Median XL - Version Log

Median XL - Σ 2.1.0

Table of Contents



  • Skills no longer cost mana to cast in town
  • Fixed a bug that caused Soulstealer bosses to heal to full life when killing a player using whirlwind-like skills
  • Changed durability and ammunition notifications to static HUD display notifications, instead of push notifications


  • Reduced rune drops in locations with rune bias (Fauztinville, Scosglen, Torajan Jungles), but increased everywhere else (including progression)
  • Bosses which used to reduce your base block chance will now reduce your maximum block chance instead
  • Removed most Superunique minions in the story areas
  • Navi (Baal Wave 3): increased frozen apparition nova damage by 40%, halved cast frequency


  • Caldeum: Fixed some tiles issues and inconsistencies
  • Act 5 Veteran Zones: reduced experience by 20%

Endgame Quests

Nephalem Rifts

Tran Athulua

  • Modified several sections of the level
  • Improved visibility and environmental details
  • Added several loot sources
  • 30% overall gain in enemies spawning areas
  • (Level Challenge version remains unchanged)


  • Reduced experience and gold drops


  • Slightly increased jewelry/shrine drops
  • Increased frequency of Fauzt-specific rune drops


  • Increased mob leech resistance
  • Sapling Guard: reduced magic absorb from 50% to 25%
  • Dryad Spawn: reduced movement speed
  • Ominous Guardian:
    • New rare mob that spawns a random Corrupted Druid when killed
    • Aura makes nearby enemies more resistant to all damage (aura carries to miniboss)
    • Casts Spellbind
  • Corrupted Druids:
    • 6 new minibosses, with one representing each druid tree
    • Drop Treasure of Fiacla Gear when killed
  • Treasure of Fiacla Gear:
    • New Scosglen-only reward, requires an enhanced rune and two crystals to open
    • The higher the rune you choose to use for unlocking, the better the potential rewards
    • Can contain several different items, such as:
    • Corrupted Shards & Corrupted Crystals (new cube currency)
    • Sacred Uniques
    • Lotteried rings/amulets/jewels
    • Unique Mystic Orbs
    • Emblems
    • Large Cycles
    • Relics
    • Tenets & Tenet Designs
    • Tur Dulra's Oak Seed (Item Design)
    • Jewel of Luck
  • Corrupted Crystals:
    • Implemented a new item corruption system
    • These crystals allow corrupting items, which will potentially add powerful stats, do nothing or ruin it for good!
    • Only magical/rare/crafted/unique Sacred items and amulets/rings can be corrupted
    • Each item can only be corrupted once
  • Tenets:
    • New quest items which can be obtained directly from treasure boxes or from tenet designs (which are also obtained from treasure boxes)
    • Total of 6 Tenets: Vigor, Wisdom, Judgement, Conflict, Harmony & Restraint
  • Tur Dulra's Oak Seed:
    • New Scosglen reward charm
    • Can be created by assembling the design and all 6 tenets obtained from minibosses
    • The charm has a unique mechanism which allows the player to select the stat they want within a stat group, for example:
    • +2% Maximum Res of selected element
    • +50 of selected Attribute
    • -5% Enemy selected Resist
    • +1 of selected Class Skills
    • etc...
  • Each stat can be re-rolled at any time by cubing the charm with the corresponding perfect gem
  • Increased chance to drop oils

Dimensional Labyrinth

  • T10 density increased by 33%
  • T10 drop rate in T9 increased by 33%
  • Removed guaranteed boss spawner before boss arena in T10
  • Corrupted Amazon: reduced Wyrmshot speed, increased its duration

Endgame Dungeons

Inquisitor of the Triune

  • No longer possible to open town portals, removed red portal exit from the level
  • Potion penalty has been reduced from -80% to -50%
  • Infested growth health doubled, it was too easy to kill accidentally which prevents spawning of beneficial mosquitoes
  • Chamber of Offering: now physically located in act 3, moved location to the Torajan Jungles, town portal now becomes available after boss dies

[NEW] Legion of the Damned

  • Level 120 zone, accessed by obtaining the Call of the Damned scroll (random Hell-only drop)
  • Defeat multiple waves of undead enemies to stop the necromancer's invasion
  • Enemies from waves reward you with lots of items and experience
  • If you want even more and better rewards you can modify the quest battle, with greater difficulty giving better rewards
  • Charm obtained by defeating all waves can enhance many desirable stats for your character based on your other equipment

Eve of Destruction

  • Baal will no longer summon based on the number of units he hits with his attacks
  • Baal will now summon himself instead of using Stormcall
  • On Nightmare only Minions of Destruction will be summoned
  • Increased Defile damage by 20%

Ghosts of Old Bremmtown

  • Floor slabs no longer block your path
  • Added few new segments
  • 15% overall gain in enemies spawning areas

Nymyr's Light

  • Fully reworked fight, no longer requires purify as a damage mechanic
  • Now has a 90 second lockout
  • Reduced density of witches

Spirit World

  • Giyua:
    • Increased delay between nest spawns
    • Reduced tornado damage
    • Increased AI delay
  • Harvester of Souls:
    • No longer requires purify to be destroyed
    • No longer spawns with lanterns
    • Now spawn in the zone instead of Guardians of Giyua
    • Reduced player detection range
    • Greatly increased delay between phantasm spawns
  • Unformed Phantasm:
    • Now have an actual size and can no longer stack with themselves infinitely
    • Greatly increased attack range
    • Reduced walking speed
    • Attacks now deal half physical damage, but have added fire damage

Invasion III

  • When the boss takes damage he now has a 1% chance of gaining 50% avoid for 0.08 seconds
  • The above change reduces the power of skills stacking repeated damage over a large duration against the boss (as they will trigger the protection substantially more than any other skills)
  • Frozen Shamblers can no longer be charmed but other forms of crowd control still work. Greatly increased life

Nephalem's Sacrifice

  • Last zone now opens a permanent red portal


  • Health increased by 20%
  • When the boss takes damage she now has a 1% chance of gaining 100% avoid for 0.08 seconds
  • The above change reduces the power of skills stacking repeated damage over a large duration against the boss (as they will trigger the protection substantially more than any other skills)
  • Fixed her summoning skill occasionally not spawning minions




  • Changes to life scaling from Vitality:
    • Necromancer: 50% more life per Vitality
    • Amazon, Sorceress, Druid, Assassin: 12.5% more life per Vitality
    • Barbarian, Paladin: 8.33% less life per Vitality
  • Reduced mercenary hp by 20% on normal and nightmare



  • Increased health per level by 15% (not retroactive with older characters)
  • Amazon javelin throwing animation maximum speed now 7 frames, down from 9
  • Amazon javelin attack animation maximum speed now 6 frames, down from 7


  • Athena's Gift: removed


  • Barrage: flat elemental base damage doubled


  • The tree has been completely reworked, all old skills have been removed
  • Eviscerate:
    • Throws hollow point javelins which split into shrapnel on impact
    • Deals 95% weapon damage and adds flat physical damage
    • Each javelin splits into 5 projectiles on impact
    • Throw an extra javelin per 5 Base Levels
    • Bonus physical damage increases by 12% per Base Level
    • Requires level 1, maximum Base level is 25
  • Impale:
    • A powerful melee attack exposing your enemy's weakness, requires Eviscerate
    • Deals 180% weapon damage and adds flat physical damage which scales exponentially with character level
    • Each attack has a chance to Expose Weakness, reducing your target's physical resist by 50% for 2 seconds
    • Expose Weakness base chance is 1%, chance increases by 1% per 2 Base Levels
    • Requires level 10, maximum Base Level is 25
  • Deadly Dance:
    • A passive which adds Deadly Strike based on your Crushing Blow, requires Impale
    • Reduces Deadly Strike by 1% per Base Level
    • Adds 10% of your Crushing Blow as Deadly Strike per Base Level
    • Requires level 20, maximum Base Level is 10
  • Scorpion Sting:
    • A passive which adds physical damage and poison pierce, requires Impale
    • Adds 10% Weapon Physical Damage per Base Level
    • Adds 2% Poison Pierce per Base Level
    • Requires level 25, maximum Base Level is 25
  • Shieldmaiden:
    • A passive which improves your block chance and grants temporary benefits if you have blocked recently with a class shield
    • Adds a significant amount of flat block to all shields, tapering down with character level. Minimum bonus is +2%
    • If you have blocked with an Amazon Class shield gain the Shieldmaiden buff for 8 seconds
    • Adds +30% Block Speed to the Shieldmaiden Buff per Base Level
    • Requires level 5, maximum Base Level is 10
  • Second Wind:
    • The Shieldmaiden buff also gains life regeneration
    • Requires 10 points in Shieldmaiden
    • Gain 2% maximum life regeneration + 0.5% per Base Level
    • Requires level 20, maximum Base Level is 10
  • Elemental Aegis:
    • The Shieldmaiden buff also gains Fire, Cold and Lightning absorb
    • Requires 10 points in Second Wind
    • Gain 7% absorb + 1% per Base Level
    • Requires level 35, maximum Base Level is 8
  • Bulwark:
    • A passive adding physical resistance, requires Elemental Aegis
    • Gain 2% Physical Resistance per Base Level
    • Requires level 50, maximum Base Level is 10
  • Indomitable:
    • A passive improving your blocking mastery, requires Bulwark
    • Your maximum block chance cannot be reduced below 50%
    • Requires level 110, maximum Base Level is 1
  • Gemling:
    • A passive skill improving your javelin damage, requires Paragon
    • Adds a bonus to javelin physical damage per gem socketed, only active if you have socketed at least 25 gems
    • Bonus is 1% javelin physical damage per Base Level per gem socketed
    • Requires level 100, maximum Base Level is 15
  • Noxious Mastery:
    • A passive skill improving your poison damage and defences, requires Curare
    • Adds 3% Movement Speed per Base Level
    • Adds 5% + 1% Physical Resistance per Base Level
    • Curare maximum Base Level is increased by 1 per 2 Base Levels
    • Curare gets a 1% damage multiplier per Base Level
    • 50% + 10% per Base Level of your Poison Length Reduction is added as Bonus Defense
    • Requires level 100, maximum Base Level is 10


  • Takedown: duration increased by 33%
  • Great Hunt: fixed an issue causing the skill to do less damage than intended. Should now have significantly better performance vs enemies next to walls.


  • Lava Pit: damage increased by 10%


  • Thundercrack: mana cost per level decreased by 14%
  • Hammer of Zerae: now works with Melee Devotion


  • Curare: Poison Length Reduction bonus now +100%, down from +150%



  • Bremmtown upgrade now provides 5% life, instead of 250 mana


  • Shadowrush: increased movement speed per level from 10% to 15%


  • Shuriken Flurry: increased physical damage


  • Batstrike:
    • Mechanical revamp, removed clunky "charge up" mechanic and replaced with conditional effects
    • Attack that spawns a bat nova dealing 125% weapon damage (previously charge 1)
    • Nova range no longer increases with level
    • Added mana cost and 1 second cooldown
    • Max level now 20, before Specialization
  • Summon Familiars:
    • New level 30 upgrade, replaces Ambush and Elemental Fangs
    • After teleporting with Blink, and for a brief period, Batstrike becomes a bat summoning skill (previously charge 2)
    • Familiars will now always expire after 30 seconds
    • Gains an additional Familiar per 5 Base Levels in Batstrike
    • Reduced delay between Familiar AI actions
    • Inherits all Assassin passives, including Shadow Dancer
    • Familiars inherit your Ways levels as Base Levels (if you have level 100 wots, they will learn it as if they had 100 base levels in it)
    • Nearly doubled skill % weapon damage to compensate for Ways level reduction, as well as them attacking faster
    • Max Level: 1
  • Winged Calamity:
    • Max level now 8
  • Vampiric Strike:
    • New level 115 upgrade, requires Batstrike
    • While Vampiric Icon is active anywhere on the field, Batstrike becomes a deadly melee strike (previously charge 3)
    • Starts with 4 projectiles, +1 per Base Level
    • Max Level: 5


  • Lethal Incision: added state icon


  • Beacon: no longer gains velocity per level



  • Earthquake: can no longer be used with elemental weapons
  • Leap: cooldown increased by 1 second


  • Conflux: Skill Level scaling effects now cap at level 60
  • Thunderstorm: movement speed bonus while overloaded now +6% per Base Level, up from 5%


  • Spirit Reave:
    • Damage increased by 20%
    • Duration is now 6 seconds, down from 8
  • Spirit Bond:
    • New passive skill, requires level 70
    • Increases spirit reave duration based on the maximum size of your spirit army
    • Bonus is 8% per Base Level for each additional spirit you can summon
    • Maximum Base Level is 4


  • Removed a vanilla diablo mechanism that made werewolf and werebear morphs be restricted to mostly IAS scaling on weapon which was disguised as "feral speed" feature in MXL. This "feature" was very unintuitive, making druid morphs one of the worst leveling experiences in median, but it also had negative endgame implications at it would make weapon selection very one-sided to those with the higher possible IAS values. Attack speed now behaves like all other trees, refer to the speedcalc for new values.


  • Werebear Form: lowest fpa is now 6 with both 1-handed or 2-handed weapons
  • Rend:
    • Weapon dmg modifier increased from 50% -> 55%
    • Increased flat dmg per level above 28 by 6.7%
  • Bestial Potency: life per level now 13, down from 16


  • Werewolf Form:
    • Lowest fpa is now 5 with both 1-handed or 2-handed weapons
    • Avoid reduced by 5%
    • Attack rating bonus is now flat amount so it's easier to scale on strength based build
  • Harbinger: increased weapon damage by 15%
  • Twisted Claw: incresed weapon damage by 15%
  • Howl of the Spirits: cooldown reduced by 33%



  • Increased health per level by 15% (not retroactive with older characters)


  • Bend the Shadows:
    • No longer requires targeting a minion (still can't teleport through walls)
    • Reduced teleport range
    • Now usable on LMB


  • Embalming: max level is now 20, base minion health now 30%


  • Death Ripple:
    • Doubled nova density (it won't miss enemies in between bone spears), visually unchanged
    • Reduced how long it takes until the main missile explodes when it doesn't hit an enemy
    • Greatly increased main missile collision size
    • Increased speed and area of effect
    • Slightly reduced base damage
  • Nightwalker:
    • Malice skill damage per level increased from 4% to 6%, base from 14% to 16%
    • Maximum skill level is now 15 (100% damage when maxed)


  • Parasite:
    • Weapon damage now 100%
    • Now properly states 50% physical to magic conversion
  • Angel of Death: increased leap speed
  • Reaper:
    • New level 25 upgrade, replaces Voracity
    • Parasite missile gains Area of Effect
    • Physical to magic conversion becomes 100%
    • Max Level: 1
  • Blight Descent:
    • New level 35 skill, upgrades Angel of Death
    • A percentage of Angel of Death's damage is added to your weapon after leaping
    • 5% of Angel of Death's damage gained per Base Level
    • Adds 5% poison pierce +1% per Base Level in Angel of Death
    • Doubled poison pierce if using a Two-Handed Weapon
    • Lasts for 3.5 seconds
    • Max level: 5


  • Flametail Shot:
    • Replaced, now an oskill
    • Now gains 1 missile per 6 soft points
  • Buckshot:
    • Now a level 1 crossbow skill
    • Short range single target attack with stun
    • Flat fire damage added to attack
    • Gains 2 shards per base level
  • Alchemical Provision: removed
  • Widowmaker:
    • Now converts 60% of damage to fire instead of magic
    • Flat elemental damage is now fire, increased


  • Totems can now be summoned in town
  • Reduced totem attack frequency in Normal and Nightmare difficulties
  • Soulbond: reduced spell damage per base level from 5% to 4%
  • Stormeye Totem: reduced damage by 10%


  • Blood Skeleton:
    • No longer requires corpse to summon
    • Reduced mana cost
    • Increased chance to hit
    • Increased health
  • Grim Vision:
    • Increased crushing blow by 5%
    • Fixed stat and Skill description mismatch
  • Night Hawks:
    • Increased early level and late game damage
    • Reduced mana cost
    • Increased chance to hit
    • Now trigger their proc on death rather than on attack, allowing them to be effective when oversummoned
  • Violent Immolation:
    • Now adds 5% + 2% deadly strike per Base Level to Hawks (and Veil King)
    • No longer adds minion damage to Hawks
    • Max level is now 10
  • Abyss Knight:
    • Reworked their main skill to be more effective
    • New abyss spell deals 50% physical and 50% magic damage
    • Increased base health, damage and chance to hit
    • No longer receives damage synergy from Jinn
    • Reduced mana cost
  • Chaos Nova:
    • New level 50 skill, replaces Abyssal Guard
    • Passive upgrade that adds a Chaos Nova proc to your Abyss Knights (and Veil King)
    • Nova deals 100% weapon damage AoE converted to magic
    • 10% chance to cast on Death (works on un/re-summon) per Base Level
    • 0.5% chance to cast on Kill per Base Level
    • Max Level: 10
  • Iron Golem: fixed an issue that caused it to have very little attack rating
  • Metal Solace:
    • Now adds 50 + 10 life after each kill, which also heals the owner
    • Now heals 100% of health 5 seconds faster
    • Max level is now 10
  • Resurgence:
    • No longer adds minion avoid, but the health of all summons has been doubled (except Jinn)
    • Now gains 2% minion damage per soft point, up from 1%
    • Minion damage per base point increased from 3% to 10%
    • Doubled minion attack rating bonus
    • Max level now 5, down from 25


  • Simplified skill descriptions
  • Graveyard: now correctly gains 1 projectile per 6 base levels
  • Rathma's Chosen:
    • Passive minion damage boost now moved to Veil King
    • Increased base deadly strike from 4% to 10%
  • Veil King:
    • No longer reduces minion count
    • No longer considered a special summon
    • Increased attack speed
    • Now adds passive total damage to necromancer minions
    • Now gains 10% health per point in Blood Skeleton, rather than Death Pact
    • Greatly increased attack rating
    • Reduced mana cost
    • Reduced health considerably to prevent overflow, but also takes half less damage than before
  • Jinn:
    • Now a special summon (can be combined with Melee Devotion)
    • No longer killable, but max minion count of 1
    • Increased damage, eruption skill starts at 5 missiles and doesn't increase
    • Reduced base elemental pierce



  • Reduced health per level by 7%


  • Spark of Hope:
    • Fixed a bug with the Base Level bonus giving +3% to all speeds instead of the intended +2%
    • Movement bonus per Skill Level now 0.5% instead of 1%
    • Movement speed cap is now 60%, down from 75%
  • Valiance: movement speed bonus now 8% per Base Level, down from 10%


  • Slayer:
    • Area of effect increased by 39%
    • Damage increased by 10%


  • Annihilation:
    • Cooldown increased by 1 second
    • Reduced explosion base area of effect by 25%
    • Changed fire pierce formula. Now gains 10% fire pierce + 1% per character level. This pierce is "unlocked" by 5% per Base Level, up to Base Level 20
  • Combustion: changed area bonus formula to +25% radius per 90% physical spell damage, down from +20% per 50%
  • Dragonbone Armor: now gives 1% absorption per 10% physical spell damage, down from 1% per 8%
  • Dragon's Breath: fixed tooltip category to "debuff"
  • Dragon Jaws:
    • Damage scaling from mana increased by 11%
    • Damage bonus cap from mana increased to 700%


  • Absolution: damage reduced by 20%



  • Arachnomancy: damage increased by 10%


  • Bladestorm:
    • Restored old projectile count (doubled) and weapon damage modifier (halved)
    • Weapon damage increased by 25%


  • Havoc: now gains a 2% damage multiplier bonus per Base Level


  • Glacial Torrent: damage reduced by 10%

Item Only Skills

  • ATMG: damage increased by 22%
  • Psicrown: can now be cast on left click
  • Split Arrow: fixed skill description
  • Cataclysm: Increased minimum dmg by 25%


General Changes

  • Elemental Tiered Weapons: halved the damage scaling from attributes
  • Sacred Armor strength requirements increased across the board by ~10%. Change was made to increase the secondary benefits of stacking strength
  • Tiered armor strength requirements have been changed
    1. All based off the value of the sacred version, to achieve a predictable and consistent progression
    2. Follows item power level and progression stage much closer
    3. Prevents excessive overgearing at the end of normal difficulty which leads to facerolling early nightmare content
    4. The strength requirements of the heavier T1 items has dropped significantly, which enables more options at the start of the game
    5. This is a buff to the secondary benefit of strength builds
  • Strength scaling is now as follows:
    • T1 = 5% of Sacred
    • T2 = 10% of Sacred (2xT1)
    • T3 = 35% of Sacred (3.5xT2)
    • T4 = 70% of Sacred (2xT3)
  • Blood Skeleton relic orange text now works
  • Relic balance changes and fixes
  • Item Designs now additionally require gold to craft
  • Increased/updated weapon ranges to be more realistic to weapon size
  • Reduced weapon speed modifier of Great Axe and Giant Axe from 25 to 20
  • Crystal Sword: weapon speed modifier from -20 to -15
  • Setzschild movement penalty now -10, down from -15
  • Fixed incorrect rune container descriptions
  • Fixed Shatter the Flesh procs triggering animations


  • Greatly simplified the process of making crafted jewels:
    • New item: Catalyst of Jewelcrafting, drops from Izual in Nightmare difficulty
    • The catalyst must be charged with up to 10 Arcane Crystals before it can be used. Each crystal provides 5 charges
    • Crafting jewels is now as simple as cubing a jewel and the catalyst, rune and oil are no longer needed
    • Re-rolling the catalyst by itself will allow you to select a different affix
    • Jewelcrafting recipes now have a built-in gold cost (varies per affix)
    • Crafting jewels no longer reduces their ilvl
  • Output of crafted jewel is now the same as character level
  • New recipe allows crafting jewels with additional Spell Focus
  • Removed %Slows attacker, +Defense and Minimum Damage recipes
  • Experience Gained rolls now always 1%, up from (-1 to 1)%


  • Kabraxis Trophy: replaced random reanimate with 5-10 weapon physical damage

Item Affixes

  • Crossbows: Buckshot replaced with Flametail Shot

Tiered Uniques

  • Grim Fang: poison pierce replaced with fire pierce
  • Hellreaper: Iron spiral oskill replaced by Earthquake oskill
  • The Shanker: tripled poison pierce and doubled poison damage duration
  • Clawscratch: added crushing blow chance, removed vitality

Sacred Uniques

  • Back To The Abyss:
    • New Sacred Unique Demon Head, ilvl 120
    • Abyss knights die after being summoned, enabling a direct Chaos Nova playstyle
  • Thunder King of Sescheron: bonus lightning damage increased by 20%, but now only applies if both the sword and items giving Lightning Shield oSkill are equipped
  • Fire Hydra: Annihilation cooldown reduction now 1 second, down from 3
  • Adjudicator: Holy Fire damage bonus now 4.5% of total Strength, down from 5% (5555 Strength required to max bonus, up from 5000)
  • Sentinel's Sorrow:
    • Minion damage now increases spell damage at 50% efficiency, down from 66%
    • Now also gives -1 to max totems
  • Cold Blood: IAS reduced to 25%
  • Icetomb: removed cold thorns and reanimate, now adds +(11-15)% to Strength
  • Sash of the Frozen Seas: reworded orange text to "-75% Mana Drain in Werewolf Form"
  • Azgar's Crystal: fully reworked and added new Mana Pulse mechanic
  • Astreon's Citadel: Symphony of destruction replaced with physical spell damage
  • Black Sun Spear: now adds +30-40 physical/magic spell damage, lightning spell damage reduced to +30-40, down from 40-60
  • Staff of Shadows: proc no longer interrupts you
  • Kaskara of the Taan: removed Iron Spiral, added Spiral Dance, replaced lightning damage and pierce with magic damage and magic find
  • Hwanin Hwacha:
    • Flametail proc level now 20
    • Removed orange text
  • Hand of Rathma: physical resist per Resurgence base level now 3%
  • Grim Silhouette: clarified orange text, increased minion damage, now a Gargoyle Head
  • Homunculus:
    • Now adds +(31 to 44) to Arachnomancy, instead of Thundergod
    • Added +2 to Graveyard projectiles
  • Hero's Fang: removed
  • Sinwar: reduced rarity and ilvl to 105 (SSU -> SU)
  • Arrogance: now adds 40-50 to all attributes
  • Natasha's Legacy: maximum resistance roll now +3%, down from +4%
  • Nymyr's Shadow: increased Flametail proc chance and level, now adds +(26 to 34) to Flametail Shot


  • Added a new set for the Arcane Sorceress tree, the old set items will no longer drop
  • Archangel Dark Angel: now a Yew Wand base, necro skills now +(3 to 5)
  • Satanic Mantra: removed minion resist bonus from full set
  • Archbishop Lazarus:
    • Set item level increased from 110 to 120
    • Rebalanced full set bonus stats
  • Lazarus' Votive Lamp: necromancer skills now +(2 to 4)


  • Hellfire Plate: Innate Elemental Damage bonus no longer scales from Vitality or Energy
  • Dawn: Vitality bonus reduced from 75% to 35%
  • Nezha: IAS reduced to 25%
  • Artemesia's Authority:
    • Removed min damage and increased max damage to compensate
    • Increased damage gain per Thundercrack base level
    • Added Thunderstorm on attack proc
  • Dirge: now adds +1 to maximum Bear Companions
  • Askari Device: physical resistance removed, Javelin Nova on Kill proc added
  • Lunar Fury: now works in 2h swords
  • Thunder Talons: ED increased, lightning dmg per level scaling changed from 25 per level >110 to 100 per level >130
  • Shadow Bite: new throwing knife runeword
  • Blazing Armament: new body armor runeword
  • Colliding Worlds: Elvensong charged skill replaced by the oskill
  • Lyrannikin: reworked, old version will no longer work
  • Treachery: new belt runeword
  • Sting: new crossbow runeword
  • Harmony: new paladin weapon runeword
  • Vortex: new paladin shield runeword
  • Malignant Shard: new necromancer dagger runeword

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