Median XL - Version Log

Median XL: Sigma

- Patch Σ 1.6.0 -



  • Fixed bugs with the Hardcore to Softcore conversion on Single Player
  • All teleport/warping skills are now able to pickup gold
  • Resetting your character's skills and stats will now also remove all buffs from the character
  • Fixed a bug with Physical Resist cap being 75% rather than 50%
  • Fixed a bug that caused certain weapon-damage skills to partially scale with physical spell damage
  • The affected skills were buffed to counteract the fix:
    • Broadside: damage increased by 20%
    • Iron Spiral: damage increased by 20%
    • Stormblast: damage increased by 20%
    • Quill Storm: damage increased by 20%
    • Egg Trap: damage increased by 13%
    • Nova Shot: damage increased by 9%
    • Carnage: damage increased by 20%
    • Wyrd: damage increased by 20%
    • Ancient's Hand: damage increased by 20%
    • Lightning Fury: damage increased by 30%
    • Iceburst: damage increased by 20%
    • Phalanx: damage increased by 29%
    • Wyrmshot: damage increased by 28%
    • Storm Crows: damage increased by 19%
    • Wychwind: damage increased by 22%
    • Thorn Wall: damage increased by 21%
    • Faerie Fire: damage increased by 21%
    • War Spirit: damage increased by 25%
    • Fusillade: damage increased by 28%
    • OHMAN: damage increased by 25%
    • Slicer Blade: damage increased by 20%
    • Patriot Sentry: damage increased by 20%
    • Thorn Field: damage increased by 22%
    • Fowl Fight: damage increased by 22%
    • Gorefest: damage increased by 20%
    • Cyclone: damage increased by 21%
    • Squall Gust: damage increased by 25%
    • Squall Wave: damage increased by 21%
    • Arrow Swarm: damage increased by 20%
    • Disco Inferno: damage increased by 21%
    • Ultimate Chaos: damage increased by 20%
    • Wraithsword: damage increased by 6%
The amounts vary due to how different skills rely on WDM and how the bug affected them.
  • Gidbinn: ratman has reduced life and no longer immune to crushing blow
  • Fallen Shaman: will now spam fire wall less often
  • Removed Fiends hanging on nothing in the Act 1 plains
  • Veteran monsters have been converted to elites.

Endgame Quests

Nephalem Rifts

Kurast 3000 BA
  • Hawks no longer have skeleton sounds
Tran Athulua
  • Jungle Snakes have gone extinct in the Level Challenge
  • Certain autoaim skills will no longer aim at zone lights
  • Certain autoaim skills will no longer aim at zone lights
Dimensional Labyrinth
  • Corrupted Barbarian: Iceburst damage reduced by 20% and now used less. Slightly increased Iron Spiral damage
  • Deimoss:
    • Boss fight will now start with 0/6 extra difficulty instead of 6/6
    • You can unlock extra difficulty modifiers like before
    • Increasing the difficulty will heal the boss
    • Increased potion efficiency in the Twisted Sanctum
  • Observer frozen orb replaced with frozen ball
  • Increased equipment drops in yellow floors. +40% at T6, rising up to +50% at T10
  • Increased equipment drops in red floors. +60% at T11, rising up to +100% at T15
  • Fixed a bug with the life leech resist modifier not working. Reduced to 50%, down from 60%
  • Twisted Clawstorm: no longer leaves a corpse
  • Councillor Vanig: poison skills dps doubled, duration halved

Endgame Dungeons

[NEW] Invasion
  • Mysterious assailants from a different world are attacking Sanctuary
  • New level 105 quest, replacing the Veteran Tokens challenge
  • Located within the A2 Palace Harem, on Hell difficulty
  • Defeat the Lesser Riftwalker, 20 seconds area lock down
The Veiled Prophet
  • The cathedral is now smaller
  • Inarius: has a new AI and skillset which resembles him in his final battle in The Void
  • High Clerics: are now Simulacrums, increased health by 333% and skill levels of all skills
Heart of Sin
  • Added boss sounds
  • Reduced Azmodan's block but increased health
Yshari Sanctum
  • Reaching any zone will now create a permanent portal to the previous zone in case players forget to create a town portal
  • Dream of Anguish
    • Widened the single tile corridors
    • Reworked some of the most confusing sections
  • Specter of Hatred:
    • Fixed black tiles appearing when traveling to the Dream of Anguish
    • Minor changes to a few sections
  • Phantasm of Terror
    • Minor visual improvements
  • Snare of Destruction
    • Widened almost all of the single tile corridors
    • Replaced numerous visually obstructive walls with smaller ones
    • Reworked several chaotic sections
  • Trophy: now adds 4% Slow Target
  • Reduced elemental absorb from 60% to 50%, added missing poison element
  • Web of Deceit
    • Reworked wall segments that caused random stops to invisible unwalkable subtiles
    • Removed torches and enhanced the illumination of lights that do not affect the player's pathing
    • Removed clickable spider sacks
    • Changed the north-east section which now connects with the adjacent one
    • Enlarged various narrow paths
Nymyr's Light
  • The Sleep: recipe for Lazarus Trophy has max life reduced to 10% and attack/cast speed to 25%
[NEW] The Void
  • Fully overhauled quest
  • Rebalanced skills, AI, damage, health and resistances of all enemies
  • Area level is now 135, down from 140
  • All maps have been partly or entirely changed
  • Zones are now connected via portals and lock down after 3 minutes
  • Every Soul boss has a specific mechanic the player needs to figure out to overcome the sins... Will you?
    • Trial of Sloth:
        ... Stillness can bear fruit only after so many deaths
        Once unrestrained by flesh his soul will lash out...
    • Trial of Gluttony:
        ... The dark harvester will gorge and prosper without rest
        Each step could deepen his insatiable hunger...
    • Trial of Greed:
        ... Everything exists only for his taking
        Your life and energy are just the next offer...
    • Trial of Lust:
        ... The depraved path shackles the many whom tread on it
        Even death might not quench their everburning desire...
    • Trial of Wrath:
        ... An unyielding spirit can deter an unrelenting onslaught
        A consuming fury can only be endured for so long...
    • Trial of Envy:
        ... Light and darkness eternally struggle and repel
        Will this balance be a new dawn or a twilight?...
    • Trial of Pride:
        ... An unchallenged might grows too high to stand but fall
        Only those who rise it can plunge it beneath...

  • Once you have assembled the ring, you can finally use it to summon the creators of Sanctuary:
    • Inarius is not vulnerable to damage and will try to crush the hero that summons him as well as Lilith for setting him up
    • Lilith will start a Blood Ritual - lure Inarius to it and he will become vulnerable, but so will you...
    • The quest is failed if she is killed by either of you
    • Inarius casts powerful ice orbs around the map which are a great threat to Lilith who is especially vulnerable to cold element
    • When left untreated the orbs will explode into a massive spikestorm, you must prevent this by hitting them before they do
    • Zone locks down after 8 minutes
Nephalem's Sacrifice
  • Edyrems: reduced attack range, hp and damage
  • Uldyssian:
    • Health reduced by 15%
    • Increased delay between AI actions
    • Teleport chance when struck reduced by 60%
    • Greatly increased Spectral Throw ND to prevent double hits, but increased damage
Herald of the End
  • Samael:
    • Added 25% curse length reduction
    • Normalised healing on kill from any damage source to 33% of max life, instead of 24% from some and 100% from others
  • New bonus quest:
    • Defeat the boss between minutes 11 and 12 of entering, without dying
    • Transmute the upgraded charm to add extra stats. Charm becomes bound to your character class
    • You also have a 20% chance of unlocking a fancy new overlay effect
  • Edge of Nothingness: corridor now disables town portals



  • Mana Leech:
    • Reduced the mana cost scaling of all weapon damage farming skills by ~40%
    • Reduced the effectiveness of mana leech by 60%
    • Mana leech on physical weapon damage builds makes ignoring any resource costs trivial without any investment, while farming. Now mana costs will be more reasonable to balance them for elemental weapons, but if you want to sustain only from mana leech you will need to invest in the stat
  • Flat Physical Damage Reduction:
    • Due to a LOD bug with how PDR interacts with spells that have a physical damage component the stat was globally reduced. The bug caused certain battles (see: QT) unfair and difficult to balance, especially to classes that obtained the stat natively
  • Weapon Damage:
    • Most skills now dynamically display WDM in their description
    • Standardized WDM values, i.e. skills which had 109% or 111% WDM were set to 110%
  • Uninterruptible Attack:
    • The stat was removed from all items and skills as it never worked
  • Adjusted mercenary resistances for the new difficulty penalty


  • Magnetic Field:
    • Weapon damage increased by 17%
    • Bonus damage increased by 20%
  • Defensive Harmony: now adds 10 + 5 per level Life when Struck
  • Phalanx: fixed wrong wall width tooltip value
  • Wyrmshot: maximum seek range now capped at 18 yards (Base Level 24 Trinity Arrow)


  • Queen of Blades:
    • Weapon damage increased by 50%
    • Now gains an extra blade every 3 Base Levels, up from every 2
  • Shockwave Trap: damage increased by 10%
  • Artifice Mastery:
    • You may no longer learn this skill if you have points in any Claw tree skills and vice versa
    • Vitality bonus reduced to 30%, down from 50%, due to the new Prismatic Cloak bonus
  • Crucify: bonus magic damage increased by 170%
  • Batstrike:
    • Shock nova now consists of bats, increased projectile speed by 20%
    • Shock nova weapon damage increased by 25%, now gains bonus magic damage as well
    • Coup de Grace: damage increased by 28%
  • Anathema: new skill replacing Twin Fang Strike, requires level 30
    • A long duration buff, restricted to melee, summoning and buff/debuff skills
    • Reduces nearby enemy elemental damage by 20% (affects spells and melee hits)
    • Increases your Innate Elemental Damage by 1% per Base Level
    • Reduces Enhanced Weapon Damage by 200%
  • Shadow Dancer: now gives +2% base block to Bloodbath
  • Noctule:
    • Bonus magic damage synergy now depends on Noctule Base Levels, instead of Batstrike Base Levels
    • Bonus magic damage synergy increased by 100%
    • Projectile hit rate reduced by 23%, weapon damage increased by 30%
    • Removed inaccurate tooltip information about bat numbers scaling
  • Maelstrom MkV: tooltip now accounts for Hexward's damage bonus
  • Backstab:
    • Now starts with no cooldown and low duration
    • Base points into the skill will now increase both cooldown and duration, enabling longer periods of invincibility and broadside damage
  • Laserblade: now gains 4% defense per soft level
  • Hades Gate: now only requires Bloodbath to be active
  • Prismatic Cloak: no longer has physical damage reduction but now provides %maximum health per base points


  • Guardian Spirit: 20% of damage now converted to magic, to avoid late game damage cap issues
  • Snake Bite:
    • Shifted a portion of the pre level 28 damage to post level 28. This means the skill will do slightly less damage early on, but will now scale more meaningfully with increased Skill Levels, instead of just with Base Levels
    • Duration no longer stacks with other sources of weapon poison damage
    • Base duration increased from 1.6 to 1.8 seconds
  • Gladiator's Dominance: poison duration bonus is now 20 + 1.5/lvl, down from 30 + 2/lvl


  • Elemental: damage increased by 20%
  • Freezing Gale: renamed to Hurricane and revamped mechanically
    • Damage greatly increased and Next Delay halved
    • Now deals physical damage, and leeches life based on damage dealt
    • Now has a 5% chance to knockback enemies per hit
    • Continuous channeling now strengthens the hurricane and fatigues you, meaning your total damage is increased for each missing point of stamina
  • Acid Fiends:
    • Minion cap is now 5 and requires Base Level 8
    • Poison Flash damage increased by 50%, cast chance increased by 50% and level increased by 33%
    • Attack speed and hit recovery increased
    • Health doubled
    • Aura no longer gives 25% elemental spell damage, now gives 1% poison spell damage per 1% minion resist, up to 75%
  • Rend: weapon damage increased by 11%
  • Twisted Claw:
    • Tornadoes will now seek their target within a small radius
    • Fixed a bug which made the skill not check attack rating
    • Fixed tooltip duration error


  • Dream Eater: damage past skill level 28 reduced by 20%


  • Vessel of Justice:
    • Reduced hit rate to reduce performance impact and boss teleportation
    • Damage increased by 25%
  • Demiurge:
    • No longer gives dexterity
    • Now gives +5% to Enhanced Weapon Damage per Skill Level
  • Symphony of Destruction:
    • Fixed a bug where the tooltip damage did not scale with spell damage
    • Damage increased by 10%, explosion area of effect increased by 63%
  • Slayer: activation range increased by 25%
  • Vessel of Retribution:
    • Reduced hit rate to reduce performance impact and boss teleportation
    • Damage increased by 25%
  • Sacred Armor: movement speed synergy now capped at +100%
  • Absolution: new Neutrality skill in the reward tab
    • Requires character level 18 to learn
    • Deals high single target damage in a small area
    • Damage per hit is based on the combined damage of both your Vessels
    • Total damage is increased by 25% when near a resurrected minion (8 yards)
  • Resurrect:
    • Now requires Absolution
    • Minion now gains 50% damage reduction against all sources
    • Fixed a bug causing resurrects to spawn with very high monster levels
    • Resurrect level is now 10 + area level
  • Superbeast: fixed a bug causing the walk animation to be faster than intended, and the run animation slower than intended
  • Blessed Life: flat damage reduction reduced by 50%


  • Lorenado: damage increased by 21%
  • Immersion:
    • Now keeps gaining damage from character level until 120, up from 100
    • Removed damage variance (average damage unchanged)
  • Antimass:
    • Fixed a bug where the skill would not heal you correctly or set your life to 1 if you had too much mana
    • Base conversion of mana to life is now 30%, down from 50%
  • Frigid Sphere: damage reduced by 10%
  • Ice Elementals: aura now gives 50% of minion damage as cold spell damage, up from 25%
  • Symbol of Esu: healing is now affected by potion efficiency modifiers (e.g. enemy Void Archon aura)

Item Only Skills

  • Ice Bolt Nova: bonus damage from cold resistance reduced by 20%
  • Bloodstar: increased missile movement speed by 60%, increased damage by 400% and increased projectile size
  • Rising Dawn:
    • Damage reduced by 15%
    • Minimum affix level is now 15, up from 14
    • Added damage scaling explanation to the tooltip
  • Trinity Beam:
    • Hit rate reduced by 33%
    • Wizardspike oSkill levels now (4-8), down from (9-12)
    • Mana scaling is now 200 + 10/lvl, instead of 50 + 14/lvl
    • Added new icon
  • Psicrown: reduced mana cost, now deals feedback damage to synergise with Chronofield and Bane
  • Summon Thunder Bear: doubled health per level
  • Banish:
    • Tooltip range is now accurate
    • Damage bonus maxes out at level 100
  • Searing Orb: fixed damage scaling tooltip
  • Whirlpool: changed skill icon
  • Pain Spirit: damage increased by 300%
  • Splitfire: damage increased by 300%
  • ATMG: fixed a bug causing the skill to not check defense
  • War Cry: critical damage per Blood Hatred Base Level is now 8%, down from 10%, to prevent damage cap issues at high gear levels
  • Frozen Orb: damage increased by 25%
  • Lightning Fury:
    • Now always affected by spell damage
    • Weapon damage is now 100% (main missile)
    • Increased main missile velocity by 15%
    • Damage increased by 57%
  • Churel: duration and cooldown increased by 50%



  • Amulets, Rings and Jewels are now considered sacred and can therefore be disenchanted into signets of learning
  • Oil of Renewal: no longer works with any Yshari base, Samael base or Valkyrie's Prime
  • Creepy Shrines: Crushing Blow increased from (1-3)% to (2-4)% and (2-4)% to (4-7)%
  • Wrist Blade: is now an elemental base
  • Removed Teleport on Attack/Striking procs from items
[NEW] Relics
  • Revamped the Cornerstone of the World jewel into a brand new itemtype called Relics
  • Relics are socketable items which provide oskills and additional stats, but cannot be used for Runewords
  • They offer a wide array of affixes, with more than 200 different stats available in them, adding a new potential layer of unique customization to endgame builds
  • Removed Cornerstones which had unusable cooldowns, required a specific state/morph to be usable or had class-based (i.e. weapon) restrictions
  • In contrast to the old Cornerstones of the World: They can now be unsocketed, no longer add a level requirement to the item and now require level 120
  • There is a total of 318 relics, which you can find [ here ]
  • New cube recipe allows you to cube 25 of any charm to get a fragment of that charm to further reduce RNG factor
  • Fragments with a drop chance of 7% were changed to 6%
  • Both changes combined result in a fragment drop chance of 10%, and provides a good use for bad rolled charms
Item Affixes
  • The orange affixes on all dual wieldable weapons now do not stack
  • Energy no longer spawns on Claws as an affix
  • Ice Bolt Nova: affix skill level increased to +(20-28), up from +(11-18)
Runes and Gems
  • Onyx: now adds Slow Target when used on shields
  • Rainbow Stone: now adds Innate Elemental Damage instead of Crushing Blow
  • Ber Rune: now makes item Indestructible
  • Poison Rune: poison damage now lasts 2 seconds, to avoid averaged length when combined with other poison sources
Mystic Orbs
  • Uninterruptible Attack on armor replaced with +6 Energy Factor
  • Energy Factor weapon orb replaced with 2% Innate Elemental Damage
  • Crushing Blow orb increased from 1% to 3%
  • Flat damage reduction Mystic Orb now provides +4, down from +6
  • Flat physical damage Mystic Orb is now 0-2, down from 1-2
  • Crystal of Tears: damage reduced to 5-10, down from 7-12
  • Auriel's Focus: energy reduced by 5
  • Idol of Stars: no longer gives vitality
  • Zayl's Soul: halved reanimate chance
  • Periapt of Life: vitality bonus is now 4%, down from 5%

Tiered Uniques

  • Blackleach Blade: increased poison pierce and skill levels
  • Buriza Do Tsuru: is now mainly lightning based instead of cold
  • The Allseeing Eye: slightly reduced physical/magic spell damage
  • Scarab of Death: now adds 50% Faster Hit Recovery
  • Uldyssian's Legion: halved bonus to elemental resistances

Sacred Uniques

  • Fixed Searing Heat, Biting Frost, Bilefroth's Skin, Maleficence and Steel Punisher's images being offset when equipped
  • Absolute Zero: no longer removes Glacial Nova freeze
  • Scales of the Serpent: now adds (31 to 40)% Faster Hit Recovery
  • The Collector: no longer gives Energy and Strength Factor
  • Black Masquerade:
    • Removed Spellbind and All Skills
    • Increased spell damage to 100%
    • Level requirement reduced to 80
    • Added 200 Life Regeneration per Second
  • The Petulant: now gives +4% Enhanced Weapon Damage per Tantrum skill level instead of maximum damage
  • Storm Blade: reduced rarity from 1/69 to 1/50
  • Lacuni Cowl: level requirement increased by 10
  • Lamen of the Archbishop: level requirement increased by 10
  • Undead Crown: level requirement increased by 10
  • Crown of the Black Rose: level requirement increased by 10
  • Natalya's Deception: required level increased by 25
  • Throatcutter: removed
  • Zular Khan's Tempest:
    • Replaces Throatcutter in rarity and ilvl, becoming a SU
    • No longer has Thunder Arena
    • Stormpike proc chance now 10%
    • Adds (51 to 100) Life after Each Kill
    • Ways skill levels now (26 to 30)
  • Blackjade's Legacy:
    • Now gives enemy lightning resist reduction instead of poison
    • Removed Energy Factor
    • Life on Attack is now (50-150), up from 50
  • Zayl's Temptation:
    • Removed previous orange stats
    • Now regenerates 20% of your maximum life over 5 seconds when you take weapon damage
    • Removed fire and poison pierce, added +1% Base Block chance
    • Slow increased to (15-25)%, up from 15%
    • Now adds +(14-20) to Crucify, fire, cold and lightning damage
  • Flameskin: now reduces Enhanced Weapon Damage by 200%, up from 100%
  • Dreamweaver:
    • Is now a Wrist Blade instead of a Blade Talon
    • Now adds lightning damage to Queen of Blades instead of fire
    • Bonus damage to Queen of Blades increased by 570%
    • Removed Energy Factor, replaced poison pierce with lightning pierce
    • Now adds 1% to maximum fire and lightning resists
  • Implement V.II: is now on the Claws base instead of Cestus
  • Mind Rake: is now a Claw instead of a Blade Talon
  • Twin Terrors:
    • Now a Cestus instead of a Claw
    • Dual wield bonus changed to "+100% Noctule Projectiles"
    • Removed Assassin skills and magic damage, replaced life on striking with life leech
    • Flat physical damage is now (10-60) - (70-140), up from 25-50
  • Sagittarius:
    • Now a Cestus instead of a Claw
    • Now spawns with +100% Vessel damage bonus
  • Hexward:
    • Fixed a bug causing it to still give 50% bonus damage instead of 25%, this change is retroactive
    • Removed life leech and physical damage
    • Replaced proc with 2% Chance to Cast Shadow Blade on striking
    • Shadow blade is a 50% Weapon Damage knife with 8000 bonus magic damage
  • Doom Gong of Xiansai:
    • Removed Assassin Skills. elemental damage, Life after Each Kill, Crushing Blow and Covenant proc
    • Doubled Thunder Slam proc chance
    • Added life leech and flat physical damage (previously on Hexward)
    • Requirements increased by 25%
  • Elder Law: fire damage to Idol of Scosglen doubled
  • Nymyr's Shadow: fire damage to Flametail Shot doubled
  • Feltongue: now 200% of Crushing Blow added as spell damage, up from 150%
  • Celestial Barrier: removed Energy Factor
  • The Awakening: max stamina bonus is now 25, down from 50
  • Shadowfang:
    • Added 25% Slow Target
    • Greatly increased Plague Grasp damage
    • Plague Grasp is a poison spell which only scales with poison pierce and deals 60 000 damage per second
  • Legio Di Manes: proc chance increased to 20%, up from 15%
  • Black Dwarf: pierce is now (5-20)%, down from (15-20)%
  • Habacalva's Legacy:
    • Extra Flamefront projectiles now +5, down from +6
    • Increased skill bonus variance slightly
  • Holy Wars:
    • Replaced fire and poison spell damage and pierce with spell damage and all element pierce
    • Proc chance decreased from 15% to 7% but now triggers on death blow instead of on kill
  • Hellreach: EWD from physical/magic Spell Damage increased by 33% due to engine WDM bugfix
  • Lex Talionis: Retaliate attack speed increased by 25%
  • Veil of Steel: now grants 250% Enhanced Weapon Damage, up from 200%
  • Idol of Rygnar: Enhanced Weapon Damage roll is now (100-150), down from (100-200)
  • Greenwalker's Charge: bonus flat damage is now 30-50
  • Pawnstorm: removed fortress pierce and removed max resistance penalty
New Sacred Uniques
  • Black Ice: SSU Halberd


  • All sets now have a description in-game under the set name, for example: Pantheon (Amazon Bow Set)
  • Henchmen Trophies: removed double Mystic Orb bonus, reduced level requirement by 10
  • Witchhunter's Attire Set:
    • Witchhunter's Crucifix:
      • Removed caster related stats
      • Added 100 Life after Each Kill and 50 Mana on Attack
      • Added 20% lightning pierce and flat lightning damage
      • Added (15-25)% Bonus Dexterity
    • Witchhunter's Ire:
      • Is now a Parma instead of a Cestus
      • Now adds 250-500 flat fire and lightning damage
      • Now adds (15-25)% to Dexterity
      • Now adds +1% Base Block chance
    • Witchhunter's Faith:
      • 10% Bonus to Energy replaced with Bonus to Mana
      • Added 200 Life Regenerated per Second
      • Added 200% Enhanced Defense
    • 2 piece set bonus: replaced 75 Dexterity with 20% lightning pierce
    • 3 piece set bonus: replaced reanimate with 150 Life on Attack
    • Full set bonus:
      • Removed caster stats
      • Reanimate replaced with 2% as Destroyer Shaman
      • Now adds 25% Bonus to Dexterity
      • Now adds +15 to Way of the Gryphon
      • Now adds 3% to fire, cold and lightning absorb
  • Vizjerei Dominion:
    • Hive set bonus is now 0.75% per Base Level up to 40%
    • Change was made to avoid numerical glitches at very high gear levels
  • Zann Esu's Secrets:
    • Removed minion damage from the full set bonus
    • Ice Bolt Nova levels now +32, down from +38
    • Zann Esu's Robes: removed minion damage
  • Elemental Children Set:
    • Elemental Fury:
      • Replaced +17 to Lightning Wall with 10% lightning pierce
      • Enhanced defense now 200%, up from (58-86)%
    • Elemental Clash:
      • Replaced lightning thorns with 20% lightning spell damage
      • Replaced (50-75) to Strength with 10% lightning pierce
      • Enhanced defense now 200%, up from (58-86)%
    • Elemental Spirit:
      • Enhanced Defense now 200%, up from (58-86)%
      • Lightning spell damage doubled
    • 2 piece bonus:
      • Replaced Static Lance oSkill with 25% lightning spell damage
    • 3 piece bonus:
      • Replaced cold spell damage with lightning spell damage
    • Full set bonus:
      • Replaced bonus defense with 2 seconds of Blink cooldown reduction
      • Replaced lightning pierce with 50% lightning spell damage
      • Bonus to all stats doubled
      • Sorceress Skill Levels increased to 5
      • Energy Factor now 200, up from 150
  • Thunderstorm Set:
    • Full set bonus now grants 0.8% pierce chance to Lightning Fury per Moon Queen base level
    • Charged Cloud: is now a Maiden Javelin base, improved stats


  • Void: flat damage reduction reduced by 50%
  • Nezha: removed avoid, doubled magic find
  • Ljosalf: now has 100% Chance to Cast Bloodstar on Death Blow
  • Natasha's Legacy:
    • Max resistance roll is now (0 to 4)%, up from (-2 to 5)%
    • Now grants 100% Total Character Defense directly instead of via passive

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