Median XL - Version Log

Median XL: Sigma

- Patch Σ 1.5.0 -



  • Elemental resistances have been redistributed to smoothen the difficulty scaling
  • Resistance penalty is now 30% and 70% for Nightmare and Hell (down from 50%/100%)
  • Sunstone of the Twin Seas: all resists now 10%
  • Azmodan's Heart: all resists now (11 to 20)%
  • Hardcore characters will now convert to softcore upon death. Dead characters will continue to appear in the HC ladder
  • The mercenary resurrect cost formula has been adjusted for lower gold costs below level 125
  • Gem Shrines no longer give chipped gems, they instead give regular gems by default, including new Median XL gems
  • Reduced the movement speed on all wandering bosses by ~40%, such as Xazax, Astrogha, Samael etc.
    • This change will improve the damage of skills with ramp up time or slower projectile speed against the harder content
  • Elite Monsters: increased chances to drop shrines
  • Kentril Dumon: reduced skill levels of all skills, especially Death Blossom
  • Tree of Life: now have a chance of dropping Apples
  • Reanimate Hordes: no longer have Concentration aura due to performance issues
  • Slingers: no longer have Fanaticism aura due to performance issues

Endgame Quests

Nephalem Rifts

Island of the Sunless Sea
  • The quest is now cold-themed, allowing players to have more options to mitigate the incoming damage
  • Feyr: no longer spawns impious hounds, now casts frozen bolts, added cold attack and reduced physical damage
  • Hollow Disciple: half of their damage is now cold, reduced attack rating
  • Sunless Angel: now casts Comet and Blizzard, half of their damage is now cold, reduced health
  • Massively increased chances to drop equipment, jewelry and crafting materials
  • Now has a slight set/rare bias
  • Sixth angel zone no longer requires teleport
  • Reduced density by 10%
  • Fixed charm description
Cow Level
  • Reduced cow movement speed
  • Cow Shaman: reduced Thunder Slam damage
  • Cow King: reduced physical damage
  • Added drop bias for sacred armors and crafting shrines
  • Slightly reduced density
Torajan Jungles
  • Increased chance to drop signets
  • Forest Keeper: decreased health by 15% and reduced defense by 30%
  • Crippling Swarm: reduced mana drain
Kurast 3000 BA
  • Totem Shield Effect no longer applies a palette to monsters, to reduce FPS loss
  • Melee Skeletons are now replaced by Hawks, also to improve performance
Library of Fate
  • Lightwells: reduced Punisher skill level
  • Ethereals: no longer cast Weakening Nova on death, halved health to compensate
  • Zakarum's Avatar: now have standard resistances and no longer need to be weakened. Increased health and fire spell damage
  • Widened or replaced some sections to better the management of Ethereals
  • Added environmental light sources
  • Enriched the original ground pattern
  • Now features a total of 4 hidden golden chests instead of two
Tran Athulua

It all seemed lost for the Amazon Warriors due to the increasing wildfires. Right as they were ready to give up, they noticed new trees radiating light growing in the jungles, a gift of their beloved Goddess: Athulua. The newborn Trees of Life sacrificed their divine strength to put an end to the wildfires, which has also allowed them to master the art of fire.

  • In honor to their goddess, the Amazons covered the zone in bushes. Little did they realize, heroes can now sneak behind them to survive their mortal death procs
  • Jungle Snakes were not able to survive and have gone extinct
  • Tree of Fire: new monster with physical and fire resistance that casts Wildfire
  • Amazon Warriors:
    • Arrowside: detection range reduced by 15% to prevent invisible off-screen kills. Increased proc chance from 2% to 2.5%
    • Slightly increased chance to drop unique items
    • Increased chance to drop Sacred weapons
    • Will now spawn slightly more scattered around the map
  • Philios boss zone has been remade
  • Fixed missing and wrong light orbs on top of sun floors, zone lights now fixed based on zone
  • The outer map now has more vegetation
  • Zagraal: now uses Charge instead of Crucify and Teleport instead of Blink
  • Fixed unintentional healing when unconverted Lucion was next to Malic
  • Malic: hellwave teleport spell duration reduced
  • Increased jewelry drop chance
Dimensional Labyrinth
  • Corrupted Necromancer: drops will now include more bases
  • Corrupted Heroes: will now drop 25% more items
  • Dimensional Key: now gives innate elemental damage instead of flat tri-elemental damage
  • Deimoss:
    • Twisted Clawstorm: removed Amazing Grace, life increased by 150%
    • Reduced frequency of ice spawns
    • Ormac's vortex will now remain visible for its entire duration if you die and re-enter the arena
  • Slightly reduced the elemental resistances of most monsters

Endgame Dungeons

Legacy of Blood
  • Added minor details to the environment to visually enhance the location
Quov Tsin
  • Trinity Beam no longer has a physical damage component
  • Now has a short-range aura that makes characters in melee range more resistant to his tri-elemental damage
Banisher of Light
  • Shadow Self: now have -100% base resists, no longer will become immune around totems, increased hp and defense
  • Reduced earth elemental damage and attack rating
  • Minibosses no longer have block chance
Atanna Khan
  • The Sleep: Uldyssian trophy bonus is now 6% deadly strike, up from 5%, and 8% innate elemental damage, instead of flat tri-elemental damage
Spirit World
  • Fixed Ghost Trance description
  • Guardian of Giyua: halved mana drain and reduced health by 25%
The Void
  • Rathma's Supremacy: teleport roll is now +(3 to 15)
Nephalem's Sacrifice
  • Korlic's Defiled Memory: fixed typo
  • Dialon: fixed a bug that caused him to permanently freeze when trying to cast bone prison
  • Changed the visual of the corridor leading to Samael's portal in order to match its appearances to that of the arena



  • Fixed an oversight allowing the bonus damage of some weapon skills to unintentionally scale with spell damage
  • Reduced the base power of some mercenary skills, which were extremely overtuned for normal content
    • Arrowside: base duration reduced by 40%, but now increases with mercenary level (up to x2 of previous value at level 120)
    • Hailstorm: reduced base level, increased level gain per mercenary level
    • Singularity: increased base level and level scaling
    • Shapeshifter: Claw Tornado skill level now scales with mercenary level, 1 skill level per 8 mercenary levels
  • Priestess: will now unlock Homing Nova Shot at level 90, instead of level 1
  • Necrolyte fixed a bug where they were using the monster version of Hailstorm and dealing more damage than intended


  • Lava Pit: removed smoke visuals
  • Stormcall: area of effect increased by 22%
  • Asterism: modified overlay
  • Trinity Arrow: damage increased by 20%
  • Phalanx: weapon damage increased by 10%
  • Wyrmshot:
    • Base seek range is now 10 yards, down from 13.3 yards
    • Reduced mana cost
  • Fairy Ring: weapon damage increased by 20%
  • Takedown: clarified damage/AR bonus
  • Hyena Strike: greatly increased health orb range in an attempt to reduce desync
  • Spirit of Vengeance: summoning while Ecstatic Frenzy is on will now disable the reanimates, allowing for greater flexibility


  • Crucify: weapon damage increased by 20%
  • Batstrike: changed skill icon
  • Scorpion Blade:
    • Increased damage by 25%
    • Projectile count now scales every 5 points in maelstrom, up from 4
  • Wychwind: damage increased by 30%
  • APF-20 'Maelstrom' Mk1: weapon damage increased by 13%, fixed a minor tooltip error
  • Backstab: fully reworked
    • No longer adds crushing blow
    • Duration is now 75% of cooldown, up from 60%. Lowest duration is 3 frames
    • Now adds a large amount of bonus damage to Broadside while being actively used
    • Fixed a bug that caused it to deal no damage
    • Increased mana cost
  • Perfect Being: changed skill icon
  • Shuriken Flurry: damage increased by 10%
  • Psionic Storm: damage for skill levels after 28 increased by 33%
  • Psionic Scream: doubled duration
  • Doom: changed skill icon
  • Tiefling Form:
    • Renamed to Pinnacle
    • No longer disables flat damage from ways
    • Now gains an additional skill level per 6 points, up from 7
    • Now only reduces your total defense by 50%
    • Removed dexterity bonus
    • Duration fixed at 750 seconds
  • Incineration Trap: fixed tooltip displaying incorrect maximum range value
  • Phase Bomb:
    • No longer causes attackers to get one-shot
    • Reduced cooldown by 40%
    • No longer slows enemies down
    • Removed ugly slowdown visuals


  • Throwing animation sped up by 1 frame
  • Titan Strike: innate skill now renamed to Titan's Fortitude
    • Is now a buff rather than an attack
    • Removed strength and dexterity bonuses
    • Now adds bonus maximum life: 6% + 1% per 10 character levels
    • Now adds bonus defense: 10% + 1% per character level
  • Windform: fixed life on striking tooltip error
  • Bear Claw: renamed to Snake Bite
    • Reworked to function as a poison single target alternative to Overkill
    • Increased projectile speed by 25%, removed pierce
    • Increasing returns to the Base Level damage synergy
    • Benefits from the "Poison Skill Duration" stat on items
    • Triggered versions of this skill won't inherit this new poison damage
  • Stampede: you now throw real axes. Weapon damage now 100%, up from 90%
  • Rebound: weapon damage increased by 33%
  • Screaming Eagle: enemies now take an additional 25 elemental and magic damage per Skill Level
  • Overkill:
    • Reduced axe spread, will improve single target damage
    • Axes will now land faster
    • Bonus damage from Gladiator's Dominance increased by 50%
    • Weapon damage increased to 120%, up from 110%
    • Base number of axes is now 22, up from 10, level scaling is now 3 per 2, down from 4 per 2
  • Snake Stance:
    • Greatly increased minimum damage, damage increased by 20%
    • Eagle Stance synergy is now a self-synergy, damage per Base Level now 12%, up from 9%
  • Bear Stance: no longer locks out ranged skills
  • Nephalem Spirit: now adds (5+blvl)% to Innate Elemental Damage (explained below - I.E.D)
  • Gladiator's Dominance: now adds 30+(2*lvl)% to barbarian skill poison duration


  • Nova Shot: bonus fire damage increased by 25%
  • Rend: reverted graphics to previous thorns, bonus damage reduced by 25% as previous values did not account for EWD scaling
  • Egg Trap: bonus fire damage increased by 40%


  • Rotting Flesh: duration reduced by 33% and damage per level doubled
  • Dream Eater: velocity reduction is now 60%, damage reduced by 19%
  • Carnage: weapon damage now 75%, down from 85%
  • Parasite: increased weapon damage from 90% to 100%, missile travel speed increased by 25%
  • Deathlord: fixed cooldown description
  • Totems mana cost per level reduced by 25%
  • Stormeye Totem: damage increased by 25%
  • Embalming: now gets free 5% base HP, but scaling per hard point is now 5%
  • Sacrifices: now feature pygmy volunteers for reduced visual spam
  • Death Pact:
    • Slightly modified spell damage scaling with better rewards to investing hard points into the skill
    • Now properly scales with points in Dream Eater
  • Talon's Hold: fixed a bug that caused the slow to override gear slow instead of being additive. Base slow is now 5%


  • Demiurge: removed reanimates to enable Talon's Hold fix
  • Life and Death: fixed targets tooltip
  • Symphony of Destruction: explosion area of effect increased by 77%
  • Solstice and Equinox: fixed targets tooltip


  • Arachnomancy: poison duration increased by 14%
  • Abyss: damage increased by 10%
  • Thunderstone: main projectile speed increased by 17%
  • Symbol of Esu: now always heals 50% of maximum life
  • Twilight Havoc: damage increased at level 1, damage now increases with skill level after 28

Item Only Skills

  • Item-only skills which significantly increased item level requirement will no longer do so
  • Removed oSkills from the affix pool which were not strong without significant investment, underused, didn't bring anything unique to the table, or made crafts/rares harder to roll:

      Psionic Storm, Rock Shock, Mountain King, Rapture, Spore Shot, Charm, Living Flame, Pyroclastic Flow, Protector Spirit, Punisher, Summon Rampagor, Fortress, Lion Stance, Overpower, Time Strike, Shadow Blade, Scatter Shot, Rune of Mana, Possess, Cyclone, Static Ward, Squall Gust, Clobber, Charm, Soulshatter, Rune of Fire, Rune of Ice, Immolation Bomb, Static Spike, Avalanche, Emerald Prison, Slicer Blade, Splitfire, Shackles of Ice, Bloodstar, Venomous Spirit, Frozen Soul, Meteor Shower, Countdown, Static Lance, OHMAN, Clobber, Shock Flower, Wrath, Diseased Cattle, Solar Flare

  • Teleport: mana cost is now 800 and decreases by 20 per level
  • Nova Charge: fixed a bug with with the oSkill range on non-sorceress characters
  • Vessel of Justice: oSkill level increased to (16-28), up from (11-17)
  • Maelstrom: spawning on Amazon javelins has been replaced with better Maelstrom APF-20 'Maelstrom' Mk1, oSkill levels increased to (6-12)
  • Tempest: oSkill level on Druid Staves increased to (14-24), up from (11-18)

  • Cataclysm: spell - cast a ring of deadly fireballs in all directions around you
    • Will now also spawn on Sorceress orbs
    • oSkill level increased to (8-16), up from (5-11)
  • Funeral Pyre: spell - spawn an undead horde to be incinerated in horrid flame
    • Doubled damage and removed Nightwalker synergy as is no longer a class skill
  • Ice Bolt Nova: spell - casts a nova of ice bolts
    • Damage now scales significantly with your cold resist
    • This ignores maximum resistance caps, e.g. 400% cold resistance provides more damage than 200%
  • Fire Cannonade: spell - unleash a furious barrage of fire bolts
    • Damage increased by 20%, affects both fire elementals and item procs
  • Elemental Totem: corpse totem - increases elemental damage of the party
    • Now gains a great amount of life per level
  • Mana Tide Totem: corpse totem - rapidly regenerates the party's mana
    • Now gains a great amount of life per level
  • War Cry: spell - legends tell of elder shamans who were able to channel their shouts into devastating shockwaves
    • Can now spawn on rare Barbarian Swords and Shields, in addition to the Voice of Arreat unique
  • Banish: curse - renders target vulnerable to magic and elemental damage
    • Area scaling is now 0.33 yards per level down from 0.67 yards per level, and now caps at 1 screen
    • Duration scaling is now 1 second per level, down from 4 seconds per level
    • Now increases elemental and magic damage by 25/lvl, down from 30
    • Spawning on Sorceress Body Armor: oSkill level increased to (8-12), up from (1-3)
  • Guided Chain: projectile - piercing arrow that chases down nearby enemies
    • Seek range now fixed at 10 yards, in order to provide better single target
    • Weapon damage increased to 100%, up from 15%
    • Increased number of hits per impact
  • Lightning Shield: buff - cast a retaliatory shield of lightning on self and nearby allies
    • lightning damage to attacker increased by 33%
  • Buckshot: projectile - blasts out a short ranged spread of shrapnel in front of you
    • Restored old Skill as oSkill, replaces Scatter Shot
    • Now spawns on any crossbow
    • Gains 2 shards per skill level
    • Deals 125% weapon damage
  • Cautious Strike: attack - temporarily reduce damage taken
    • duration scaling increased to 3 seconds + 1 second per level
  • Claw Tornado: attack - unleash multiple weapon damage whirlwinds
    • Now renamed to Sandstorm, to differentiate from the different skill, with the same name, used as a proc
    • Weapon damage increased by 40%
    • Projectile count is now 2 + (1 per 5 Skill Levels) up to 10, instead of 5 always
    • Now also spawns on Sorceress Warp Blades and Paladin Maces
  • Tantrum: projectile - blasts the surrounding area with shrapnel from your bow
    • Halved number of hits per second to reduce boss teleportation
    • Weapon damage increased by 150%
    • Can now also spawn on quivers at half the skill level compared to weapons
  • Gorefest: attack - powerful melee attack that splatters an area with damage
    • Halved number of hits per second to reduce boss teleportation
    • Weapon damage increased by 180%, next delay reduced
  • Lightning Wall: spell - creates a wall of static energy that explodes on trespassers
    • Reduced performance impact
    • Reduced wall length by 30%
    • Reduced mana cost
    • Increased damage by 40%
  • Searing Orb: spell - blast the target area with an explosive orb of holy fire
    • Area of effect increased by 65%
    • Now gains 1% total damage per 1 light radius
    • Damage increased by 20%
    • Now also spawns on Assassin shields and Paladin Maces
  • Disintegrate: casts a searing energy beam that destroys your enemies
    • Now also spawns on Boots
    • Reduced performance impact and fixed mechanics so it always damages at the boundary
    • Base cooldown is now 5 seconds, down from 10
    • Cooldown now reduces by 1 second for every 13 skill levels, up to a minimum of 1 second (at Skill Level 50)
    • Damage increased by 10%
  • Whirlpool: attack - creates a devastating maelstrom of damage
    • Can no longer spawn a visual only version without attacking a target in melee
    • Fixed damage radius not matching visual animation
    • Removed random bonus stats, instead increased weapon damage by 100%
    • Cooldown reduced from 2 to 1 second
  • Spiral Dance: attack - unleash whirling warriors to strike an area
    • Bonus magic damage increased by 100%
    • Now also spawns on Paladin Maces
  • Deathstrike: projectile - blasts the target zone with concentrated magical energy
    • Reduced number of hits per second to reduce boss teleportation
    • Weapon damage increased by 100%
    • Now converts 100% of Physical Damage to Magic
    • Bonus magical damage increased by 50%
    • Now also spawns on Druid Bows
  • Death Ray: spell - channel a toxic beam causing your enemies to wither
    • Now renamed to Virulence
    • Can now also spawn on scepters, at half the skill level compared to staves
    • Now deals very high poison damage over 3 seconds
    • The poison duration is fixed, the "Poison Skill Duration" stat will increase damage instead
  • Rain of Bombs: spell - pound the target area with a hail of explosives
    • Now also spawns on scepters
    • Bombs now deal physical damage equal to the fire component, essentially giving them doubled damage
    • Explosion area of effect increased by 56%
    • Reduced delay between cast and bombardment
    • Damage increased by 50%
  • Powder Keg: spell - throw a barrel full of explosive powder!
    • Now spawns on all helms instead of Barbarian only
    • Skill levels increased to (16-24), up from (8-10)
    • Fixed occasional misses at maximum explosion range
    • Increased number of hits at explosion center
  • Silver Dart: projectile - fires a bolt that shatters into more seeking bolts
    • Weapon damage increased by 33%
    • Number of bolts on impact is now 3 + (lvl/5), up from 3
    • Target seek range now displayed on the tooltip
    • Magic conversion now always 50%, instead of close to 100% at high levels
  • Blood Fury: buff - increases spell damage at the cost of your well-being
    • Now also spawns on Sorceress Orbs
    • Can no longer be cast on other units, can now be used in town
    • Spell damage bonus increased by 50%
  • Hailstorm: spell - uses target enemy as a focus for a storm of ice and frost
    • Greatly reduced teleport triggers on bosses caused by this ability
    • Damage increased by 30%
  • Shunpo: projectile - teleport to target enemy, dealing weapon damage around you
    • Weapon damage increased by 20%
    • Now also spawns on Paladin Spears
  • Phoenix Wave: spell - casts a wide flame wave in front of you
    • Now spawns on Amazon Shields instead of Necromancer Wands
    • Affix skill levels increased to (16-24), up from (9-22)
    • Greatly reduced next delay, increased damage by 70%
  • Churel: spell - gravestone that periodically emits a seeking spirit of ice
    • Gravestone now lasts 10 seconds and has a cooldown of 8 seconds
    • Removed next delay, damage increased by 250%
    • While a gravestone is active it grants you 2% cold spell damage per skill level
    • No longer spawns on boots and rings, now spawns on Paladin Helms and Shields and on Sorceress Orbs and Body Armors
    • Affix skill levels increased to (5-12), up from (2-6)
  • Devouring Cloud: spell - advancing contagion that creates deadly acid clouds on impact
    • Skill levels on gloves increased to (8-14), up from (4-14)
    • Damage increased by 50%
  • Time Wave: projectile - every nearby enemy is hit with a timed strike, causing delayed damage
    • Now also spawns on 2 Handed Barbarian Axes and Barbarian Helms
    • Fuse delay reduced from 3 seconds to 1.6 seconds
    • Weapon damage increased from 40% to 150%
  • Psicrown: spell - circle of bouncing psionic missiles whose damage is based on energy
    • Damage increased by 20%
    • Affix skill levels now (10-16), up from (5-16)
  • Fire Cascade: spell - shoots fireballs at all nearby enemies within a radius
    • Seek range now always slightly less than 1 screen
    • Now starts at 2 fireballs, and gains an extra fire ball every 6 Skill Levels
    • Explosion area of effect increased by 70%
    • Damage increased by 20%
    • Can now also spawn on boots
  • Flash: spell - short ranged radius blast that electrocutes nearby enemies
    • Increased area of effect by 44%
    • Now gains 10% more total damage for every 1% increased maximum lightning resist (up to 150%)
    • No longer spawns on staves
    • Now spawns on Barbarian Helms, Paladin Helms and Druid Helms
    • Affix levels increased to (12-18), up from (4-6)
  • Apocalypse: spell - causes nearby enemies to explode, dealing fire damage
    • Now spawns on scepters instead of Assassin Shields
    • Now spawns on gloves
  • Conquest: attack - allows you to avoid incoming damage for a short time
    • Duration is now 1 second + 0.5 seconds per skill level, up from 2 seconds
  • ATMG: projectile - sentry that fires an autotracking machine gun
    • Reduced hit rate by 33% to lower boss teleportation
    • Weapon damage increased by 180%
  • Arrow Swarm: projectile - fire a blast of multiple zigzagging arrows in front of you
    • Weapon damage increased from 90% to 100%
    • No longer spawns on crossbows, now spawns on quivers
  • Black Lotus Strike: attack - creates a wave of expanding poison
    • Now also spawns on circlets
    • Affix skill levels now (10-18), up from (6-12)
    • Damage increased by 20%
  • Death Blossom: attack - conjure a searing shockwave of fire
    • Now also spawns on boots
    • Affix skill levels now (10-18), up from (6-12)
    • Reduced next delay, damage increased by 30%
  • Limpet Laser: spell - device that attaches to a wall and shoots freezing bolts
    • Damage increased by 20%
  • Vortex: spell - creates a rotating whirlpool of electricity at the target spot
    • Damage increased by 63%
    • No longer spawns on Sorceress Armor, now spawns on Amazon Helms and Paladin Helms
  • Rising Dawn: spell - casts a searing sun that burns enemies while passing overhead
    • No longer spawns on Druid and Necromancer staves
    • Now spawns on Assassin Shields and Amazon Helms
    • Damage increased by 700%, but now skill damage starts decreasing rapidly after level 28
    • You will need to balance the skill bonuses on your gear and charms to get optimal scaling
    • Mana cost greatly increased, required level is now 110
  • Brimstone: spell - plants a holy seed that explodes after a short delay
    • Damage increased by 28%
    • Can now be used on the left mouse button
  • Ring of Light: spell - creates a stationary ring of holy fire to burn nearby enemies
    • Damage increased by 38%
  • Death Shards: projectile - explodes a corpse in a flurry of razor sharp steel spikes
    • Weapon damage increased by 100%
  • SMG: projectile - fires a machine gun at your enemies!
    • Reduced excessive range and knockback chance
    • Now adds magic damage to attack based on skill level
    • Weapon damage increased by 25%
    • The projectiles are now much larger, granting better area of effect
    • Increased mana cost
  • Soulshatter: projectile - kills target minion and emit a shockwave around you
    • Weapon damage increased by 21%



  • Item triggered skills which caused brief cooldowns will no longer do so
  • Jewelcrafting: Nas recipe now adds 1% slow attacker
  • Tainted Shrines: increased roll range from (25-40)% to (16-50)% and from (40-60)% to (30-70)%
  • Trinity Shrines: now provide Innate Elemental Damage and all attributes (see below)
  • Dark Summoning: effigy removed
  • Apples: modified state icon
Elemental Weapons
  • New item stat: Innate Elemental Damage
    • Increases the innate elemental damage found on sacred elemental bases
    • Multiplicative effect, e.g. 50% Innate Elemental Damage would increase Battle Axe damage to 135% of strength as fire
    • Many charms which previously gave tri-elemental flat damage will now give Innate Elemental Damage instead
    • Throwing axes are now an elemental base (innate elemental damage does not apply while dual wielding)
  • Item Affixes
    • Removed "Slows Melee Target" stat, all offensive slow sources are now "Slow Target" and affect all enemies
    • Removed "Slows Melee Attacker" stat, all defensive slow sources are now "Slows Attacker" and affect all enemies
    • Quivers: Bear Claw proc affix replaced with Sun Strike
    • Naginatas: removed Backstab affix due to mechanical changes
    Runes and Gems
    • Zod: slow amount is now 2%
    • Ghal: energy factor increased by 200%
    • Amber: slow percent now 1-2% depending on tier
    • Pul, Mal, Gul, Lo: resistance bonus in armor increased to 25%

    Tiered Uniques

    • Webspinner: reduced slow attacker percent by 5%
    • The Jester: now adds flat health instead, resist random bonus changed to random movement speed
    • Robe of Leaves: removed fire res penalty, now adds health regen
    • Bathos: now adds assassin skills instead of enhanced defense, increased heal on attack
    • Hanabigami: procs are now on-kill to reduce lag
    • Demonstone Blood:
      • Removed lightning and cold damage
      • Fire damage increased to (20-40)
      • Minimum life roll is now 1%
    • Ripstar: maximum damage reduced by 10%
    • Farsight Globe: removed negative cast speed

    Sacred Uniques

    • Wizard Spike: Trinity Beam oSkill level now 9-12, up from 1
    • Dark Pact: fixed a bug which caused the Hades Gate cooldown reduction part of Bloodbath to not apply, reduced rarity
    • Tylwulf's Betrayal: changed melee slow to regular slow
    • Hepsheeba's Mantle: now gives Sorceress skills instead of Necromancer
    • Cornerstone of the World: removed Deathlord and Spirit of Vengeance from the skill pool
    • Panthera's Bite: experience increased from 5% to 20%
    • Griefbringer:
      • Replaced Bear Claw on Kill with 1% Rebound on Striking
      • Enhanced Weapon Damage is now always 100%, Undead damage 200%
      • Replaced flat damage reduction and attack speed with (5-10)% crushing blow
      • Now adds 15 extra axes to Overkill
    • Lacerator: now reduces enemy lightning resist by 20%
    • Awakening: increased drop chance by 33%
    • Throatcutter: increased enhanced damage roll
    • Azgar's Crystal: now adds "Ignore Target's Defense"
    • Stormpick: now receives 1% Spell Damage per 2% Gold Find rather than 2.5%
    • Fire Hydra: wyrm penalty reduced from 6 to 5
    • Warmonger: fixed a bug, will now correctly prevent Blood Hatred life degeneration
    • Iron Shard: clarified description
    • Lilith's Temptation: no longer reduces stats due to glitches, instead reduces health by 100
    • Skull of Viz'Jaq-Taar: scorpion extra missiles now +2
    • Bitter Harvest: fixed a bug with the magic damage
    • Blacktongue: removed negative cast speed, spell damage increased from (20-60)% to (40-60)%
    New Sacred Uniques
    • Malus Domestica: Club
    • Luminescence: Amazon Maiden Spear
    • Ophiophagus: Barbarian Balanced Axe
    • Unveiling Eye: Circlet


    • Vizjerei Dominion:
      • Fixed bugs with Hive set bonus
      • Immersion life leech increased by 25%
      • Twilight Havoc damage now also increases by 24% per Chronofield Base Level
      • Hive now adds 1.5%, up from 1%, total vitality as energy. The maximum is now 70%, up from 65%
      • Two piece set bonus is now 15% mana and energy, up from 10%
    • Cinadide's Craft: removed Bane oSkill
    • Pantheon: full set now grants 200% enhanced weapon damage instead of Wolf Stance
    • Lazarus' Chasuble: minion damage roll is now (31 to 80)%
    • Tower Denial: is now a Helm base
    • Satanic Mantra:
      • Through Death's Veil: now a Mask base, removed double -requirements roll and strength/energy, now adds +(41 to 80)% minion damage
      • Lend Me Thy Light: now adds 10% physical resistance instead of flat stats
      • 2 piece set bonus now adds 75% minion life instead of strength
    • Wyand's Perfidy: Rising Dawn Skill Level is now 22, up from (10-15)
    • The Offering:
      • Sacrificial Mind: now receives the life leech bonus, which is removed from full set
      • Full set bonus now grants access to Soulshatter oskill
    • Big Game Hunter:
      • Hunter's Skin:
        • Now gives +10% movement speed, up from (5-6)
        • Barbarian skills are now always +2
        • Replaced cold resist with 5% life steal
      • Hunter's Step:
        • Replaced lightning resist with 50% total character defense
        • Vitality increased by 10
      • Hunter's Camouflage:
        • Now adds +1000 defense instead of +500 melee defense
        • Enhanced defense is now always 200%
        • Life steal roll now (8-15), instead of (11-13)
      • Hunter's Claw:
        • Slow is now always 15%, up from (11-15)%
        • Rust Storm proc replaced with 3% Screaming Eagle level 25 on Striking
      • 2 Piece set bonus:
        • Now +50% bonus magic damage to Rebound
      • 3 Piece set bonus:
        • Crushing Blow increased to 10%, up from 5%
      • Full set bonus:
        • Barbarian skills increased from 2 to 4
        • Removed reanimate, Disintegrate proc, Runemaster bonus and EWD
        • Now adds 25% of Dexterity as Enhanced Weapon Damage
        • Now increases cold, lightning and poison maximum resistances by 3%
        • Now adds 20% to maximum life


    • Memory: new caster runeword (gloves)
    • Snowsquall: slow percent is now 20%, cold absorb increased to 5%, adds 1 to all skills
    • Knave:
      • Completely revamped
      • Now works in boots only
      • Requires Krys On Krys
      • Now adds 5% maximum life and mana, (0-1) to Sorceress Skills and (2-5)% physical and magic resist
      • Now removes mana sweep leech, but also reduces its damage by 25%
    • Bartuc's Eye: now grants the Whirlpool oSkill
    • Cut: removed unlisted Trap Rat morph and %max life, increased flat damage, added (11 to 15) crushing blow, increased proc chance to 25%
    • Nigra: renamed to Elementalist
    • Raptor: reworked to support the pure poison Barbarian playstyle
      • Is now Barbarian only
      • Rune combination is now No Lai No El
      • Now adds +(8-13) to Snake Stance, 25% poison pierce, 100 Life after Each kill
      • Now adds 2% Miasma Level 60 on Striking and 10% maximum life
    • Riot (Xis): SMG roll is now (21 to 40)

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