Median XL - Version Log

Median XL: Sigma

- Patch Σ 1.7.0 -



Damage Shrink

With version 1.7 comes the fix for a long standing Sigma engine bug which would increase all weapon physical damage from skills by 50%. This means that the current patch is the best time to execute a damage shrink in order to keep all player damage sources in line. It involves reducing all player damage AND monster life by around half compared to version 1.6. Additional benefits of this change include: further reducing the occurrence of any annoying damage caps, more possibilities for us to improve server performance in projectiles vs damage trade-offs and, crucially, more aesthetically pleasing number values.

Q: What changes will I see to skills and items?
A: The following were reduced: Enhanced Weapon Damage modifiers, bonus elemental damage to weapons and skills, Energy damage bonuses, Minion Damage modifiers, damage numbers on skills not affected by the previous stats (for example: Purify, Psi Crown, Immersion).

Q: Do these changes mean my character got nerfed?
A: No, the killspeed of most builds will not be affected as monsters have had their HP values halved as well. Pure physical weapon damage builds (including damage conversion) will see a very small reduction in damage in the late endgame, to compensate for the fact that competing damage sources were never balanced around the bugged numbers. Life leech penalty was reduced accordingly.

Q: What will happen to my non-ladder and single player gear?
A: We do not have the means to update most existing item stats. As a result, most of your items will be stronger than intended.

Q: Was this damage shrink necessary?
A: Yes, otherwise weapon physical damage would be significantly worse off compared to other damage types.

Q: Why was this change made now?
A: Behind the scenes, in addition to our regular patch cycle, we are hard at work on the biggest content drop in Median XL history. We want to offload some of the bigger mechanical changes to smaller patches so there is more time for community testing and feedback.

Energy Factor & Energy Bonus Damage Changes

We have changed how Energy and Strength factors convert into a spell damage bonus. The problems with the old system were that: 1) these factors were completely useless until late game; 2) the formula was needlessly obscure and complicated; and 3) gaining small factor increments would have no visible change to your damage

To fix these issues we have made the following changes:
  • Energy and Strength Factor damage bonus is now no longer related to your total Energy and Strength attributes
  • Energy and Strength factor have been renamed to Spell Focus
  • The new Spell Focus damage bonus formula is: % Damage bonus = Spell Focus / 10 capping at 100%.
  • So every 10 points of Spell Focus will increase your total spell damage by 1%
  • Now Spell Focus will grant significant damage bonuses for early & mid game characters, while actually having a reachable cap in the endgame
We have also made changes to how the total spell damage bonus scales with Energy:
  • The issue with the old formula was that, ignoring Energy Factor, it would reach heavily diminishing returns very quickly
  • Now with Spell Focus no longer tied to an attribute we wanted to provide more damage scaling from Energy into the late game
  • For example, with the old formula at 1000 Energy you would already have gained 80% of the total damage bonus. Now to reach this point you will need 2000 Energy
  • Elemental Weapons now have a dynamic damage display, calculating damage and factoring Innate Elemental Damage bonuses
  • Fixed an issue with "throw" skill function causing monsters to reset their seed/AI, this addresses multiple bugs:
    • Slain Souls in Duncraig no longer drop duplicates/triplicates of the same item
    • Lazarus, Uldyssian & Astrogha no longer get stuck spawning totems/summons if the player stands still
    • Giyua nest spawn cooldown should properly work
  • Fixed a bug that prevented new lines from being entered in the realm profile description
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Horadric Staff to disappear when interacting with items while it's in the tomb orifice
  • Monsters using Shower of Rocks have had the skill replaced as it will be too lethal after current patch changes
  • Fixed an old D2 "feature" where mercenaries hired on later difficulties would have lower stats
  • Modified skill level scaling so that most skills will end up at level 30 at max level, instead of being lower/not scaling
  • Fixed a bug that prevented mercenaries from using potions
  • Act 1 Rogue:
    • May now equip Amazon class helms and bows
    • Increased life by 20%
    • Increased physical damage gain per level up by 66%
    • Increased attack rating gain per level up by 33%
    • Slightly increased base defense
    • Replaced Cascade/Spore shot with Barrage
    • Replaced Deathstrike with Arrowside
    • Replaced War Spirit with Trinity Arrow
  • Act 2 Guard:
    • May now equip Paladin class helms and spears
    • Reduced Dexterity gain per level by 50%
    • Reduced Attack Rating gain per level by 33%
    • Werebear morph duration doubled
    • Increased Defense gain per level by 50%
    • Gorefest replaced with Dragon Heart
    • Replaced fortress with Lemures
    • Replaced Disintegrate with Colosseum
    • Fighter mage now gains 1% fire and cold spell damage per level
  • Act 3 Iron Wolf:
    • May now equip Sorceress class body armors
    • Replaced Hunting Banshee with Frigid Sphere
    • Replaced Singularity with Thunderstone
    • Replaced Punisher with Flamefront
    • Replaced Supernova with Tempest
    • Replaced Vengeful Spirit with Force Blast
    • Replaced Graveyard with Firedance
  • Act 5 Barbarian:
    • Reduced health by 20%
    • Increased physical damage gain per level by 33%
    • Replaced Gift of the Wild with Screaming Eagle

Endgame Quests

Nephalem Rifts

High Heavens/Library of Fate
  • Ethereals: removed unnecessary monster description regarding immunity removal
Tran Athulua
  • Amazons on normal difficulty now grant some experience
  • Amazon Warrior: no longer has 2.5% chance to proc arrowside, reduced visual armor
  • Amazon Defender: new monster
    • Has a 2.5% chance to spawn, casts Arrowside on death
    • Increased health and defense compared to regular amazons
    • These amazons can be spotted due to their stronger armor, allowing the players better reactions
    • Better chance to drop unique items
  • Fixed several minor pathing issues
  • You can no longer teleport in places that weren't supposed to be accessible
  • Added a golden chest in each of the furthest 4 corners
  • Enlarged several pathways and greatly reduced water and tree covered surfaces, resulting in an additional 30%+ gain in monster spawning area
  • Removed dead ends and smoothed the geometry of structures, resulting in an improved clearing flow and minimized backtracking
  • Reworked the zone surrounding Lucion's location to avoid artificially hindering the mechanic of the boss encounter
  • Increased monster density by 10% (total monster count over 50% due to map size increase)
  • The Bastion now features 5 hidden golden chests
  • Lucion: increased movement speed
  • Golden Cycle: now looks like an actual golden cycle and can be cubed like other cycles (limit: 1)
  • Celebrant of the Triune: reduced movement speed
Dimensional Labyrinth
  • Gharbad: now drops an extra set piece
  • Corrupted Amazon:
    • Spellbind duration doubled
    • Increased damage by 20%, reduced life by 33%
  • Corrupted Necromancer:
    • Removed some Abyss Knight sounds to alleviate lag
    • Increased melee damage and attack rating
  • Fixed a bug with the T13 modifier occasionally causing huge burst damage
  • Restored T13 modifier to 200%
  • Added information about the gained elemental resistances (over Hell base) to mod list
  • Increased monster physical weapon damage in T15 by 25% (does not boost the T13 modifier)
  • Monsters on floors 10 and 12-15 now spawn closer to the entrance(s)
  • Guest monsters have a higher chance of dropping riftstones. Increased T14 drop chance, reduced T15 drop chance
  • T15 Riftstones can no longer be obtained via 3xT14 cube recipe
  • Abyssal Shrines: hopefully reduced chances that no boss is spawned
  • Deimoss: upon death now makes all allies invulnerable for 12 seconds, in order to address some exploits

Endgame Dungeons

  • Riftwalker:
    • Damage and life increased by 10%
    • Now drops 1 item instead of two but can drop higher tier bases
Lord Aldric Jitan
  • Reduced boss and minion damage
Rathma Square
  • Primus:
    • Replaced attack skill to deal more reasonable damage
    • Doubled health, can now occasionally respawn Gore Crawlers on kill
Quov Tsin
  • Now absorbs 50% poison damage rather than 75%
Banisher of Light
  • Kabraxis: No longer has 50% avoid, but now receives half the damage
Ghosts of Old Bremmtown
  • Bremmtown quest giver trap can no longer be killed and fail to provide the required state
Yshari Sanctum
  • Every zone now contains viciously guarded golden chests located in few dead ends
  • Phantasm of Terror: Revamped to remove narrows corridors and simplify the overly frustrating path structure
  • Figment of Pain:
    • Removed excess trees
    • Fixed some unwalkable tiles
  • Snare of Destruction: Reallocated Gemini Hunters to spawn in wider areas
  • Penitent: fire damage reduced by 25%
  • Book drop now made significantly more rare, to correspond with limited use cases
  • Astrogha: Frozen Orb and War Spirit damage reduced by 33%
  • Removed a cumbersome corner pillar and slightly widened some passages
Nymyr's Light
  • Sleep base charm now rolls 0-1% individual max resists
  • Sleep + Lazarus recipe no longer adds max resists, but doubled hp and speed bonuses
Spirit World
  • Reduced the twister hitbox of Giyua's Teleport attack
  • Giyua now has 30% Poison Length Reduction
The Void
  • Soul of Pride: can no longer be killed with incineration trap
Nephalem's Sacrifice
  • Uldyssian: now has 30% Poison Length Reduction
Herald of the End
  • Samael:
    • Now takes 25% more poison damage
    • Added gaps to fire visuals to improve visibility and reduce lag. NB: damage area unchanged
    • Pentagram spawns slightly closer to you
    • Slightly reduced chances of a double Voidstar occurrence
    • Bonus quest timing window now 30 seconds, down from 60



  • Reduced the effectiveness of physical and magic resistance debuffing skills. Reduced the physical and magic resistances of endgame bosses to compensate. These debuffs were creating a very large damage output difference between builds with and without them. Now the debuffs are less effective and the base monster resistance is lower, evening out the playing field a bit better.
  • Mana Squish:
    • Halved all the mana costs and mana replenish mechanisms
    • Halved the total mana values for all characters
    • Doubled the damage values of all mana spells
    • Change was made to prevent the mana orb UI from glitching out, and associated bugs, when going over 65k mana
    • As above, most of these changes will only apply to new characters and equipment


  • Balefire: For better performance against teleporting enemies, the number of hits has been reduced by 67% and damage increased by 200%
  • Ecstatic Frenzy:
    • No longer adds movement speed as the skill already provides Stamina
    • Magic damage increased by 28%
  • Defensive Harmony: increased health when struck by 100%
  • Barrage: flat elemental damage increased by 25%
  • Wyrmshot: replaced skill icon
  • Moon Queen:
    • Damage and Critical Strike now only apply to javelins
    • No longer gives attack speed or life after kill (all javelin base speeds improved instead)
    • Damage bonus per Base Level increased by 11%


  • Modified skill icons for multiple skills
  • Psionic Storm:
    • Increased area of effect by 21%
    • Now scales with total Energy instead of base Energy
    • Now drains 10% of your maximum mana per cast
    • Now heals a precentage of your maximum life if you cast with at least 10% unspent mana
    • Heal percentage per cast goes up to 10% depending on points in the Psionic tree
    • Tooltip is now accurate in damage per hit and damage per second
  • Pinnacle: can now be turned off
  • Anathema:
    • Now also affects monster ranged weapon damage
    • Now always reduces elemental damage by 20%, regardless of monster stats
  • Scorpion Blade: damage increased by 15%
  • Wychwind:
    • Main projectile speed increased by 25%
    • Spiral animation is now 60% faster
    • Nova now has 11 missiles, up from 8
    • Rift duration is now 4 seconds
  • Backstab: reduced uptime and bonus magic damage by 25%
  • Shadow Refuge: fixed poison spell damage tooltip


  • Titan's Fortitude: now always lasts 60 seconds, up from ~30
  • Shamanic Trance:
    • Removed the player buffing aspect of the skill
    • The mechanic of dumping all your points in the summon tree was never used for normal play as intended, but only for janky boss zerg builds
  • All stances have been changed from auras to buffs, thus freeing up the right mouse button for skill use
  • These buffs last 20 minutes, overwrite each other and can be swapped with a single cast
  • oSkill version of these skills have been replaced with auras (i.e. Auriel's Robe) where possible and removed/replaced otherwise, to prevent prebuff abuse
  • oSkill stances will overwrite Barbarian stances (if present)
  • Lion Stance: Maximum Physical Resist penalty reduced from -25% to -15%
  • Eagle Stance:
    • Removed life steal bonus, did not fit thematically with the other stats
    • Added Innate Elemental Damage instead: 5 + 3/Base Level up to 20%
  • Stormblast: damage increased by 13%
  • Blood Hatred: removed life degeneration
  • Iceburst: damage increased by 18%
  • Thunder Slam: replaced skill icon
  • Shower of Rocks:
    • Reduced performance impact, synchronized damage and graphics better
    • Reduced delay between attack and rockfall
    • Concentrated rockfall in a smaller area to make the skill perform better at being a single target ability
    • Fixed the skill blocking other abilities with next delay from dealing damage while it is active
    • Weapon damage increased by 80%, added 1 second cooldown
    • Replaced attack speed debuff with -5% to physical resistance
    • Increased movement speed debuff to -25%, up from -15%
    • Changed attack rating debuff formula to -(10 + 1% per skill level)
    • Bonus magic damage now depends on your base Strength + your total Weapon Physical Damage modifiers (EWD from gear and skills)
    • Bonus magic damage now scales with 5% per Base Level, up from 2% per Skill Level
    • Reduced proc chances due to them ignoring cooldowns
  • Snake Bite: damage before Skill Level 28 reduced by 20%
  • Immortal: fixed tooltip cap error
  • Nephalem Spirit: clarified on tooltip that it also affects your ancient spirits


  • Mark of the Wild: can now be used in town
  • Updated icons for multiple skills
  • Druid fastest bow animation sped up to a minimum of 6 frames, down from 8, crossbow animation to 7, down from 8
  • Is now a devotion
  • Elemental: renamed to Ember Spirit, increased damage per level after skill level 28 by 25%
  • Hunting Banshee: doubled damage at level 1
  • Rain of Fire:
    • Is now a level 12 skill
    • Concentrated projectile cascade for better single target, increased projectile splash radius
    • Reduced delay between cast and rain
    • Reduced performance impact
    • Halved hits per cast for better performance against teleports
    • Damage increased by 164%
    • Mana cost increased by 20%
  • Pagan Rites: new passive aura mechanic
    • Is now a level 18 skill
    • Gives druid the innate power to consume nearby bodies automatically over time (passive redemption)
    • Now provides 5% elemental spell damage per Base Level, replacing spell damage from Symbiosis/Vine
    • Healing amount is now flat rather than percentage based
    • Base points increase healing by 20% per level
    • Aura effect requires a Druid Staff to work, or obtaining the Caoi Dulra Fruit (Class Charm)
    • The previous active skill is now available as oSkill/proc under the name Pagan Ritual
  • Hurricane:
    • Mana cost growth per level reduced by 33%
    • Clarified on tooltip skill is not affected by Cast Speed
    • You now receive a 50% damage reduction (multiplicative) against all sources while channeling
    • Life leech reduced by 33%
  • Renamed skill tree from Corruption
  • Poison Flash:
    • Renamed to Harvest
    • Revamped mechanics, visuals and sounds
    • Damage increased by 30%
    • Now restores 5% of your health in 1 second, +0.5% per base point
    • No longer causes attackers to flee or become slowed
    • Now gains bonus damage from Energy rather than Strength (damage buff)
    • Poison skill duration synergy is now 10% per level
  • Plague Avatar:
    • Renamed to Infected Roots
    • Revamped visuals and sounds
    • Clarified the skill deals more damage at the centre
  • Lifeshield:
    • Renamed to Barkskin
    • Is now a level 18 Nature skill, meaning it can be obtained much earlier than before
    • Slightly reduced health and defense bonus to compensate for lower level
    • Now has an Earth Link that determines passive efficiency, 5% per Base Level up to 100%
  • Acid Fiends:
    • Renamed to Harvesters
    • Modified sprite, now cast Harvest
    • Chance to cast spell on attack increased by 33%
    • Acid aura now works in town
    • Mana cost increased by 20%
  • The entire bow Druid tree has been overhauled. Featuring a new pseudo-resource system called steady aim
  • Laughing Ghost:
    • Replaced with a new skill called Steady Shot
    • A piercing shot which fires spikes as it moves, dealing 80% weapon damage and bonus fire damage
    • Gives you steady aim. Disables non-Hunter ranged skills
    • Grants you a bonus to all skills while you have steady aim. This bonus increases with Base Levels
  • Cascade:
    • Overhauled completely, now requires level 3 to learn
    • Rains arrows on a very large target area, dealing 90% weapon damage and heavy fire damage increasing with Base Levels
    • Bonus fire damage increases more substantially per Skill Level at higher skill levels
    • Requires and consumes Steady Aim
  • Spore Shot:
    • Renamed to Heartseeker and replaced with a version of a player favorite: Homing Nova Shot
    • This is your single target skill, dealing 110% weapon damage and heavy fire damage increasing with Base Levels
    • Bonus fire damage increases more substantially per Skill Level at higher skill levels
    • Requires and consumes steady aim
  • Elfin Arrows:
    • Renamed to Pathfinder, no longer gives bow physical damage and Crushing Blow
    • Now grants Deadly Strike and Innate Elemental Damage scaling with Skill and Base Levels
    • Enemy Cold and Lightning Resists are now reduced by your fire pierce
    • Also grants movement speed: 5% + 1% per Skill Level
  • Bear Companion:
    • New Hunter skill, replacing Nova Shot
    • Summons a sturdy bear which draws enemy aggro and attacks in melee
    • Not affected by minion damage stats. Inherits your weapon physical and elemental stats such as damage, Attack Rating, ele pierce, Deadly Strike etc.
    • Inherits your physical resistance
    • Does not gain elemental resistances per skill level, but has 15/0/-15 elemental resistances on Normal/Nightmare/Hell
    • Casts Rend and Heart of the Pack
    • Heart of the Pack makes your Hunter skills not consume steady aim and regenerates your life
  • Werebear Form:
    • Increased morph sprint speed
    • Clarified Feral Hunger mechanism
  • Circle of Life:
    • Renamed to Hunger
    • Now adds 4% + 2% life leech per Base Level, instead of life after kill
    • Hit Recovery now scales with Skill Level: 10% + 2% per level
Trap Rat
    • Rebalanced morph to be more agile
    • Greatly increased attack and cast animation speeds, allowing up to 9 fpa (up from 13)
    • Increased Hit Recovery animation speed
    • Reduced projectile count from active skills to compensate for faster attack speed
  • Ferocity:
    • Enhanced weapon damage increased by 25%
    • Reduced excess attack speed bonus
  • Werewolf Form:
    • Increased morph sprint speed
    • Clarified Feral Hunger mechanism
  • Force of Nature:
    • Renamed to Survival Instinct
    • Changed Spell Focus formula to: 100 + 10 per Skill Level
    • Removed flat elemental damage (if you have a source)
    • Now adds 20% of your total Strength/Dexterity (whichever is higher) as cold damage to weapon
    • Now adds a chance to freeze regular enemies on striking
    • Adds 10% Physical Resist
  • Vine Companion:
    • Spell damage synergy has been moved to Pagan Ritual
    • Enemy physical resistances from petrify doubled
    • Now also pierces 15% poison resistance
    • Health bonus per point into devotion skills is no longer capped
  • Mythal:
    • Is now the Ennead skill
    • Debuff effect now lasts for a second after leaving field, up from 10 frames
  • Symbiosis: no longer adds spell damage, now included in Pagan Rites


  • Increased block speed by 13%
  • Widowmaker: now converts 65% of physical damage to magic, down from 80%
  • Frostclaw/Firehart/Stormeye Totems:
    • Now have 20% base physical and elemental resistances, up from 0%
    • Slightly increased mana cost
  • Frostclaw Totem: replaced attack spell. The new version will hit less often for higher damage values, for better performance against teleports
  • Rathma's Chosen: clarified skill description to indicate necromancer minions only


  • Vindicate: maximum life value used for regeneration now caps at 15,000
  • Vessel of Judgement: damage reduced by 10%
  • Mind Flay:
    • Damage increased by 25%
    • Shock duration increased by 33%
  • Slayer: damage increased by 20%, Chain Lightning proc sped up & bug fixed resulting in more damage. Attack range increased
  • Symphony of Destruction: now gains 5% total damage per Base Level, up from 4%
  • Tainted Blood: Spell Focus per Base Level halved to 4
  • Divine Judgment: reduced duration by 17%, increased damage by 27%
  • Dragonheart: now also gives Innate Elemental Damage: 5% + 1% per Base Level, up to 40%
  • Sacred Armor: duration reduced by 1 second
  • Vessel of Justice: damage reduced by 10%
  • Superbeast: replaced skill icon


  • Familiar: is now a passive instead of a minion with an aura
  • Hive:
    • Removed bonus Energy from base Vitality
    • Now generates a new swarm every 2 seconds up from 1, damage has been doubled
    • Swarms speed and seek radius increased slightly
    • Now gains the Witch Blood damage bonus at 200% efficiency
  • Thunderstone: reduced impact volume
  • Tempest: extra projectile now every 10 skill levels, up from 5
  • Chronofield: fixed field duration tooltip error
  • Symbol of Esu: cookie healing now 40%, down from 50%

Item Only Skills

  • Gamma Field:
    • Increased area of effect by 30% and damage by 20%
    • Field effect now lasts 3 seconds to reduce lag, poison length unchanged
    • Reduced hit effects to further improve performance
  • Demonic Speed: halved both damage penalty and speed bonus
  • Supernova: increased maximum damage by 200%
  • Medusa: now uses A1 animation by default
  • Trinity Beam:
    • Damage reduced by 10%
    • Seek range reduced by 0.6 yards
  • Rising Dawn:
    • Final explosion projectiles reduced by 20%
    • Damage reduced by 10%
  • Whirlpool: cooldown increased by 0.6 seconds
  • Kraken Stance: removed from rare affix pool. Mechanic of dumping all your points into stances only lead to gimmicky usage and made it underpowered for non-Barbarians
  • Searing Orb:
    • Area of Effect increased by 44%
    • Damage increased by 20%
  • Rapid Wyrmshot: fixed char sheet displaying wrong damage value
  • Summon Edyrem:
    • Halved avoid, replaced with 50% damage reduction
    • Can no longer be summoned outside of Toraja
    • Increased health by 50%
  • Fire Cannonade: reduced duration by 30%, increased damage by 42%. No damage change overall but less lag
  • Shunpo: added weapon restriction text to tooltip
  • Patriot Sentry:
    • Now placed 8 yards in front of character instead of at cursor
    • Reduced visual lag, increased projectile speed, now correctly checks attack rating
  • ATMG Sentry:
    • Now placed 8 yards in front of character instead of at cursor
    • Weapon damage reduced by 5%
    • Increased mana cost per level
  • Cone of Cold: greatly reduced lag
  • Ice Beam: greatly reduced lag
  • Frozen Crown:
    • Greatly reduced lag
    • Increased damage by 20%
  • Countdown:
    • Halved delay between cast and explosion
    • Greatly reduced lag
    • Damage increased by 500%
  • Nova: damage increased by 20%



  • Charm to fragment recipe now costs 20 charms rather than 25
  • Health and Mana potions no longer cancel each other
  • Rejuvenation and Mana potions no longer dispel poison
  • Body armors heavier than Light Plates (Gothic, Full Plate, Ancient) have had their base defense increased by 10%
  • Druid Bows:
    • Now require and scale with Dexterity instead of Strength
    • Increased damage scaling from Dexterity by 20%, but slightly reduced attack speed
Elemental Bases
  • Damage increased by 20%
  • Innate elemental damage stats are now dark green to indicate they work with %IED
  • Maple Bow is now an elemental base
  • Throwing Axe innate lightning damage increased by an additional 11%
Item Affixes
  • Flat poison damage affixes on gear: damage increased by 100%
  • Removed low level affix: CtC Firedance on level up to prevent newbie confusion
Runes and Gems
  • Ghal Rune: now gives 25 Spell Focus in weapons, down from 30
  • Xis Rune:
    • Can now be unsocketed in case players forget to enhance the rune first
    • Natasha's Legacy and Enhanced Runes remain non-unsocketable
  • Zod-Xis Rune: fixed stat roll
Mystic Orbs
  • Relic of Yaerius: renamed to Hand of Yaerius to prevent D2Stats trolling
Occult Effigies
  • Arcane Hunger: now adds 20% spell damage, down from 25%
  • Increased drop chance by 20%
  • Removed certain relics which were misleading, useless or else:
    • Dead Wall Totem
    • Dominate
    • Doom
    • Elvensong
    • Euphoria
    • Exploding Totem
    • Fear Bomb Totem
    • Flash Charm
    • Greater Charm
    • Homing Nova Shot
    • Static Ward
    • Snake Stance
    • Summon Bane Monster
    • Summon Darklings
    • Summon Daystar
    • Summon Shock Beast
    • Summon Siren
    • Summon Shredder
  • The removal leaves a total of 300 relics, making each one slightly easier to find than before
  • Rathma's Chosen: Evocation Aura now works
  • Summon Overlord: now adds minion damage

Tiered Uniques

  • Naiad King: now adds Spell Focus instead of Charm oSkill
  • Wake of Destruction: slightly reduced bonus to Spell Focus
  • Staff of Roses: reduced bonus to Spell Focus

Sacred Uniques

  • Silks of the Victor: fixed a bug where the Nephalem Spirit aura was adding less damage than intended and not adding Innate Elemental Damage
  • Despondence: magic damage increased by 11%
  • Bitter Harvest: magic damage gained from Dexterity increased by 33%
  • Ranger's Disguise: Maximum Elemental Resist penalty reduced to -1%
  • Storm Blade:
    • Removed HP and Life on Striking
    • Increased attack speed is now Hit Recovery speed
    • Elemental pierce is now 50%, down from 60%
    • Now adds 40% Dexterity
  • Radiance: now gives +2 Spell Focus per 1 Light Radius, down from 4
  • Atomus: now requires level 120 due to it being wearable multiple times, all stats bonus is now +20 down from +25
  • Dacana's Fist: maximum experience bonus now +15% up from +7%
  • Buried Hawk: will no longer drop. It varied too much between useless and incredibly strong, with no interesting way to balance it in between. Also confused players with skills which depended on Base Levels
  • Thunder King of Sescheron: doubled lightning damage to Thundergod nova
  • Lachdanan's Visage: elemental damage increased by 40%
  • Viper Mandate: now gives 3% enemy poison resistance reduction per Base Level, up from 1.5%
  • Khazra Cap: clarified orange modifier better
  • Faerie Pyre:
    • Now grants +28 to Laughing Ghost
    • Now grants +10% to total Laughing Ghost bonus magic damage per Base Level in Summoning Skills
    • Life steal roll is now 15%, up from (5-10)%
  • Savage Hunter: removed
  • Endless Pride: now requires 5 fragments to unlock rather than 10
  • Quov Tsin's Talisman: now adds 15% Innate Elemental Damage
  • Mr Painless: now gives Dexterity instead of Strength
  • Guardian of Scosglen:
    • Increased tri-elemental damage per Spell Focus by 33%
    • Replaced negative attack speed with 25% minion resistance
  • Undead Crown: Deadly Strike conversion doubled, due to halving of minion damage stat
  • Dux Infernum: fixed summon proc triggering a short cooldown
  • Gravetalon:
    • Fixed summon proc triggering a short cooldown
    • Reduced proc chance to 20% to prevent excessive resummoning with new lower minion cap
  • Alnair:
    • Fixed summon proc triggering a short cooldown
    • Replaced minion damage with 150% Enhanced Weapon Damage, Enhanced Damage is now always 200%
New Sacred Uniques
  • Removed Colliding Fury, replaced with new item: Giyua's Grace
    • Has 200% Enhanced Damage and adds 70-140 physical damage
    • Grants level 14 Crane Stance while equipped single wield
    • Has 9% chance to cast Devastation on Melee Attack (125% weapon damage, screenwide+)
    • Also adds (-15 to 30) movement speed and reduces attack speed by 40%
  • Zephyr: new maple bow sacred unique
    • Adds 1% attack speed per 25 Dexterity
    • Adds +8 to Cascade and Heartseeker
    • Has +25% to Minion Resistance, (5-20)% fire pierce and 25% magic find
  • Void-Touched: new maple bow sacred unique
    • 20% chance to cast Corrupted Vines on Death Blow (200% weapon damage)
    • Adds 10% Physical Resist, 50% magic find, 20% fire pierce and +400% requirements
    • Adds 5% Innate Elemental Damage per character level above 137
    • You can greatly upgrade this item by surviving for at least 11 minutes in the Edge of Nothingness battle without dying


  • Sanctuary: now allows you to summon Edyrem everywhere
  • Oak's Teaching: full set now grants 40% minion res, rather than a small amount of life after each kill
  • Battle Devices: oSkill level now +10
  • Werewolf Set:
    • 3 piece bonus: Strength bonus is now 30%, physical resistance is now 10%
    • Full set bonus: Strength is now 300, down from 400
  • Curse of the Zakarum: swapped two piece and three piece bonuses around, Path of Flames swapped with 10% to max life from full bonus
  • Satanic Mantra: replaced 3 piece bonus with 50% minion damage and +2 to Necromancer Skills
  • Caoi Dulra Set (Bow Druid Set):
    • Nature's Wrath:
      • Now a Compound Bow base
      • Removed flat elemental damage
      • Added Minion Life and Life Leech
      • Replaced Strength scaling with Dexterity
    • Nature's Will:
      • Enhanced Defense is now always 200%
      • Druid skill bonus increased to (2-3)
      • Flat physical damage replaced with fire
      • Crushing blow increased to 10%
    • Nature's Vigil:
      • Increased maximum Enhanced Defense and added flat Defense
      • Replaced Life Steal with Life after each Kill
      • Replaced resistances with 25% Attack Speed
      • Replaced Strength bonus with Dexterity
    • Nature's Embrace:
      • Removed resistances
      • Added 25% attack speed
      • Added 10% fire pierce
    • Two Piece Set Bonus: replaced Attack Rating bonus with 20% fire pierce
    • Three Piece Set Bonus: replaced Enhanced Weapon Damage bonus with 10% Physical Resist
    • Full Set Bonus:
      • Replaced flat elemental damage with flat physical
      • Added 100% Enhanced Weapon Damage


  • Astarte, Targeq: removed useless Moon Queen oSkill, added 30-50% Enhanced Weapon Damage instead
  • Brahman: removed blinds attacker
  • Dirge:
    • Now gives Dexterity instead of Strength
    • Proc is now on death blow
    • Enhanced damage roll is now (50-200), up from (126-154)

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