%)
    • Also adds 5% Attack Rating per cold tree Base Level


  • Baneblade:
    • Removed 50-330 Life on Melee Attack (moved to Mooncall and reduced to 10-289)
    • Added 1-15% maximum Life (1% per base level)
  • Witch Blood: now provides half its effect while between 40% and 80% life

Item Only Skills

  • Psicrown: damage increased by 100%
  • Brimstone:
    • Fixed a bug which caused the skill to deal less damage than intended
    • Triggering this skill will no longer cause your character to get stuck with whirlwind (Note: will require fresh items with this proc)
  • Cherubim: deals an extra 200-300 magic damage per base level of Consecration
  • Trinity Nova: fixed a bug that caused the fire portion to deal no damage
  • Whirlpool: weapon damage increased to 60% from 40%
  • Cataclysm: exists again
  • Ice Lance:
    • Now gains an extra projectile every 50 skill levels
    • Damage gain from skill levels above 28 increased by 50%
    • Rare affixes now spawn this skill with levels (14-35), up from (14-28)
    • Can now also spawn on boots
    • Reduced mana cost


General Changes

  • Kukri: orange text no longer works while dual wielding
  • Oil of Conjuration: no longer incorrectly states it can't be used on normal/superior items
  • Quiet Shrine:
    • One-hand/armors life regen bonus increased from (0.1 to 1) to (1 to 10)
    • Two-hand/body armor life regen bonus (0.2 to 1.5) to (3 to 15)
  • Emerald: increased life regen from 1.2/1.6/2 to 6/8/10
  • Increased life regen from corruption to 50 per second
  • Sorceress Body Armors can no longer roll Summon Harvesters oskill
  • Life on Striking rolls on rings and quivers increased to 1-3 (was 1 on rings, 1-2 on quivers)
  • Barbarian shields now roll Whirlpool
  • Rings can roll up to 8% innate elemental damage
  • Hexblade: now an innate elemental base (dex-scaling fire)

Item Affixes

  • Multiplied effect of life regeneration affixes by 10x, except for:
    • Body armor, etc. highest roll (31 to 40) to (150 to 200)
    • Shields, etc. highest roll (16 to 20) to (100 to 150)
    • Jewels:
    • (1 to 1.5) to (5 to 7.5)
    • (1.5 to 2.5) to (7.5 to 10)

Mystic Orbs

  • Life regen orb: increased life regen from 4 to 15
  • Life on Melee Attack orb: now 25 life, down from 30
  • Hand of Yaerius: increased life regen from 5 to 20
  • Periapt of Life: increased life regen from 10 to 40
  • Farnham's Lost Marble:
    • Movement speed now +1%, up from -2%
    • Life/Mana on melee now 30, down from 40

Occult Effigies

  • Sigil of Absolution: now lists that it cannot be used with Runewords

Tiered Uniques

  • Sharp Beak: reduced lightning damage by 25% at all tiers
  • Corpsefling: removed negative attack speed
  • King of the Dreadlands: added fire pierce
  • Robe of Leaves: increased pierce, added reduced requirements
  • Deadfall: increased proc chance to 2%
  • Doomfall: reduced attack speed penalty, increased physical resist
  • Titan's Burden: increased crushing blow
  • Stillwater: added reduced requirements
  • Acidblood: increased pierce
  • Wolfpack: increased max damage and enhanced damage
  • Clawscratch: increased max damage
  • Bonefiend: added bonus to dexterity
  • Deadly Hunter: increased max damage
  • Magebane: increased elemental damage
  • Norrec's Topor: increased life regen from 70 to 80 at tier 4
  • Sea Summoner: increased life regen from 7.5/10/12.5/15 to 20/40/60/75
  • Flowerspring: increased life regen from 6/9/12/15 to 14/21/28/35
  • Robe of Leaves: now always rolls life regen max value
  • Nymph's Grace: 7.5/10/12.5/15 -> 15/20/25/30
  • Hangman:
    • Reduced life regen from -0.5 to -1,
    • Increased level of Magic Missile proc from 10 to 15
  • Visegrip: reduced Bonus to Attack Rating on tiers 2 through 4
  • Gold Digger: reworked to allow early access to Limpet Laser
  • Compass of Souls: now a Hexblade, mana leech replaced with mana on striking
  • Mendeln's Companion: now a Spirit Edge, added max damage rolls up to (30-38) at tier 4

Sacred Uniques

  • Hellreach: increased spell damage scaling to 140%
  • Ophiophagus: orange text now correctly respects block cap
  • Lachdanan's Visage: nerfed orange text to "Mana Shield: 65% less Mana Drained when Hit"; it will now cost 4x as much mana as before during Arcane Sustenance downtime
  • Bane of the Horadrim: corrected orange text to "Mana Shield: 45% less Mana Drained when Hit"
  • Zayl's Temptation: fixed a bug which made the life regen not work in higher Dimensional Labyrinth floors
  • Life regeneration on all sacred uniques increased by 50%, except for:
    • Solar Scion: unchanged
    • Black Masquerade: unchanged
    • Giant's Knuckle: unchanged
    • Razorspine: (100 to 150) to (250 to 400)
    • Hepsheeba's Mantle: 50 to 100
    • Wolverine Skin: 25 to 50
    • Spire of Kehjan: 25 to 250
    • Cleaver of Mirrors: 50 to (100 to 150)
    • Barghest's Howl: 50 to 100
  • Adjudicator: updated tooltip regarding Blood Thorns to explain bonus is linear with the new Base Level synergy
  • Claw of the Spirit Wolf:
    • Added physical damage from wolves increased by 30%
    • Doubled resistance scaling from wolf companion skill levels
  • The King of Ents: Rend now uses the fast attack animation of the morph, same as the other Barbarian Skills
  • Skylord: tooltip now expresses the area increase with the absolute value
  • Orationis Tenebris:
    • Life regeneration value now 2% per second, down from 3.5%
    • Now adds +(25-50)% to both fire and cold spell damage
  • Hivemind: replaced (25-35)% poison spell damage with (20-30)% to all spell damage
  • Elemental Disciple: increased pierce to 15%
  • Feltongue: increased orange text bonus from 200% to 300%
  • Daydreamer: item level reduced to 120, rarity reduced
  • Sky Murder: item level reduced to 120, rarity reduced
  • Candlewake: increased strength damage bonus by 25%
  • Screaming Serpent: proc rate increased to 10%, +skills increased to 2-3
  • Desolation: magic damage increased to 4000-5000
  • Bone Scalpel:
    • Added 4-5 to Necromancer Skills
    • Replaced 100 Dexterity with 75 Vitality
    • Replaced vessel damage bonus with 30-40% Physical/Magic Spell Damage
    • Added 8% Chance to Cast Level 24 Disintegrate on Death Blow
    • Added 50% Magic Find
  • Demonic Touch: procs Cataclysm
  • Hellrain: procs Cataclysm
  • Defiler: now a Spirit Edge
  • Heart of Fire: now a Hexblade
  • Chillstring: proc level reduced to 45 (from 60), chance increased to 7% (from 6%)

New Sacred Uniques

  • Bulwark of the Archon: new unique Breastplate supporting mana-scaling casters
  • Scirocco: new SU Blade Talons with Whirlwind


  • Vizjerei's Judgment: increased item level to 90 to match the rest of the set
  • Scosglen's History: increased life regen from 20 to 75
  • Vizjerei's Brilliance: bonus to max mana now (20-25)%, down from 30%
  • Vizjerei Grip: bonus to max mana now 20%, down from 25%
  • Hunter's Claw Fist: added maximum physical damage is now 50, down from 100
  • Yaerius' Grey Omen: replaced Vindicate duration bonus with 50% Poison Length Reduced


  • Mirage: reduced magic damage per deadly strike to 80
  • Life regeneration on runewords increased by 50%, except:
    • Angelic Touch: unchanged
    • Ljosalf: 25 to 250
  • Harmony: orange text now grants Servants of Valor 2% life regen, instead of a chance to cast dark power on kill
  • Cerberus: new Naginata Runeword
  • Steelshaper's Gift: new Gloves Runeword
  • Aiwass: now also adds +15% malice skill damage
  • Titan's Blockade: now only grants +4% to Poison max resistance, instead of +2% to all
  • Tartarus:
    • Strength bonus reduced to 15-20%, from 45-50%
    • Maximum damage per level reduced to 0.75, from 1

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