Median XL - Version Log

Median XL: Ultimative XVI


Added over 150 endgame runewords. These are empowered versions of existing runewords. Any runeword based on Zod rune (or lower), can now be mixed with Xis rune for a level 120 version. For example: El-Xis on Helms will create level 120 Summit runeword
Densities: reworked on all levels in order to achieve a better stability and performance, and make the difficulty curve more natural

Uberquests / Monsters

Removed dumb 1HKO procs from several bosses

The Void: fixed a bug that allowed boss seal to be destroyed by minions. Reworked boss fight
Startled Witch: ensured no one will enter her grounds uninvited
Uldyssian: final stage is now free-for-all. Modified Uldyssian AI. Stage #10 (totem) was reworked as it was buggy
Kabraxis: now has a chance to teleport when struck to prevent lock abusing
Athulua: slightly hardened
MarcoNecroX: removed health regeneration and reduced damage. Just kidding. He now ignores immunity shields

Baal (throne): no longer has a debuff aura on destruction
Griswold: no longer has melee-only aura on terror / destruction


Increased cast rate with one handed weapons
Thundercrack: fixed a (massive) bug that made lightnings not pierce
Stormcall: increased damage
Hammer of Zerae: incresed damage and weapon modifier from 3/4 to 3/2
Magnetic Field: modified mechanics to work more efficiently, increased field density and max damage
Pounce: slightly reduced range


Batstrike: fixed a bug that caused bats not getting any %avoid from Perfect Being. This means they were having effectively 1/10 as much survability as intended on the highest levels


Now receives 25 health per level
Werewolf Form: reworked attack rating formula
Harbinger: fixed a bug that caused the skill not to check attack rating
Elemental: now deals a reasonable amount of damage
Yes, druid was a broken class. It was massively buffed some patches ago. Cry me a river.


Dragon Oath: removed
Dragonshout: removed
Burnout: removed
Demonrend: removed
Deva King: removed
Merkabah: removed

New Skill: Solar Flare
New Skill: Drakemaw
New Skill: Frozen Breath
New Skill: Incarnation
New Skill: Dragon Wyrms
New Skill: Dragonknight

Superbeast: duration is now always 5 minutes
Rapture: modified overlay
Retaliate: adjusted damage to fit new skills
Vessel of Retribution: adjusted damage values to have an effective damage similar to Vessel of Judgement
Blessed Life: fixed a typo on the flat damage reduction formula (thanks @suchbalance)
Plague: is now a level 12 skill. Reworked damage formula, removed %block and added hard point synergy
Dragonheart: renamed from Lionheart, no longer uses armor shrine overlay and no longer slows you down
Hoplites: now have 50% physical resistance
Tainted Blood: now adds 15% defense per hard point and 5% per soft point. Can no longer be casted on other players


Leonardo: reduced knowledge. Less books in the air to prevent lag spikes
Blade Spirits: now properly display hard point synergy
Chronofield: now only affects running/walking speeds


Liche Form: reduced duration to 5 seconds
Orb of Annihilation: can no longer be used on left-click
Feral Strike: now works with swords instead of knives
Ravage: now works with swords instead of knives
Thorn Field: now works with swords instead of knives
Shunpo: range increased by 25%


Giyua's Sacrum: now adds %fire spell damage instead of cold
Hadriel Set: reworked to include cold spell damage and pierce
The Grizzly (Secret): buffed stats. Big time.
Demonic Touch: replaced death projector reanimate with edyrem (works in toraja)
Reapers: renamed from Gehenna (helm). Removed Path of Flames oskill
Segnitia: reduced flat damage to 100 and crushing blow to 5%

Enchanting Crystals: items can now only be rolled once
Elixirs: now last 30 seconds
Jewels: can no longer be gambled

I am Rich gem: color is no longer overriden by Ancient Repositories
Character Orb: removed due to clunky mechanics, being unintuitive and having broken stat scaling

Rare Affix Pool

Tantrum can now spawn in crossbows
Bane can now spawn in sorceress orbs
Terror Strike and Solar Flare can now spawn in paladin weapons

Cube Recipes

Removed athulua's blessing recipe
Removed quest shortcuts that somehow never made it to the documentation

Item Drops

Certain bosses that had almost guaranteed chance to drop sacred uniques have been rebalanced
Fixed a bug with shrine drops in The Void
Griswold: now has 50% chance to drop special box in terror


Fixed Level Challenge 1 level requirement
Fixed Athulua erroneously spawning in Tran Athulua
Fixed gamebreaking state collision between Liche Form and Graveyard
Fixed a bug that would allow people to use Yshari Set skills on regular areas
Fixed a bug that allowed eagle stance to bypass immunity shields


NPC sell limits have been modified for acts 1 and 2 in hatred
Cubing %experience orbs with weapons to make money is no longer a thing
Shortened description of median statue because reading is too hard
Removed unused assets in the patch to reduce size a bit
Other minor bugfixes

Special Credits

suchbalance: general assistance and help creating new endgame runewords
Inertia: skill icons and other assets