Median XL - Version Log

Median XL: Sigma

- Patch Σ 1.3.0 -


Quest Revamp

Act I
  • Sisters' Burial Grounds:
    • Rogue mercenaries are no longer unlocked at level 8 and Kashya no longer grants a free mercenary
    • This was done as previously the free mercenary received by this quest was bugged and gained no experience
    • The quest must now be completed to unlock the ability to hire Rogue mercenaries
  • The Rescue of Deckard Cain:
    • Akara rewards you with Akara's Robe unique Quilted Armor (tier depends on difficulty) instead of being a drop from Griswold
    • All players in game which have not completed the quest will receive the armor
    • Tweaked armor stats
  • The Forgotten Tower:
    • Countess' one-time treasure chest can drop up to 5 improved runes depending on difficulty
    • The mist which leads to the chest after killing the Countess is now fixed as well
    • The chest has a small chance to drop enhanced (xis) runes on all difficulties
  • Tools of the Trade: Magic and socketed (if they have nothing socketed within) items are now permitted for imbuing
  • Sisters of the Slaughter:
    • Andariel now drops a Catalyst of Disenchantment for every player in the game on Normal Difficulty
    • If the player hasn't picked up the catalyst, Warriv will give one before traveling to Act 2
    • No longer drops chipped gems
Act II
  • The Tainted Sun: the sky will now darken two seconds after entering the Lost City, instead of a random duration
  • The Summoner:
    • Now drops a Catalyst of Learning for every player in the game in Nightmare difficulty
    • Talking to the townsfolk will give a catalyst if the player hasn't picked one up yet
  • The Seven Tombs: Jerhyn will now reward you an Arcane Crystal before you travel to Act 3
  • The Golden Bird: reward now gives 50 life instead of 20
  • The Blade of the Old Religion:
    • The Rat Man thief which spawns is now a lot stronger
    • Fixed an issue where he could spawn invisible
    • Will now spawn 1 second after triggering the Gidbinn's altar instead of after 7 seconds
    • Asheara now no longer gives a free mercenary on quest completion
    • Ormus now rewards you with 1-5 (based on Difficulty) shrines instead of a ring
  • Lam Esen's Tome: reward now gives 10 stat points, up from 5
  • The Blackened Temple:
    • Cain gives you an Arcane Crystal after killing the Council
    • You must speak to him before you can proceed to the Durance of Hatred
Act IV
  • The Hellforge:
    • Greatly improved rune reward, which can now be any rune, including Great Runes
    • Additionally drops a random essence on Hell difficulty
Act V
  • Rescue on Mount Arreat:
    • The rune reward is now based on difficulty: Lum/Fal/Pul, Ath/Kra/Vith and Nih/Lai/On for Normal, Nightmare and Hell difficulties respectively
    • Be careful, you may not get the full reward if you let any of the trapped Barbarians die. If too many of them die, the quest will fail
    • Reward sound has been fixed to be a rune sound instead of gem


Quality of Life
  • Shrine Vessels & Arcane Clusters can now be right clicked to collect all shrines on character automatically
  • The scrolling symbols from Glide are now fixed (thanks to Aquila)
  • Mouse cursor teleportation when using Glide and moving the cursor to any side of the window is now also fixed (thanks to Aquila)
  • Superunique monsters now display their bonuses again
  • Boss Portraits now include monster description again, which in some cases provided key information about a quest
  • All catalysts are now quest items, therefore, they cannot be sold to vendors and are now dropped as quest rewards
  • Nightmare Experience Changes:
    • Improved experience curve between levels 55-90
    • The following changes have been made to prevent players from drifting off the experience curve in early Nightmare:
      • Increased the experience gain from the following monster types in nightmare/hell difficulty: Bat Demons, Zombies, Skeleton Mages, Brutes, Cultists, Dragon Knights, Panther Javelins, Mosquitos, Rogues
      • Increased monster density in nightmare/hell in: Blood Moor, Cold Plains, Stony Field, Dark Woods, Black Marsh, Tristram, Den of Evil, Underground Passage, Jails 1-3, Catacombs 1-4, Rocky Waste, Dry Hills, Far Oasis, Lost City, Spider Forest, Great Marsh, Flayer Jungle & Act 3 Sewers 1-2
      • 5% Experience Gained moved from Veteran Reward to Sunstone of the Elements
    • River of Flame & Chaos Sanctuary: reduced density on all difficulties
    • Worldstone Keep: reduced density on nightmare difficulty
  • Endgame Experience Changes:
    • Improved experience curve between levels 110-150
    • The following changes aim to reduce the efficiency gap between solo play and p8 farming:
      • Experience party bonus is now capped at 5 people
      • Levels past 110 are now faster to obtain, in some cases up to 100% faster
  • Removed outdated poison immunity from certain mobs
  • Diablo: revamped boss fight and AI on all difficulties
  • Radament: effective life reduced by 40% on Hell difficulty
  • Zoltun Kulle: halved life in Hell difficulty
  • Hephasto: replaced force prison with Shower of Rocks
  • Fireblood: molten boulder no longer locks player into hit-recovery, allowing reaction
  • Living Flames: reduced melee slap damage
  • Curse of the Mahasattva: max resist penalty greatly reduced
  • Daystar: fixed their orange color
  • Catapults: mostly restored to their former glory. They are now more accurate, more durable and deal higher damage
  • Removed arcane shard pile drops from act bosses as they are unnecessary with new quest crystal rewards
  • Lore improvements to multiple endgame quests (thanks RequiemLux)

Endgame Quests

Nephalem Rifts

Torajan Jungles
  • Increased chance to drop runes
  • Increased experience gain
Library of Fate
  • Increased the chance to drop sacred items
  • Cycles now have more descriptive names indicating size
  • Reduced chance to get %gold cycle, and increased chance for stats/hp/mana/speed
  • Cycle drop chance increased by 6.66%
  • Barrels no longer deal 6000 physical damage, but now deal an additional 4000 magic damage, making them unblockable. Area reduced by 6%
Dimensional Labyrinth
  • Tiers 1-5 no longer have a quest lock
  • Yellow riftstones now require 1 arcane crystal instead of 2, red ones require 2 arcane crystals instead of 3
  • Corrupted Necromancer: increased melee and poison damage
    • Blood Skeleton: increased life and damage
    • Abyss Knight: increased life, slightly reduced damage
  • Observer: Frozen Orb damage reduced by 25%, now checks defense
  • No corpses level modifier now correctly applies to reanimates and auto targeting skills
  • Tier 15: monster density increased by 25%
  • Baal tileset levels no longer cause certain auto aim skills to target non-existing monsters
  • Unstable Anomaly:
    • Now casts a curse which makes you use life for skills instead of mana, and slowly degens your life
    • Now casts Ranged Hoof Stomp instead of Belial Comet. This hoof stomp deals no damage near the Anomaly
  • Phoboss: now increases warp skill cooldowns by 15 seconds (does not affect warp strikes). Fixed portrait
  • Twisted Necrobot: damage reduced by 20%
  • Abyssal Shrine: must now be destroyed for the summoning to occur. Replaced Aldric Jitan with Malthael
  • Twisted Morlu: will now open up with their warp ability, can now heal themselves when low on red floors
  • Monster density bonus will now be listed among the other stats
  • Corrupted Barbarian: Iceburst damage reduced by 20%, empowered version now pierces 50% cold resist down from 90%

Endgame Dungeons

The Binding of Baal
  • Tal Rasha:
    • reduced physical resistance and life, increased damage
    • no longer has huge magic resistance
    • quest now has 20 a second lockdown
Assault on Mount Arreat
  • King Koth: reduced damage by 10%. Hawk Talons used by all enemies no longer deal magic damage
Buyard Cholik
  • no longer chainstuns, as he now uses Path of Flames instead of Thundergod
Judgment Day
  • Halls of Valor: fixed unwalkable tiles
  • Changed AI so Imperius and Malthael do not flee when low on life
[NEW] Zagraal
  • Zagraal: new boss, replaces Terul
    • demon with a powerful elemental attack and soulstealer abilities
    • occasionally he will become a bat and will dodge any attacks
    • can be found in the heart of Teganze, before entering Mbwiru Eikura
  • Umbaru Treasure: now also spawns with added spell damage
Twin Seas
  • Valkyrie's Prime:
    • replaced laggy proc with Arrow on striking
    • can now roll extra skills, enhanced damage, max res and is now socketed
    • reduced massive EWD scaling bonuses from dexterity and strength
Eve of Destruction
  • Fixed Spirit of Creation drop chance, it should now be a 100% chance to drop
  • Stage entrance has been moved closer to the waypoint to make trophy hunting quicker
  • Penitents are now red
Yshari Sanctum
  • Lore improvements
  • Al'Diabalos: reduced fire pierce from 800 to 100
  • Tor'Baalos: increased damage
Spirit of Giyua
  • Guardian of Giyua: reduced mana steal by 20%
  • Harvester of Souls: no longer fades so it's easier to spot
Nephalem's Sacrifice
  • Lore improvements, modified sprite colors of certain bosses
  • Uldyssian: greatly reduced attack rating and defense, reduced life by 13%
  • Edyrems: poison absorb now 1/2 instead of 3/4, reduced attack rating and defense, now cast sacred armor only when under 25% life (down from 40%)
  • Improved Summoner map
Archbishop Lazarus
  • Totems will now only trigger Culling of the Herd curse when in range of boss, effectively allowing for much quicker map clear
  • Teleport nova damage increased by 25%
The Void
  • Rathma's Supremacy: now rolls +1 to All Skills, also adds +100 Mana
  • Soul of Sloth: doubled scroll drop chance
  • Soul of Greed: mana curse duration reduced by 80%, increased health
  • Soul of Wrath: reduced damage by 15%
  • Soul of Envy: reduced damage and hit chance, increased life, replaced burn nova, removed immunities
  • Slave of Envy: reduced prowl level so it's no longer a one shot, reduced damage
  • Soul of Pride: increased health
  • Removed maximum lightning resistance debuff
  • Now takes 20% more Fire, Cold and Lightning damage
  • Increased health by 10%
  • Map reveal causing crash has been fixed
[NEW] Deimoss the Fleshweaver
  • Labyrinth end boss has been introduced with 6 arena tileset variations
  • Found at the end of the Dimensional Labyrinth, this boss will now reward you with the Dimensional Key charm
  • It features a new gameplay mechanic, where the players can decide for themselves how difficult they want the fight to be. Based on this decision and a successful kill, your charm will have a different amount of stats. The harder the encounter you defeat, the better your rewards will be
  • You gain access to the encounter by completing the last floor of the Labyrinth, or through a portal scroll obtained at the end of the aforementioned zone
  • Note that the Star Chart and Dream Fragments, dropping from the mini bosses throughout the Labyrinth, will still be able to upgrade this charm



  • Bloodstorm: damage increased by 20%
  • Lava Pit: damage increased by 21%
  • Bacchanalia: now gives 1.5% maximum life per Skill Level, down from 2%
  • Magic Missiles: damage from level 2 to 28 reduced by 10%
  • Askari Lightning:
    • new level 30 Amazon skill in the Storm Tree
    • calls down a lightning strike on your target location
    • deals 300% + 1%/level of your Stormcall damage
    • has a synergy which increases total damage by 2% per Base Level
  • Barrage: now adds flat Fire, Cold and Lightning damage per Skill Level
  • Trinity Arrow: damage increased by 11%
  • Wyrmshot: increased mana cost
  • Fairy Ring
    • Targeting area increased by 21%
    • Projectile speed increased by 50%
  • Enfilade: weapon damage increased to 110%
  • Lioness: removed flee chance, now gains 100 health synergy per point in Curare
  • Spellbind: is now considered a curse


  • Crucify: restored graphics to original
  • Noctule: removed knockback, reduced cast sound volume
  • Laserblade:
    • now adds bonus defense per base level while wielding a naginata
    • bonus damage is reduced but now applies to all attacks
    • naginatas found prior to this patch will not receive this effect
  • Storm Crows: weapon damage is now 120%, up from 100%. Increased projectile speed
  • Incineration Trap: maximum range is now 16 yards, down from 18
  • Artifice Mastery: maximum block is now 45%, down from 50%
  • Prismatic Cloak: slightly reduced damage reduction


  • Titan Strike: duration doubled
  • Iron Spiral: now deals 65% weapon damage, up from 55%
  • Daedalus: now gains flat attack rating instead of percentage bonus
  • Wolf Companion: now increases radius every 5 (down from 6) hard points
  • Screaming Eagle: reduced sound effect


The level 18 passive skills are now devotions, meaning:
  • Other devotion trees will become locked after investing points (like Amazon)
  • Shapeshifting passives are no longer tied to morphs, enabling them for caster builds
  • Due to above, the passives will no longer require a re-morph to apply bonuses
  • This allows "Lycanthropy" effect from wolf druid to be scrapped and applied directly to all skills instead
  • Poison Flash: clarified the fact that it can be used while shapeshifted
  • Mythal: no longer damages enemies
  • Laughing Ghost: weapon damage increased by 14%, now always hits
  • Elfin Weapons: is now a devotion skill
  • Werebear Morph:
    • replaces Treewarden Form which can now be obtained as an oSkill or item stat
    • the new bear attack animation scales similarly to werewolf - attack speed on weapon becomes the primary stat
    • best possible endgame fpa now greatly increased
  • Thorn Strike: renamed to Rend, updated visuals to new morph
  • Wildfire:
    • reduced Mana cost
    • attacking speed now scales like Rend
    • reduced the number of hits per second and rebalanced damage accordingly
  • Circle of Life:
    • is now a devotion skill
    • adds 10% Faster Hit Recovery per hard point
    • allows bear druid to gain attack rating from vitality in addition to dexterity
  • Idol of Scosglen: improved visual effect, halved NextDelay, fixed description
Trap Rat
  • Ferocity: now grants 7% enhanced weapon damage per skill level, down from 15%
    • the build has exceptional defenses and does not need as much free damage
  • Werewolf Form:
    • Attack Rating bonus now works on all skills again and not just wolf ones
    • can now use Crystal Swords
  • Feed the Pack: is now a devotion skill
  • Twisted Claw: bonus cold damage increased by 100%
  • Harbinger: now converts physical damage to cold instead of magic
  • Vine Companion:
    • new ultimate skill, replacing Tremor
    • powerful summon which poisons and petrifies enemies, reducing their physical resist, defense and movement speed
    • provides an aura which increases player max health per points in devotions and spell damage per point in fire/poison skills
    • base points in this skill increase attack area of effect, poison damage and petrify duration
    • this minion travels underground, remaining unseen by your enemies


  • Deathlord: can now be turned off, cooldown reduced to 2 seconds
  • Sacrifices: can now be used on left click
  • Totems:
    • no longer require a corpse to be summoned
    • now have 50% absorb to their own element
    • can now be used on the left mouse button
  • Fireheart Totem:
    • tripled damage and reduced cast frequency by 1/3 to reduce clutter
    • increased seek range
  • Stormeye Totem:
    • now casts a piercing nova, making it the first true aoe totem
    • damage increased
  • Soulbond: increased healing amount and aura effect range
  • Death Shards: now receives +2% life leech per point in Sacrifices
  • Widowmaker: weapon damage is now 55%, down from 60%
  • Talon's Hold: now receives +1% reanimate chance per point in Sacrifices


  • Retaliate: now deals 80% weapon damage, up from 70%
  • Grim Presence:
    • no longer increases Symphony of Destruction damage
    • Vessel of Justice total fire damage now increases by 6% per Base Level, up from 5%
    • putting points in this skill now disables Tainted Blood
  • Possession:
    • now gives 10% Hit Recovery at level 1, down from 50%
    • now gives 10% chance to dodge projectiles at level 1, down from 20%
    • now gives a 10% bonus to Defense per Base Level
  • Lemures: fixed vitality synergy tooltip value
  • Blood Thorns: fixed vitality synergy tooltip value
  • Scourge: chance to use Crucify is now 25%/50%/100% on Normal/Nightmare/Hell, from 100%/100%/100%

Mind Flay is now the level 1 skill and Tainted Blood is the level 24 skill

  • Mind Flay:
    • now starts at 1 beam, down from 2
    • damage increased by 100%
    • additional beams now shotgun targets in range
    • will now shock the primary target for 1.5 seconds reducing their lightning resist by 30%, magic resist by 20% and movement speed by 30%
  • Tainted Blood:
    • putting points in this skill now disables Grim Presence (can still access Stormlord)
    • now also grants +10 Energy Factor per Base Level and 20% of damage taken goes to Mana
  • Slayer:
    • next delay removed, damage increased by 20%
    • now have a 10% chance to cast Chain Lightning on Death Blow
    • This chain lightning deals 100% of your Mind Flay damage, hits 10 targets and inherits your lightning pierce
  • Symphony of Destruction:
    • is now correctly considered a ranged skill
    • now deals magic damage and attacks in a small area rather than a single target
  • Sacred Armor: magic resistance is now 10%
  • Dragonform:
    • no longer transforms the paladin
    • fastest attack animations are now: 6 fpa for one-hand and 7 fpa for two-hand
    • fastest cast animations are now: 6 fpa for one-hand and 6 fpa for two-hand (takes less cast rate)


  • Blade Spirits: fixed damage description not accounting for minion damage stat
  • Lorenado: damage increased by 10%
  • Firedance: reduced clunky visual/illumination effects
  • Thunderstone: damage increased by 20% (now on par with Flamestrike), increased main projectile speed

Item Only Skills

  • Frozen Orb: mana cost scaling reduced considerably, damage increased by 10%
  • Orb of Annihilation: reduced base damage
  • Gamma Field: damage increased by 25%
  • Venomcloud Totem: no longer requires a corpse to be summoned, can now be used on left-mouse-button
  • Lightning Fury: increased missiles velocity
  • Tantrum: damage increased by 27%
  • Powder Keg: 100% of Fire Damage is now added to the explosion as Physical
  • Vanquish: changed sound effect
  • Spiral Dance: weapon damage increased by 50%, bonus magic damage increased by 25%
  • Shunpo: weapon damage modifier increased by 10%
  • Supernova: reduced mana cost


Elemental Changes

New Elemental Weapon Bases

  • Four reworked base items (Crystal Sword, Battle Axe, Short Battle Bow, Stag Bow) which have no base physical damage but spawn with elemental instead
  • Tiered variants spawn with flat elemental damage, growing exponentially with each tier
  • Sacred variants have 20% more elemental damage as a base than Tier 4 and also scale elemental damage based on the weapon's primary attribute
    • This scaling depends on three factors: Melee > Range, Two-Handed > One-Handed and Strength > Dexterity. E.g. Two-Handed Melee weapons scale the most
  • Magic / Rare Affix Pool:
    • Affixes which are irrelevant (e.g. Enhanced Damage, Life Leech) do not spawn on these bases
    • Added several new affixes exclusive to these bases (e.g. crushing blow, life on striking, new procs)
  • Existing set, tiered and sacred unique variants have had their stats altered to work with the base change
  • Luck recipe has a chance of granting 20% attack speed instead of 20% enhanced damage on these bases
  • New proc exclusive to elemental bases: Life Spark - restores 3% of your maximum life, Spawns on attack and on striking

    The stats on the following level 100 runes have been changed to reduce enemy elemental resistances. This stat is not widely available when you first start progressing Hell difficulty. The change was made in order to give a mid game power boost to elemental builds, while carrying a trade-off of less mystic orb space.

  • No: now gives -3% to enemy Poison Resist instead of 15% Block Speed
  • Yul: now gives -3% to enemy Lightning Resist instead of 10% Minion Damage
  • Thai: now gives -3% to enemy Cold Resist instead of 10% Elemental Resists
  • Rha: now gives -3% to enemy Fire Resist, instead of 200 defense
  • Xar: now gives -2% to enemy Fire, Cold and Lightning Resists instead of 2% maximum Life and Mana

  • Some of the replaced bonuses can be found on these runes instead:

  • Lai: now gives 10% Elemental Resists, instead of 5% Enhanced Weapon Damage
  • On: now gives 2% to maximum Life and Mana in Armors/Shields and 3% in Weapons, instead of 5% Total Character Defense
  • Vith: now adds 10% to Summoned Minion Damage instead of increased healing rate from apples


  • Poison Skill duration stat has been halved across all items as it was too excessive
  • Endgame items (SSU, top tier rare affix rolls, XIS rw): reduced the bonuses to All/Class skills by ~15% on items which were giving high values of this stat, in order to keep skill points more relevant for skill level scaling abilities in the late game
  • Improved graphics of multiple charms
  • Key of Sin, Key of Lies and the Fauztinville scroll will no longer get consumed to open locked chests
  • Potion sounds have been fixed when drinking from the belt
  • Enhanced Runes: fixed display issues in DDraw and Vex sprite
  • Apples: healing is now a flat amount
  • Amazon Spears: now spawn with Amazing Grace instead of Mega Impact
  • Sunstone of the Elements: slightly lowered excessive speed/attribute bonuses
  • Item Tooltips: many of the primary "self documented" items for recipes no longer have the instructions on the description itself, but instead you now can right-click them, which will describe the uses of the items. These items are:
    • Arcane Crystals
    • Arcane Shards
    • Vendor Oils
    • Catalysts of Disenchantment & Learning
Rare Affixes / Crafting
  • Gloves: +2 Paladin Skills on gloves now replaced to Druid, as they had no such affix in the lower equipment slots
  • Jewel Affix Pool:
    • Resistance stats are now grouped (max one can spawn)
    • Experience suffix roll is now 1-1, down from 1-3
    • New Prefix: +(101 to 150) to Attack Rating
  • Naginata Affix Pool:
    • Removed multiple weak affixes so the strong ones spawn more often
    • New Prefix: Bloodbath Duration increased by 5 seconds
    • New Prefix: Backstab Chance to Dodge decreased by 100% and duration extended by 4 seconds
    • New Prefix: Broadside Cooldown reduced by 2 seconds
    • New Prefix: Hades Gate Cooldown reduced by 0.5 seconds
    • New Prefix: -25% to Enemy Fire/Lightning Resistances
    • New Prefix: -25% to Enemy Fire/Poison Resistances
    • New Prefix: -25% to Enemy Poison/Lightning Resistances
    • New Prefix: +(51 to 100)% to Buff/Debuff/Cold skill duration
    • New Prefix: Enhanced Weapon Damage +(51 to 100)%
    • New Prefix: Total Character Defense +(51 to 100)%
    • New Prefix: Maximum Life +15%
    • New Suffix: 3% Chance to Cast level 13 Broadside on Kill
    • New Suffix: 6% Chance to Cast level 7 Fortress on Attack
    • New Suffix: +(16 to 25) to Laserblade (Assassin Only)
Occult Effigies
  • Orb of Brutality: now converts to 3% deadly strike per skill level, down from 4%

Tiered Uniques

  • Multiple changes to %Increased Attack Speed on axes to improve bear attack scaling
  • Iceshell: maximum cold resistance is now increased by 3%, down from 10%
  • The War Cloak: reduced free life leech

Sacred Uniques

  • 10 new Sacred Uniques:
    • Tinker's Gambit: assassin-only Cap, adds 1% trap damage per 5 Base Strength
    • Implement V.II: Cestus, adds 25% elemental pierce to your traps
    • Clockwork Slippers: Boots
      • reduce Catalyst Trap cooldown by 10 seconds
      • reduce Incineration Trap radius by 50%
    • Khazra Pouch: Cap
      • physical weapon damage helm which gives attack rating based on your level
      • adds 50% of your strength as bonus magic damage to AoE attacks (if you have any)
    • Flameskin: Scale Mail
      • adds 4 - 6 Fire damage to your weapon per 1% attack speed
      • has 1% chance to cast Life Spark on striking
    • Endless Pride: Cap
      • shako-like helm with health and mana per level and magic find
      • can be restored with trophy fragments for powerful bonuses such as +3% max resists, among others
    • Wintry Majesty: Long Staff
      • sorceress-only Frozen Orb themed staff with great mana regeneration
      • upon restitution it will become available to all classes and will provide huge farming power
    • Arrogance: Gothic Plate
      • rare and aggressive all-rounder armor for weapon damage builds
      • this item is also fragmented, upon restitution it will grant immense survability
    • Hand of Rathma: Wand
      • adds max resist per totem count
      • has pierce to all elements and massive minion damage bonus
    • The Awakening: Full Plate Mail
      • very rare armor which can be disenchanted for an extra Awakening on The Sleep charm, meaning another trophy can be cubed
      • adds strong bonuses to caster classes

    • Uniques with item level 104/119 have been changed to 105/120
    • Multiple changes to %Increased Attack Speed on axes to improve bear attack scaling
    • Deckard Cain's Heirloom: now gives +1 to all skills, down from +5
    • Hexward: bonus Maelstrom magic damage is now increased by 25%, down from 50%
    • Griffon's Eye: maximum elemental resists is now -1%, up from -2%
    • Binding Treads: now increases Solar Flare buff duration by 200%, up from 100%
    • Hellreach: 150% of physical/magic/fire spell damage to EWD, down from 200%
    • Askarbydd: maximum damage is now (150-230), down from (200-280)
    • Zann Esu Stone: now only spawns with maximum resistance to a single element and the +1 is guaranteed. Drop rate increased by 100%
    • Azurewrath: Frozen Orb proc renamed to Azure Orb for distinction
    • Demonic Touch: increased flat damage from 7-13 to 10-25
    • Lorekeeper: Firedance level is now 5-10, down from 10-20
    • Astreon's Citadel: removed Mind Flay pierce chance and Paladin Skills. Now gives:
      • +150 extra energy and +(4-6) to Mind Flay, Symphony of Destruction and Slayer
    • Black Sun Spear: removed Mind Flay pierce chance, now adds 100 life regenerated per second
    • Orationis Tenebris: health regeneration now only works if the item is actively equipped. Regeneration is now 3.5%, down from 4%
    • Maleficence: fixed Orb of Annihilation proc level, which was missed during rework
    • Herald of Pestilence: Graveyard damage bonus is now 40%, down from 50%
    • Gotterdammerung: reduced attack speed to 70%
    • Sagittarius: fixed life leech tooltip. Vessel of Justice oSkill levels doubled, bonus to maximum mana increased from (10-15)% to (20-25)%
    • The Angiris Star: fixed life leech tooltip
    • Advent of Hatred: fixed life leech tooltip
    • Silks of the Victor: Nephalem Aura now level 10, up from 6
    • Hammer of Jholm: reduced attack speed to 120%
    • Hivemind: cold and fire pierce replaced with poison spell damage
    • Veil of the Tainted Sun: replaced mana regen with +(10-15) to Cataclysm
    • Searing Heat: now gives +3 elemental projectiles, up from +2
    • Athulua's Wrath: no longer negates Ecstatic Frenzy penalty, now has 1% chance to cast Life Spark on striking
    • Candlewake: strength bonus to enhanced weapon damage increased by 20%


    • Fire (Pantheon): fixed double class requirement
    • Hypersurface (Universal Law): removed %all resistances
    • Arctic Shard (Wintertide): increased cold pierce from 10% to 11-20%
    • Imperial Guard (Guardian of the Sightless Eye): is now a greaves base
    • Yaerius' Grey Omen:
      • Yaerius' Untruth: reduced strength requirement
      • Yaerius' Alembic: greatly reduced strength requirement, is now restricted to Paladin
    • Witchhunter's Attire:
      • Witchhunter's Hood: now gives 10% to strength and dexterity down from (16-20)%
      • Witchhunter's Faith: added 10% bonus to dexterity and energy
    • Armageddon: minor balance changes
    • Malthael's Sanctuary: full set maximum health/mana bonus is now 15%
    • Henchman Trophies: replaced full set bonus flat damage bonus with spell damage, removed -50% requirements
    • Vizjun's Devices: full set bonus now gives +5 to Assassin Skills and a maximum elemental resistance bonus of 3%
    • Sanctuary: reduced Edyrem damage conversion & crushing blow
    • Battle Devices: ATMG now receives 40 magic damage per level, up from 10
    • The Offering: Soulshatter now receives 200 fire damage per Soulshatter level, up from 100


    Runeword tweaks: removed negative mirrored rune stats from Runewords as this "negate" effect was inconsistent. This was especially prevalent on runewords whose rune stat was changed over the years, as well as empowered Runewords which were sometimes giving an augmented effect of this mirror effect (i.e. a rune giving +10 to strength would give -50 strength on the empowered Runeword)

    • Amok: increased base Tantrum level, added cold pierce
    • Crusade: Eagle Stance bonus is now 3-6, instead of 6-12
    • Dawn (Enhanced): all attributes bonus is now 75%, down from 100%
    • Sabertooth: increased strength
    • Instinct: added fire pierce, increased damage
    • Kodiak: new bear-themed axe runeword (Thur in Axe)


    • Added 6 new Trophies and removed 3, for a total of 20:
      • The Void: +1 to All Skills
      • Xazax: 15% Chance of Uninterruptable Attack
      • Eve of Destruction: Elemental Resists +10%
      • Lord of Lies: Enhanced Weapon Damage +30%
      • Yshari Sanctum: Increase Maximum Life and Mana +5%
      • Ghost of Old Bremmtown:
        • +10% to Experience Gained
        • to apply this trophy you must kill Dark Star Dragon in under 30 seconds from entering the quest
      • Lord Aldric Jitan: removed
      • Rathma Square: removed
      • Akarat: removed
    • Trophy drop chance has been increased by 16%, except for Judgement Day and Tran Athulua, which have been slightly decreased as there are multiple bosses
    • Trophy Fragments: instead of 2% chance for Trophy, bosses will have a 7% chance to drop a Trophy Fragment, which you can then use three copies to create a Trophy. This will greatly reduce streaks of bad luck, and will give more consistent results for people dedicated to trophy hunting
    • All trophies now have unique art (thanks to Inertia)
    • Trophy stats, including The Sleep recipes, no longer roll and are always static
    • Revamped all trophy combination recipes with The Sleep
    • Rebalanced all trophy stats
    • All charms now receive a flavor text after being trophied, instead of the "Trophy Applied" text
    • I Am Rich: now requires Valthek/Void/Uldyssian trophies and Vial charm to create, greatly improved visual effect

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