Median XL - Version Log

Median XL

- Patch 1.3 -


Den of Evil: reduced area size by 50% on Destruction
Kurast Sewers: reduced area size by 50% on all difficulties
Terror Summoner will drop items again


The mercenary bug has been fixed. Mercenaries will no longer lose a large fraction of their stats and be extremely slow whenever they are resurrected or when you change one of their items
To facilitate the above we have cut one skill per merc (Vanquish, Pagan Rights, King of Blades, Thorn Field, Guard Tower, Flamefront, Banish, Possess, Warband)
Mercenaries no longer gain resistances when they level up. Instead they have 100% to all resistances as a base. Therefore they will have 75% res on Hatred, 50% on Terror and 0% on Destruction by default
Act 2 Fighter Mages will now cast Blood Thorns instead of Titan Strike


Xazax, Kabraxis and Zorun Tzin are no longer poison immune.
Judgement Day: fixed a bug which caused enemy tremors to deal less damage than intended, Uldyssian now spawns with a pair of bodyguards
Khalimgrad: doubled the damage of the meteor shower cast upon an Avatar's death on Destruction difficulty
Fauztinville: Neon Fiend slow reduced from 50% to 15%. Added 40% Physical and Magic resistance on Destruction (20% on Terror)
Cow Level: ninjas will now cast Scorpion Blade instead of Diseased Cattle to improve performance
Zorun Tzin: fixed a bug which caused Devastation to do less damage than intended
Island of the Sunless Sea:
Malic no longer spams 1hko homing missiles, instead he shoots slayer bolts dealing average magic damage
Modified behaviour so he will now use his other skills more often
Increased cast rate, damage and life on Destruction difficulty
Quov Tsin:
Bone nova now displays a warning graphic for 1.6 seconds before the damage explosion, so you know when to gtfo
Heal on kill increased to 8% of max hp, up from 4%
The Void:
Pride: increased Judgment Day damage by 50%
Wrath: increased damage by 10%
Fixed a bug which allowed you to obtain the reward on Hatred and Terror difficulties
No longer has self harm tendencies, spawns less skeletons
Balefire travels 50% faster
Judgment day damage increased by 50%
New Uberquest:
New lore, extending the Median and Diablo 2 story
Quest start condition, description and information will not be published in the documentation for this patch
Rewards a new charm when defeated on single player or on The Sin War realm
Additionally, rewards one of four brand new, exclusive and extremely powerful items on The Sin War only
This is the hardest endgame challenge Median XL has to offer, designed for a team of at least two people. Good luck


Non-boss monsters in Destruction had a 2% chance to spawn with 75% extra physical resist. This has been changed to a 10% chance for +15% physical resist, to prevent player confusion when using immunity piercing skills.
Broken Soul: damage reduced by 33%
Frozen Lord: ice breath damage reduced by 40%
Onyx Knight: physical damage reduced by 40%
Mangler: reduced range by 30%
Cruciator: reduced range by 40% and damage by 17%


Fixed a bug which caused Earthquake, Thunder Slam, Shower of Rocks and Retaliate to add only half of the intended magic damage to the attack


Twin Fang Strike: mana cost reduced by 30%, fire and poison damage increased by 25%
Tiefling Form: fixed skill not costing mana to refresh, reduced ear bleed
Bloodbath: fixed a bug which made it require two attacks in order to gain the buff
Hades Gate:
if under the effect of both Bloodbath & Shadow Refuge the cooldown is reduced by 4 seconds
Weapon damage increased to 90%, up from 75%
Noctule: Fixed a bug which caused the magic damage synergy with Batstrike to not work. Synergy increased to 7% per Base Level, up from 5%.
Scorpion Blade:
now starts at 1 projectile, down from 2
On hit the knives now explode into poison clouds
Poison clouds stack, so increasing projectiles adds both aoe and single target damage
Poison damage increased by 65%
Prismatic Cloak: is now rewarded for the Ennead Challenge rather than the Black Road, lower levels give more reduction, total unchanged
Perfect being:
avoid while levelling reduced by 10%
formula after character level 108 has changed
before: 24% + 1.25% per base level, now 39% + 0.75% per base level (more avoid earlier, total max unchanged)
Broadside: base cooldown reduced by 1 second


Barrage: increased area of effect by 30%
Magnetic field:
radius reduced by 30%
lightning conversion increased from 66% to 100% (better damage due to full benefit from pierce but less farming utiliy due to loss of leech and immunities)
weapon damage reduced to 55%, down from 60%, mana cost increased by 33%
lightning conversion reduced from 50% to 30%
weapon damage increased from 80% to 100%
bonus lightning damage per skill level increased by 100%


Iron Spiral, Death Gaze and Stampede now have a 0.8 second cooldown. This may be removed by investing 6 points in the respective skill
Rebound: will no longer waste axes on targets outside of line of sight, projectile speed increased by 33%
Nephalem Spirit: now enables Spirit Guide
Bear Stance: no longer increases weapon damage
Wolf Stance: fixed a bug which made it give more stats than intended
Wolf Companion: fixed an error in the description regarding the Doom damage (was showing ~40% less than correct value)
Thundergod: no longer adds lightning damage to weapons


Shapeshifting cooldowns reduced to 2 seconds
MotW: base duration increased to 60 seconds, up from 20. No longer affected by buff duration
Werewolf Form: now gives 30% projectile avoid instead of 40% melee dodge
Mana Pulse: changed the way the skill regenerates mana
instead of providing mana per attack the regeneration effect will now linger for 2 seconds
essentially this means you have infinite mana for 2s after each mana pulse, and then it begins degenerating from full
Mythal: fixed a bug which caused the skill to reduce enemy magic resistance
Freezing Gale: reduced mana cost by 33%
Laughing Ghost: Casper will no longer penetrate walls
Quill Storm:
halved number of quills per attack, weapon damage increased to 60% to compensate
this change was made mainly for performance reasons (trap rats would cause sprite limit issues even with increased cap)
now gains an extra target every 10 base levels, down from 12
Symbiosis: recasting this skill while it's active will now refresh the duration, instead of toggling the effect. Spell damage bonus increased by 25%


Burning veil: base duration increased, duration at max character level unchanged
Void Archon: fixed a bug which made it immune to physical damage
Veil King
reanimate chance reduced by 50% to alleviate screen clutter
no longer has collision with other minions, so he can enter combat more efficiently
Hostile Veil king no longer uses his one shot attack on Hatred and Terror
Receives 20% less elemental damage
Lamia: slow target reduced by 66%, health increased by 35%.
Frostclaw Totem: damage reduced by 25%
removed next delay, skill is now a tier 1 single target attack
has a 0.8 second cooldown which may be reduced to zero after investing 7 points in the skill
Famine: removed weapon damage bonus per skill level, now adds 20% of Strength and 25% of Dexterity as a bonus to weapon physical damage
no longer increases weapon damage
Base bonus to strength and dexterity doubled to 100 points but is now fixed
now adds 1% increased base block chance
Necromancer only scythes now give 25% less bonus to weapon physical damage per strength
Pestilence: duration reduced to 15 seconds, down from 20.
Rotting Flesh: damage increased by 20%
Sacrifices: using this skill inside the Den of Evil no longer makes the quest impossible to complete
Rathma's Chosen: Howling & Death's fury totems damage reduction bonus is now only active while the Chosen is nearby


Fixed an issue which caused Dragonheart and Tainted Blood to not update their stats if cast while already active
Colosseum: fixed a bug which caused the skill to damage enemies off screen
Dragon Wyrms: duration & damage reduced by 20%, mana cost increased by 20%
Rapture: maximum velocity bonus capped at 35%, down from 50%.
Dragonform: base movement speed increased by 23%


All fire spells: damage increased by 10% and mana cost reduced by 10%
Arachnomancy: damage increased by 20%
Ice Elementals:
No longer have an aura which grants a total defense bonus and damage reduction
These stats were extremely synergetic with the lightning and poison passives and also incredibly powerful, to the point where any optimal caster sorceress would always be X + cold
Therefore these stats have been removed and sorceress defenses have been enhanced in other ways to compensate
Their aura now provides +5% to maximum cold resistance, +50% cold resistance and +100% minion damage
Vengeful Power: now grants 5% damage reduction + 3% damage reduction per base level, up to a maximum of 20%. Improved description to avoid confusion
Living Flame: maximum life increased by 20%, life regeneration increased by 30%
Force Blast: now debuffs enemies in a large nova rather than a cone. Improved the clarity of the visuals. Reduced mana cost by 25%, base duration increased by 1 second
Fusillade: damage increased by 20%
Witch Blood: total damage bonus to class spells increased by 33%


Dark portal: is now usable regardless of character transformation/passives
Elemental Totem: fixed inaccurate spell damage description
Darkling: summon limit has been halved
Ecstatic Frenzy: now only provides 20% of the listed stats if you have the Runemaster skill
Fixed the icons of Scattershot, Summon Sinner and Clobber


Extra Necromancer minions stat has been reduced across all items. Necromancers will still have the largest possible summon army, as it fits the class, but now it won't cause as many performance issues for others
Fixed Sceptres sometimes incorrectly showing a Strength Damage bonus
Fixed the stat requirements of all sacred items which were lower than their tier 6 variant
Magic resistance has been reduced on Tiered Uniques and items which gave more than 15%
Flamefront on striking proc chance has been reduced by 17% due to the buffs the skill has received in the past patches
Items which had Scorpion Blade procs have had the chance/level reduced due to the significant buff the skill has received
Endless Loop: proc chance reduced to 5%, down from 15%. Added 15 mana on striking.
Empyrean Band & Glory no longer trigger a short cooldown on proc
Goetia Plate: reduced minion life, life and mana by 25%
Mind Rake: halved damage reduction
Shockwave: reduced punisher level on the regular version, increased it on the XIS version
The Allseeing Eye: proc changed from "on damage taken" to "on striking"
sapphire mana on kill increased by 50%
Nasrudin (XIS): dexterity reduced by 40%
Steel Terror: on death proc replaced with 2% CtC Psionic scream on striking
Banecat: baneblade duration from the proc is now 30 seconds
Satan's Dark Delight: proc changed from 5% CtC Hellgate on Kill to 1% CtC Call Treewarden on Kill
Ranger's Disguise: has been reworked
Point of No Return: resistance penalty reduced to -25%, down from -100%
Stormflyer: damage to mana now 100%, down from 250%
Snowsquall: melee slow reduced to 50%, down from 75%. Cold damage doubled
Sword of the White Void: has been disabled


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