Median XL - Version Log

Median XL: Sigma

- Patch Σ 1.4.0 -



Quality of Life
  • Maggot Lairs: widened all passages and rooms to prevent characters from getting stuck
  • Harrogath: Larzuk now sells catalysts in case players lose it
  • Caldeum: improved map, moved NPCs closer and added missing Ashaera
  • Fixed missing scrollbar in realm character select screen
  • Added descriptions to several endgame bosses
  • Renamed multiple normal, elite and uber monsters (thanks RequiemLux)
  • Bloodskin Darkbow: now uses Cascade and Trinity Arrow instead of Barrage and Bloodstorm
  • Diablo:
    • Rebalanced health and damage on all difficulties
    • Reduced block chance in Hell difficulty
    • Fire Nova: removed knockback, lowered damage
  • The physical resist of all bosses has been increased by 5 points. Progression with physical damage scaling is a little too easy to execute, with many classes having innate 10x damage multipliers, crafted weapons spawning with high flat values and casters needing less gear optimization
  • Fixed a vanilla bug that triggered a quest event when entering act 5 levels above a certain point
  • Fixed mercenary tooltips
  • Combat Shrine: %attack rating bonus down to 10% due to weird way Diablo 2 calculates the value
  • Island of Skartara: required area level is now 115

Endgame Quests

Nephalem Rifts

Island of the Sunless Sea
  • Sunless Crystal Bird: pierce roll increased to (2 to 5), light radius (-3 to 5)
Library of Fate
  • Ethereals: increased experience gain
  • Zakarum's Avatar: increased meteor shower proc damage
Tran Athulua
  • Fragment drop chance increased to 4%
  • Increased unique item drop chance
  • Ghost Trance: Bonus to All Attributes is now +(11 to 40)
  • Umbaru Treasure: reduced spell damage max roll to 10%
  • Zagraal: now drops items and has a high chance to drop a random essence
  • Increased monster density by 15%
  • Malic: halved burn damage, reduced Hellwave duration
  • Lucion: halved health to adjust for lower damage
  • Doubled jewelry drop chance
  • Removed front upper wall on Epsilon boss room
  • Decreased jewelry drop chance to prevent set jewelry spam (increased in other zones), increased equipment drop chance
  • Reduced huge experience gain
Dimensional Labyrinth
  • Deimoss:
    • Abyssal Spire movement rate reduction now -15, down from -50. Now reduces attack rate by 25 and cast speed by 50
    • Ormac's lightning cage now disappears 25% faster and does 20% less damage
    • Reduced the stats gap on the reward charm between 5/6 and 6/6 difficulty, as 6/6 will now be balanced for party play
    • Apocalypse now deals 25% damage compared to before and hits 4 times over 4 seconds. Change was made to reduce the burst damage of this ability
    • Slightly reduced maximum reward stats
    • Healing by Abyssal Shrine increased by 200%
    • Boss health increased by 25%
  • Phoboss Icy Explosions: randomized pattern
  • Fixed a bug which caused Quov Tsin spawns from Abyssal Shrines to not inherit the level's damage modifier
  • Doubled jewelry drop chance
  • Tier 15:
    • Additional Deimoss access scroll will now drop from the miniboss rather than the shrine
    • this shrine can no longer spawn the weakest outcomes

Endgame Dungeons

Assault on Mount Arreat
  • King Koth: renamed to Bul-Kathos, renamed minions
  • Fixed Diablo's morph hit recovery animation
  • Removed stun from Bear Claw
Binding of Baal
  • Fixed Baal's morph hit recovery animation
  • Tal Rasha: reduced health and added 50% block chance
Lord Aldric Jitan
  • Rakkis Guardsman: halved Guard Tower proc duration on death
Bull Prince Rodeo
  • Is now a demon
Banisher of Light
  • Spirit of Stone: now uses Fortress instead of Broadside
  • Earth Elemental: now uses Overkill instead of ATMG Sentry
Judgement Day
  • Edyrem: no longer freeze minions
Twin Seas
  • Athulua: removed block, increased hp, reduced chance to teleport, now has a 15% chance to drop a Tran Athulua Trophy Fragment
  • Howling Spirits: no longer freeze minions
Yshari Sanctum
  • All bosses now have a new sprite and name
  • Scholar of Hatred:
    • now uses Apocalypse instead of Knockback Nova and only pierces 25% elemental resistance down from 250%
    • Will now summon Veil Kings less often
  • Yshari Set: removed block chance, reduced the damage of Valthek's guards to compensate
Spirit of Giyua
  • Giyua: increased delay between purify statue spawns, now also drops an essence
Nephalem's Sacrifice
  • All stages can now spawn edyrems
  • Fixed walking issues on Arcane, Sewers and Lair stages
  • Dialon: modified AI and skills to match quest Diablo
The Void
  • Soul of Gluttony: reduced health regeneration and stun attack
  • Soul Minibosses: reduced excessive defense and attack rating
  • Rathma: reduced health by 25%
  • Quest lockdown is now 15 minutes



  • Moonbeam: base duration increased to 3 seconds from 1, and duration per level decreased by 20%
  • Enfilade: now adds bonus fire damage instead of poison
  • Ricochet: now converts to, and adds, bonus fire damage instead of magic
  • Spellbind: cast sound now always uses monster variant


  • Twin Fang Strike: slightly reduced mana cost scaling
  • Storm Crows: weapon damage decreased to 110% from 120%
  • Wychwind: physical resist penalty now starts at -25%
  • Broadside: cooldown reduction self synergy and base cooldown are reduced, minimum timer now 7 seconds, down from 8
  • Backstab: modified duration scaling and added a cooldown, weapon damage increased to 200%, increased %AR scaling
  • Barrier Strike: blades now appear faster and closer to character, now converts 50% damage to magic
  • Hades Gate: fixed a bug with Natalya's deception adding cooldown
  • Way of the Spider: now grants 1% poison pierce per Base Level, damage after skill level 28 reduced by 10%
  • Way of the Phoenix: now grants 1.5% fire pierce per Base Level
  • Tiefling Form: no longer collides with transformations, can no longer be turned off
  • Subterfuge: no longer adds 1% trap damage per level above 28
  • Incineration Trap: now gains 60% of the Catalyst Trap damage bonus, down from 100%. This trap's big range and full pierce mechanic made area clearing too easy when near a Catalyst
  • Way of the Gryphon: now grants 2% lightning pierce per Base Level


  • Blood Hatred:
    • Now requires a single melee hit to activate
    • Duration scaling increased by 100%
    • Enemy fire, cold and lightning resistance reduction increased by 50%
    • Life on attack now has a Base Level synergy
    • Health degeneration is now a fixed 2% of maximum life per second
    • Now decreases weapon physical damage by 50% + 10% per skill level


  • Devotions are now locked when picking first skill, so you can't accidentally lock yourself out from the passives
  • Druid transformations now last 30 minutes, simplified descriptions
  • Plague Avatar: damage increased by 20%
  • Elemental: damage increased by 20%, flame uptime increased by 10%
  • Laughing Ghost: weapon damage increased by 33%
  • Cascade: weapon damage increased by 14%
  • Wildfire: tooltip now shows accurate numbers
  • Idol of Scosglen: now gives 5% lower physical resistance
  • Werewolf Form:
    • now also adds dodge, in addition to avoid/evade, reduced percentage to 25%
    • deadly strike synergy now 4+1%/Base Level, up from 5+0.5%
  • Mana Pulse: now also quickly regenerates stamina
  • Harbinger: increased weapon damage from 50% to 60%
  • Feed the Pack:
    • Reanimate chance now determined by points spent into Werewolf Form
    • Now provides 10% + 1% strength per Base Level
  • Twisted Claw: increased tornado hitbox, bonus cold damage increased by 300%


  • Greatly improved blocking animation speed
  • Reordered all skills
  • Funeral Pyre: removed and is now available as an oskill
  • Boneyard: main target now does take damage, slightly increased missile speed, lowered mana cost
  • Dream Eater:
    • New necromancer skill
    • Puts target enemy to sleep, greatly slowing them down
    • Enemy dreams are consumed, inflicting a high amount of physical damage and restoring health to the Necromancer
    • Monsters will also lose poison resistances while being drained
    • Has a diminishing cooldown and can be obtained at level 24
  • Death Shards: can no longer be used without line of sight
  • Bane: fixed a bug which made it last forever
  • Necromancer totems cannot be cast without line of sight
  • Now gain 50/100/150 poison length reduced based on difficulty
  • Stormeye Totem: increased damage by 30%, increased nova radius
  • Talon's Hold: max reanimate chance now 20%
  • Jinn: improved attack animation
  • Veil King: fixed life overflow possibilities


  • Tainted Blood: now gives 8 energy factor per Base Level, down from 10
  • Slayer: damage increased by 10%
  • Symphony of Destruction: damage increased by 15%, categorized as a spell on the tooltip
  • Divine Judgment:
    • Weapon damage increased to 75%, up from 70%
    • Bonus magic damage increased by 350% and magic synergy doubled
  • Retaliate:
    • Bonus magic damage per Skill Level halved
    • Now calculated based on your total strength or dexterity (whichever is greater), instead of base strength
  • Colosseum:
    • No longer adds flat fire damage per skill level
    • Now adds (80 + level)% of your total strength or dexterity (whichever is higher) as bonus fire damage
    • Is now considered a curse
  • Frozen Breath: fixed duration tooltip
  • Dragon Wyrms:
    • reduced mana cost by 19%
    • fire bolt travel speed increased by 25%
  • Drakemaw: damage increased by 13%
  • Solar Flare:
    • Removed glitchy sun effect
    • Halved flare attack duration, damage increased by 50%
    • No longer disables other non-dragon spells
    • Duration now increases by 0.4 seconds per Base Level
    • Now has blessed shield animation when active
  • Incarnation: excessive attack rating bonus reduced by 25%
  • Improved skill descriptions
  • Dragon's Blessing: is now a passive to avoid gear glitching
  • Superbeast: improved FHR animation rate


  • Now gains 20 mana per levelup, up from 17.5
  • Now gains 5 mana per energy, up from 4.5
  • Mana cost of offensive elemental spells reduced by 40%
  • Base walk speed increased by 10%
  • Mana Shield:
    • Default damage absorption now 25%, up from 15% (can be improved further with items)
    • By default now drains 1 mana per point of damage taken, down from 1.5 mana (can be improved further with items)
  • Lorenado:
    • increased damage before skill level 28 by 26%, and 10% after skill level 28
    • increased poison duration by 20% and projectile velocity by 13% (range unchanged)
  • Miasma: default haunt duration is now 5 seconds, up from 1
  • Vengeful Power:
    • It now takes 10 points to cap the damage reduction bonus, up from 5
  • Flamefront:
    • damage increased by 20%, explosion area of effect increased by 125%
    • projectile speed and range increased by 25%, allowing for offscreen damage
  • Firedance: adjusted graphics
  • Forked Lightning: damage increased by 10%
  • Tempest: damage increased by 18%
  • Warp Armor:
    • Now grants 8% defense per Skill Level, up from 7% and 30% at level 1, up from 20%
  • Nova Charge:
    • Can now increase base dexterity to energy conversion up to 50% (up from 25), at Base Level 6
    • Can now increase the nova scatter radius up to 12 yards (up from 2), at Base Level 6
    • Damage has been increased by 110% and is more consistent
  • Frigid Sphere: reworked skill mechanics
    • Greatly sped up the main projectile
    • Explosion now expands more slowly and lasts significantly longer
    • Deals repeated damage to enemies at the boundary
    • Multiple explosions do not stack
    • Damage increased by 140%
  • Snow Queen:
    • Now gives 2% maximum life per Base Level, up from 1%, and caps at 30%, up from 25%
    • Now gives 40% more defense per Base Level, up from 25%, but now caps at 25 000
  • Ice Elementals:
    • Minion cap is now 5 and requires Base Level 8
    • Life increased by 100%, attack rating increased by 33%
    • Increased attack speed and hit recovery
    • Now have 3% Chance to Cast Level 6/20/40 Glacial Nova on attack, up from 1% Chance to Cast Level 6
    • Now have a 20% Chance to Cast Level 10/30/60 Ice Lance on attack
    • Now inherit your cold spell damage, cold pierce, energy and energy factor
    • Now regenerate life based on your energy factor (1% regen per second per 100 EF)
    • Aura no longer gives minion damage and cold resistance
    • Aura now increases your total defense by 20%
    • Aura now adds 25% of your minion damage as bonus cold spell damage (up to 100% extra)
  • Baneblade: no longer provides velocity bonus (now innate)
  • Force Blast: mana cost reduced by 40%
  • Chronofield: is now a curse
  • Symbol of Esu: now gives up to 5% fire/cold/lightning absorb
  • Witch Blood:
    • spell damage bonus now applies if above 80% of your maximum life, down from 90%
    • life after each kill is now 20 + (10*Base Level), up from 15 + (5*Base Level)
    • Twilight Havoc is now required to learn this skill
  • Twilight Havoc:
    • New sorceress skill
    • A chain of three consecutively shrinking explosions at your cursor
    • The first two explosions deal damage in a large area, the third does concentrated single target
    • Deals magic damage and gains spell damage from points in your offensive elemental spells
    • Has a cooldown of 20 seconds and can be obtained at level 50

Item Only Skills

  • The following skills have new icons: Ultimate Chaos, Landmine, Arcane Swarm, Limpet Laser, Voidstar, Disintegrate and Timefield (thanks RequiemLux)
  • ATMG Sentry: increased base damage by 50%, reduced mana cost
  • Lightning Arena: field duration now 1.6 seconds, up from 1
  • Thunder Arena: field duration now 3 seconds, up from 2, stun duration increased to 1 second
  • Stormfront: renamed to Stormclash, improved skill icon
  • Lex Talionis: now automatically triggers a retaliate near enemies every 2 seconds, down from every 3
  • Limpet Laser: no longer gets locked as a ranged skill
  • Arrow Swarm: range increased by 30%
  • Summon Sinner, Avalanche, Glowing Blob:
    • Can now be cast with the left mouse button
    • Now gain 25% of your Shamanic Trance minion damage as bonus spell damage
  • Arcane Swarm: damage increased by 20%
  • Slicer Blade: doubled next delay (reduces the burst damage of vampire monsters)
  • Cherubim:
    • Weapon damage increased to 120%, up from 100%
    • Triggering this skill from an item no longer causes a short cooldown
    • Now only converts 70% of damage to magic, mana cost halved
  • Banish: added elemental/magic damage increased by 50%
  • Ice Lance: damage increased by 80%
  • Spiral Dance: cleaned up visuals, corrected wrong tooltip weapon damage value



  • New Base Item: Halberd (Assassin Only)
  • Removed unnecessary ilvl display from certain items
  • Lottery Recipe: now works on set amulets as well
  • Circlets: doubled durability
  • Maleficence: can no longer be affix burned
  • Tainted Shrines: reduced roll variance from (6-60)% to (25-40)% and from (9-90)% to (40-60)%
  • Intimidating Shrines: now also list armor stats
  • Oil of Conjuration: increased drop rate
  • Health potion regeneration effect now capped at 15 000 life
    • When a character with 15 000 life or less drinks a potion it will restore 100% of their life over time (as before)
    • Now, when a character with 30 000 life drinks a potion they will only get 15 000 hp restored over this time
    • This change was made to eliminate the "double dip" effective HP scaling of a small subset of builds which could leverage extremely high life pools
Elemental Bases
  • Increased damage from attribute scaling by 30%
  • Life spark now heals X% of your maximum life based on skill level X, as opposed to 3% max life on all levels
  • Life spark proc level on melee weapon bases has been increased from 3 to 10 (233% healing increase). Affix proc chances increased from 15/20/25 to 20/25/30
  • Life spark proc level on ranged weapon bases has been increased from 3 to 6 (100% healing increase) and spawns more often
Item Affixes
  • Naginata affix pool: improved new stats added in 1.3 and made them more common
  • Minion affixes no longer spawn on claws
  • Xar rune: now also reduces enemy poison resist
Mystic Orbs
  • UMOs applied to Honorific items will now add an additional +7 to the item's required level
  • Idol of Stars: flat attributes increased by 22%
  • Farnham's Lost Marble: removed Random move speed component, now reduces movement speed by 4%
  • Wrathspirit: life after kill increased by 50%
  • Essence of Itherael: now gives +15% enhanced weapon damage, down from 20%
  • Larzuk's Round Shot: now gives +50% enhanced weapon damage instead of strength bonus
Occult Effigies
  • Sigil of Absolution: can no longer be used on regular or superior items due to runeword limitations

Tiered Uniques

  • Blackleach Blade: new Halberd Tiered Unique, a poison/slow themed weapon
  • Akara's Robe: can now be disenchanted
  • Felblood: now reads "Totems Inherit Iron Golem's Regeneration", health bonus now scales with character level, increased rarity
  • Xorine's Ring: now adds +1 projectile to Punisher, no longer rolls resistance
  • Farsight Globe:
    • Level required is now 40, down from 80
    • Pierce rolls now (2-3) up from (0-2)
  • Fateweaver: now adds physical/magic spell damage instead of slow
  • Mooncurse: now fire themed instead of cold
  • Shadowmoon: now gives fire spell damage instead of poison

Sacred Uniques

New Sacred Uniques
  • Cold Blood: elemental crystal sword with Blizzard and Shatter the Flesh procs and percentage life regen
  • Throatcutter: intensive weapon/melee based Halberd
  • Vaetia's Wall: sorceress-only Tower Shield with access to all elemental passives
  • Stormstrike: elemental based Short Battle Bow which provides barrage oskill
  • Sash of the Frozen Sea: weapon and cold damage based Sash
  • Azgar's Crystal: new Giant Sword that enables mana wolf druid concept
  • Storm Pick: Flail which gains lightning spell damage based on Gold Find
  • Fire Hydra: rarer Flail that doubles the amount of fireballs shot by Dragon Wyrms
  • The Defender: Long Sword with retaliate oskill and increased flat damage
  • Daydreamer: new Malice themed Yew Wand with additional bonuses if you have no Ultimate Skill
  • Hephasto's Reaver: elemental based Battle Axe with Shower of Rocks oskill
  • Saber of the Stormsail: now gives +20 attack speed, instead of -20
  • Astral Blade: is now a Long Sword
  • Durandal the Blazing Sword: now a Claymore base
  • The Colonel: now gives 800% EWD, up from 700% and has a 50% chance to trigger a Bear Claw, up from 33%
  • Gotterdammerung: attack speed bonus reduced to 50%
  • Dreamflange: max res roll now 2%
  • The Redeemer: now reads "Fire Elementals Inherit Your Fire Spell Damage"
  • Wizardspike: now spawns with +1 to Trinity Beam
  • Black Razor:
    • Now adds 67% of dexterity as tri-elemental damage to weapon
    • Removed life after each kill, enhanced damage can now roll to 200%, up from 170%
  • Warshrike:
    • Proc level increased from 26 to 40
    • Now always gives +1 to All Skills
    • Now adds +(7-10) to Way of the Spider (Assassin Only)
  • Aerin Nexus: physical resistance is now +(5-10)%, down from 15%
  • Hellreach: max damage roll now always +50
Class-Specific Weapons
  • Implement V2: removed spell damage
  • Zular Khan's Tempest:
    • Now a Halberd unique, Stormpike weapon damage doubled, slightly increased proc chance
    • Re-added missing Thunder Arena oskill, Broadside timer duration is now 3 seconds
  • Frysturgard:
    • EWD reduced from 250% to 150%, bonus All Skills from 6-8 to 5-7, minimum damage from 150 to 100
    • Improvements to the naginata tree should make up for stat loss, and other weapons will become viable
  • Storm Blade: increased drop chance, now adds max damage instead of deadly strike, increased health and attack speed
  • Thunder King of Sescheron:
    • Lightning damage to weapon from Lightning Shield increased by 100%
    • Now has 20% chance to cast level 10 Life Spark on Attack
  • Ord Rekar's Testament:
    • Now reduces enemy elemental resistances by 3% per Nephalem Spirit Base Level, up from 2%
    • Proc chance doubled
  • Biting Frost: now grants +5% physical resistance
  • Searing Heat: now grants +5% physical resistance
  • Bitter Harvest: now adds 200 life on attack, up from (1-100)
  • Karybdus' Descent: now gives +(-1 - 1) maximum elemental resistances instead of -50% physical/magic spell damage
  • Dreamflayer:
    • Doubled enemy elemental resistance reduction per Carnage Base Level
    • Now adds 750 poison damage over 1 second, up from 363
    • Minimum life on attack increased by 50
  • Nymyr's Shadow: fire damage to Flametail Shot increased by 50%
  • Hand of Rathma: doubled drop chance
  • Manastorm: now adds (31 to 40) physical/magic spell damage
  • King's Desire: hawk damage is now 10%, additional hawk count +2
  • Chober Chaber: 90% of strength now added as tri-elemental damage to weapon
  • Malleus Maleficarum:
    • Removed Bane proc and magic/elemental nullification
    • Crushing Blow increased to 15%, Mana on Attack doubled
    • Now adds +30 to Divine Judgment and Retaliate
    • Now has 20% chance to trigger Thunder Hammer Nova on Attack
  • Wintry Majesty: fixed description string
  • Bane of the Horadrim: spawns with +25% spell damage, up from +10%
  • Leah's Vision:
    • No longer gives total character defense based on dexterity
    • Physical/magic spell damage scaling halved
    • Boneyard oSkill level is now (40-50), up from (20-30)
    • Now reduces Twilight Havoc cooldown by 50%
  • Galeona's Lash: now grants +1% deadly strike per Firedance Base Level to the Sorceress
  • Starhawk: 67% of dexterity now added as tri-elemental damage to weapon
  • Natalya's Deception: level requirement increased by 13, no longer indestructible because spawning as ethereal does not brick the item
  • Flameskin: now adds 5-7 fire damage per 1% attack speed, up from 4-6
  • Candlewake: 5-10% crushing blow is now +(11-15) cold pierce
  • Endless Pride: doubled health/mana per level bonus
  • Dark Pact: now displays bloodbath state icon
  • Trang-Oul's Breath: modified stats
  • The Collector: now gives +1 to All Skills per great rune again and 8% physical/magic spell damage down from 10%
  • Hammerfist: is now a Gauntlets base. Maximum flat damage roll is now 15-30, down from 20-40
  • Hellmouth: is now a Heavy Gloves base, now adds (11-15)% str, removed 5% dex, increased magic damage
  • Binding Treads: Dragon's Oath duration now +150%, can roll an extra +paladin skills
  • Rodeo's Tramplers: now adds +5% Physical Resistance
  • Rakkis' Benediction: now grants +50% physical magic spell damage, up from 20%
  • Rainbow Maiden: max res roll now 3%
  • Vision of the Furies: now reads "Fire Elementals Inherit Your Energy and Energy Factor"
  • Feardrinker: now adds 16% malice damage synergy, reduced spell damage and Necromancer Skill rolls
  • Hivemind: now adds 5% pierce per Plague Base Level to Hoplites
  • Argentek's Tide:
    • Colosseum damage bonus increase is now +200%
    • Fire and poison pierce increased to 15%, up from 10%
  • Angelhost: now always spawns with +2 to Base Block
  • Signet of the Gladiator: proc chance doubled
  • Cornerstone of the World: removed certain ones that were not supposed to spawn such as Werebear Morph and Dragonheart. Added new ones: Shunpo, Rapid Wyrmshot, Homing Nova Shot, Venomcloud Totem, Arcane Swarm, War Cry, Bear Claw Nova, Charged Strike


Class Sets
  • Fire: removed life on striking, added by mistake last patch
  • Vasily's Following:
    • Two piece bonus now gives 20% fire pierce instead of 363 poison damage per second
    • Three piece bonus now gives 20% more total damage to curare instead of Mythal oSkill, the movement speed was moved to the full set bonus
    • Four piece bonus now gives an additional 10% Chance to Cast Javelin Nova on Kill instead of Glacial Nova
    • Vasily's Eclipse: now rolls (6 to 12) fire pierce, now adds (20-25)% to dexterity instead of strength and +1 to Amazon Skills
    • Vasily's Shepherd Moon: now rolls (11 to 15) fire pierce, now adds (10-15)% to strength instead of energy
    • Vasily's Crescent:
      • Now adds (10-15)% poison pierce instead of cold spell damage
      • Removed Chance to Cast Abyss on Kill
      • Now adds +1 to Amazon Skills
    • Vasily's Falling Star: now adds +1 to Amazon Skills
  • Serpent's Fangs: now a Halberd base
  • Steppe Sleeper: 21-30% cold spell damage is now +(11-15)% cold pierce
  • Celestial Orchard:
    • Two-piece bonus: changed from energy to 25% Physical/Magic Spell Damage
    • Full set bonus: no longer adds reanimates, increased spell damage to 40% and now procs Level 40 Doom instead of Trinity Nova
    • Giyua's Sacrum: fire damage changed to magic/physical, can now roll up to 3 Necromancer Skills
    • The Dragon Grave: increased energy roll
    • Femur of the Prophet: increased rolls to (3 to 5) Necromancer Skills, now adds (31 to 50) Physical/Magic Spell Damage
    • The Trickster: reduced requirements by 33%
  • Satanic Mantra: fixed name reference
  • Hadriel's Pure Heart: now rolls +(0 to 2)% block chance instead of block speed
  • Hadriel's Avenger: now adds 3 additional Dragon Wyrms
  • Imperius' Edict:
    • Four Piece Bonus: replaced poison pierce with 30% physical/magic spell damage
    • Imperius Sky Hammer: is now a War Hammer, removed poison spell damage
    • Imperius Radiance: replaced poison spell damage with physical/magic
    • Imperius Aura: replaced poison spell damage with physical/magic
Special Sets
  • Vizjerei Dominion: new Arcane Sorceress Set
    • Consists of 5 pieces, of which only 3 can be equipped. Grants different set bonuses depending on which third piece is worn. Bonuses include:
      • Twilight Havoc spell damage scaling from the offensive Arcane spells, and cooldown reduction
      • Immersion leeches life
      • Hive now adds 1% of Vitality as Energy per Base Level in the Arcane Tree (max 65%), duration reduced to 30 seconds
  • Oskill Sets: gear part now has item level of 118
  • Darkling: item level is now 115
  • Viper Skin: item level is now 115, slow roll is now (3-8)
  • Sanctuary: removed Talic morph due to glitches
  • Henchmen Trophies: level requirement increased by 10 for all pieces


  • Anarchy: reduced max life bonus to 15%, cast speed now 30%
  • Pax Mystica: charged blink is now an oskill
  • Laadan: reduced Mana Sweep cooldown by 6 seconds

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