Median XL - Version Log

Median XL - Σ 2.4.0

Table of Contents



  • Implemented a new zone available in Act 1, where you can fight against dummy targets with various sizes and Resistances. This will allow heroes to test various damage setups efficiently
  • Added a new supplementary trade site while we work on an even bigger one!


  • Implemented "quick cast" functionality
    • By pressing one of the 4 reserved hotkeys (unfortunately this had to be taken from the existing 16), you can instantly activate a skill
  • Mouse buttons should now be able to be assigned on all computers
    • This includes: mouse buttons 4 and 5 (often found on the side of the mouse), the middle mouse button and the scroll wheel directions
    • Previously scroll wheel assignment never functioned consistently between various computers
  • Removed durability
  • A special zone is said to be unlocking in the upcoming month of Christmas!


  • Reduced the Life of some monsters that were noticeably too beefy for their level
    • Leoric's Centurion (Act 1)
    • Rakanishu (Act 1)
    • Skeleton Mages and Twicedamned (Act 2)
    • Hexwing (Nightmare/Hell Acts 2, 4, and 5)
    • elite Mephisto's Cabalist (Act 3 Nightmare)
  • Reduced the damage of some monster skills
    • Sszark the Burning's fire jump
    • Lightning (used by Electrogeists in Chaos Sanctuary on Normal)
    • Apocalypse (on Normal and Nightmare)
    • Death Blossom (as used by Corpulent and Eternal Ember)
    • Holy Freeze (on Hell)
    • Stacked damage skill penalty: enemy Avoid reduced from 66% to 60%

Endgame Quests

Nephalem Rifts

Secret Cow Level

  • Now drops all Shrines in equal amounts, and twice as many overall (about 23% more of any particular Shrine)
  • Wirt's Leg now shows a level requirement of 110
  • Wirt's Other Leg now shows a level requirement of 115

High Heavens/Library of Fate

  • Removed some obstructing walls and broadened a few sections
  • Fixed minor pathing issues
  • Added an 8th avatar


  • Enlarged a couple of sections
  • Fixed some tiles issues


  • Removed some obstructing walls and enlarged a few sections
  • Various details improvements
  • Reworked the zone in which Durram resides
  • Cycle of Skill: level requirement reduced to +16 from +18


  • Enhanced interconnectedness
  • Slightly broadened a few sections
  • Various details and illumination improvements


  • Minibosses will now drop Positronic Brains, which can be used to change the type of Shrines
    • Cube 5 Positronic Brains to create the Catalyst of Transference
    • Cube the catalyst with more Positronic Brains (up to 10) to charge it
    • Cube the catalyst by itself to pick the output Shrine
    • When charged, cube the catalyst with a full Shrine to change it into the type you picked
  • Overhauled the minibosses:
    • Tripled Life of all minibosses
    • Alpha: aggressive melee boss casting Disintegrate
    • Beta: aggressive ranged boss casting Stormclash
    • Delta: melee boss casting Ice Bolt Nova
    • Epsilon: ranged boss casting Phoenix Wave
    • Gamma: aggressive melee boss casting Gamma Field


  • Increased Tenet Design drop chances by 26%
  • Sescheron's Destroyer: now opens a portal to Scosglen upon death

Dimensional Labyrinth

  • Phoboss: now avoids damage from certain long-duration ground skills similarly to Deimoss
  • T7+ floors now have an additional extra chance to drop T6 stones
  • This change was made so that high-level characters won't have to restart from T1 if unlucky

Endgame Dungeons

Black Road

  • Renovated a few sections and improved details
  • Added water ambient sounds to the riverbank
  • The rogues now fire at approaching enemies
  • The camel has now a place from which to drink, but is besieged by flies

Yshari Sanctum

  • Occult Flagellant: reduced Poison Damage
  • Scholar of Destruction: increased AI delay between actions
  • Trophy: Now adds 5% Life & Mana, up from 2% Life 5% Mana
  • Specter of Hatred: shortened and simplified the path from the Scholar of Hatred arena to the Dream of Anguish level
  • Dream of Anguish: shortened and simplified the path from the Scholar of Anguish arena to the Phantasm of Terror level

Nymyr's Light

  • The Sleep:
    • Yshari trophy Spell Damage increased from 15% to 25%, Mana when struck replaced with "+40 to All Attributes"
    • CoV trophy Edyrem Life replaced with "+25 energy"


  • New quest reward for defeating the boss with all optional difficulty modifiers active
  • The reward makes the Heart of Darkness quest easier

Heart of Darkness

  • The culmination of the storyline started in Median 2017 with Samael and continued in Sigma with the Dimensional Labyrinth
  • The heart of the great dragon Tathamet gave birth to a realm separate from the Burning Hells
  • After defeating its commanders, enter the Heart itself to put an end to the threat to Sanctuary once and for all
  • Overcome the hardest boss battle in Median XL's history to receive outstanding rewards
  • These include unique Relics which completely change how characters are played, for example gaining Superbeast with a Holy Paladin or having access to all three Amazon Ultimate skills
  • Access by transmuting a Nephalem Dimensional Key with a vial of Elder Blood and 25 Signets of Learning
  • Note: this boss battle will be realm-only for the duration of Season 32



  • Players are now chilled from Cold Damage at 25%, 50% and 100% effectiveness in Normal, Nightmare, and Hell difficulties
  • Fixed a vanilla bug that gave Act 1 mercenary more damage than intended
  • Mercenary Attack Rating display should now display proper values
  • Restored damage values for Mercenaries from a previous patch
  • Mercenaries now receive 1% Maximum Resistance every 10 levels above 100
  • Act 2 mercenary:
    • Increased Life and Life scaling
    • Exemplar: Increased chance to use Colosseum more often
    • Fighter Mage:
    • Increased chance to use Timefield more often
    • Changed Blood Thorns and Lemures to scale with Energy instead of Vitality (since mercenaries don't have vitality)
    • Shapeshifter: Increased chance to use Thorn Field and Pounce more often
  • Act 3 mercenary:
    • Abjurer:
    • Increased Forked Lightning Damage at earlier levels
    • Increased Tempest damage at earlier levels
  • Act 5 mercenary:
    • Increased Life and Life scaling
    • Fixed Wraithsword Swords not doing any damage
    • Now has Melee Devotion


  • Tooltips for Bend the Shadows, Blink, Divine Apparition, Jitan's Gate, and Teleport now show their range. Hades Gate now shows the correct range.



  • Bloodlust:
    • No longer has a secondary effect of interacting with the Blood tree
    • No longer stacks with the oSkill version
    • Duration increased to 5 minutes
    • Weapon Damage bonus now 30%, up from 15%
    • Spell Damage bonus now 15%, up from 10%


  • Bacchanalia: removed
    • Existing Bacchanalia bonuses implemented as standard or as a passive upgrade
    • The build power-ups are no longer related to Life thresholds or temporary uptime
  • Blood Magic: new passive skill
    • Your spells cost Life instead of Mana
    • Gain Maximum Life based on Maximum Mana (up to 4400 at 20000 Mana)
    • Gain Life regeneration based on character level (up to 200 per second at level 100)
    • Gain Life regeneration based on your bonus to Mana Regeneration (1% of Maximum Life per 40% Mana Regeneration bonus)
    • Requires level 1, Maximum Base level is 1
  • Eldritch Storm: new skill replacing Bloodstorm
    • Unleash a twister of forbidden power
    • Requires level 15
  • Enthropy:
    • New passive skill, upgrades Eldritch Storm
    • Drains 1% of Maximum Life per second
    • Increases radius by 42%
    • Increases range by 40%
    • Requires level 60, Maximum Base Level 1
  • Magic Missiles:
    • Area of effect bonus moved to Blast Radius
    • Can now gain 3 additional projectiles from Skill Levels, max is now 15
    • Base radius increased by 50%
    • Blast radius increase now 200%
  • Blast Radius:
    • New passive skill, upgrades Magic Missiles
    • Drains 1% of Maximum Life per second
    • Increases explosion radius by 300%
    • Requires level 50, Maximum Base Level 1
  • Lava Pit:
    • Reduced duration and hit frequency by 33%
    • Increased damage to compensate (damage per cast unchanged, but 7 hits per cast instead of 15)
    • Base radius increased by 50%, but no longer increases with Bacchanalia
    • Damage increase between levels 9-28 doubled
    • Damage above level 28 increased by 33%
  • Hungering Flames:
    • New passive skill, upgrades Lava Pit
    • Drains 1% of Maximum Life per second
    • Heals 2% of Maximum Life per cast
    • Damage is increased by 1% of your Maximum Mana
    • Requires level 70, Maximum Base Level 1
  • Crimson Rite: new passive skill, upgrades Magic Missiles and Eldritch Storm
    • Drains 1% of Maximum Life per second
    • 1% of Maximum Mana added as bonus damage, up to X Mana
    • X = 1000 per Base Level
    • Requires level 10, Maximum Base Level is 20
  • Unstable Essence: new passive skill, upgrades Fire Elementals
    • Drains 1% of Maximum Life per second
    • Summon 2 Fire Elementals per cast
    • Fire Elemental's Life is halved
    • Requires level 40, Maximum Base Level is 1
  • Forbidden Knowledge: new passive skill, upgrades Blood tree offensive spells
    • Drains 2% of Maximum Life per second
    • Offensive spell total damage increased by 1% per skill level 70 onwards
    • E.g. if your Magic Missiles skill is 79, you would receive a +10% damage multiplier to this skill
    • Requires level 120, Maximum Base Level is 1
  • Concentrated Effect: new passive skill
    • Increases total Magic Missile damage by 20%
    • Sets explosion radius to 1.3 yards
    • Can be toggled on and off
    • Requires level 80, Maximum Base Level is 1
  • Spiritual Invocation: new passive skill
    • Grants Physical Resistance based on your Mana Regeneration bonus
    • Base bonus is 1% Physical Resistence per 30% bonus to Mana regen
    • Mana Regeneration requirement is reduced by 3% per Base Level
    • Requires level 40, Maximum Base Level is 5
    • Note: does not stack with Spirit Walker boots
  • Fire Elementals:
    • Life synergy now 25% per Base Level, up from 15%
    • Removed aura
  • Bloodstorm: now an oSkill
    • Seek range fixed to 16.67 yards
    • Targets fixed to 8
  • Balefire:
    • Is now only an oSkill
    • Now always increases Physical Resistance by 10%
    • No longer knocks back


  • Hammer of Zerae: added missing Attack Rating display
  • Stormcall: Damage increased by about 10% after skill level 17
  • Askari Lightning
    • Base damage from Stormcall reduced to 300% from 330%
    • Total damage bonus per base level reduced to 1% from 2%
    • Combined with the Stormcall damage increase above, this is an approximately 20% nerf to Askari Lightning Damage (slightly less in the early game, slightly more in the endgame)


  • Pounce: reduced ND to 4, should work better with the Superbeast morph from Panthera's Bite



  • Maelstrom MK. IV: tooltip now shows the correct Dexterity scaling (slightly higher than before for the assassin skill, about half what it said for the oskill version). Actual damage is unchanged.


  • Backstab: now has a minimum cooldown of 0.2 seconds to prevent shenanigans



  • Shower of Rocks: now reduces enemy Physical resistance by 10% (up from 5%)
  • Tectonics: Enhanced Weapon Damage needed for 1% proc chance now 150%, down from 180%



  • Infected Roots: reformed into a single target skill
    • Increased damage significantly
    • Lowered radius
  • Devouring Cloud: added as a Druid skill
    • Replaces Elvensong
    • Clouds can now reapply Poison to the same enemy without needing another to walk through them first
    • Clouds no longer get a massive damage buff from two or more enemies standing next to each other
    • Increased base damage by 100%, even more at level 1 (should be about the same effective damage as 2.3 but much better at cleaning up stragglers)
    • Existing items will not benefit the new Devouring Cloud, you'll need to reroll or re-find them
  • Elvensong: removed
  • Harvesters: doubled Life per level


  • Cascade:
    • No longer requires Steady Aim (but still consumes it)
    • Bonus fire damage reduced by 66% without Steady Aim
  • Bear Companion:
    • Base elemental resists on Hell difficulty are now 0 instead of -20 (max 75 with Minion Resistance stat)
    • Maximum Base Level is now 25, up from 20
    • Life increased by 50%
    • Life bonus per Base Level no longer fixed at 20%, now starts at 11% and increases greatly with more investment (up to 59% at Base Level 24)
    • Life Regeneration now 3.5% per second, up from 1%
    • Fixed life tooltip showing a lower value, added information on minion life scaling with item
  • Primal Bond: new passive skill
    • Requires level 30 and 25 points in Bear Companion
    • Adds bonus weapon Physical Damage based on your Minion Resistances stat
    • Maximum bonus is 5% Weapon Physical Damage per 1% Minion Resistance (max 750%)
    • Maximum Base Level is 12
  • Heart of the Pack: Life Regeneration now 100 per second and increases by 100 for every 20 player levels


  • Harbinger:
    • Increased Weapon Damage Modifier from 75% to 100%
    • Increased flat damage after character level 38, up to 150% more at level 150
  • Twisted Claw: increased flat damage after character level 38, up to 300% more at level 150
  • Feed the Pack: added 1% Cold pierce per 2% life steal



  • Pestilence: increased damage at all levels


  • Improved ultimate skill descriptions



  • Dragonbone Armor:
    • Damage absorption per Base Level is now 8%, up from 1.5%
    • Mana degen now 1% per Skill Level, down from 2%


  • Tooltips for Dragon's Blessing, Resurrect, and Superbeast once again indicate that they're devotion-locked


  • Attack speed with staves increased, now able to reach 6 frames


  • Arcane Fury: fixed a bug where the Mana Shield damage reduction increase wasn't working


  • Premonition: no longer gives 6% Max Block without base points invested
  • Bladestorm: modified blades to spawn more spread out
  • Fatal Focus: Max Block penalty is now -1% and -3%, down from -5%, per Base Level


  • Nova Charge and Hive now show current spell damage % on tooltip

Item Only Skills

  • Shower of Rocks (proc): now reduces enemy Physical resistance by 5%
  • Brimstone: now affected by penalty to stacked damage skills on certain targets
  • Guard Tower: added tooltip for Magic conversion
  • Stormclash: improved damage across the board
  • Jitan's Gate: removed hidden Defense bonus


General Changes

  • Honorifics can now be created from rare Weapon and Armor
  • Staff Dexterity scaling increased to match other Weapons (15% per 100 Dexterity)
  • Fixed a bug that caused runewords made in elemental bases to deal more Physical Damage than intended (this will affect existing items)
  • Increased base speeds of druid bows, especially Compound Bow and Viper Bow.
  • Reduced Dexterity scaling of Compound Bow and Viper Bow.
  • Increased damage of Recurve Bow
  • Spiritual Shrine
    • Mana Regeneration bonus doubled on One Handed Weapons/Shields and small Armor pieces
    • Mana Regeneration bonus trebled on Two-Handed Weapons and Body Armor
    • Mana bonus on Two-Handed weapons and Body Armor doubled

Item Affixes

  • Weapons:
    • Doubled chance of Enhanced Damage rolls
    • Enhanced damage and spell damage will no longer appear on the same weapon
    • Increased value of Maximum Damage rolls
    • Increased chance of the highest Maximum Damage rolls on 2 handed weapons
  • Scepters: No longer roll Rain of Bombs
  • Staff, Sorceress Orb, Necromancer Wand: No longer roll flat Elemental Damage
  • Assassin claws:
    • No longer roll Rain of Bombs
    • Can now roll +(8 to 12) to Phoenix Wave
    • Can now roll up to +250 Maximum Damage
  • Druid bows:
    • Can now roll up to +7 to druid skills
    • Can now roll up to 20 Fire pierce
  • Paladin spears: Hailstorm now procs on attack instead of on kill
  • Gloves: No longer roll Devouring Cloud
  • Druid helms: No longer roll Mana Tide Totem, Shuriken Flurry, or Flash
  • Paladin helms: No longer roll Vortex
  • Amazon helms:
    • No longer roll Vortex
    • Can now roll +(14 to 20) to Exorcism
  • General Staves: no longer roll +(1 to 4) Necromancer/Druid skills

Runes and Gems

  • Fixed a bug that caused Elq runes to replace Nif drops
  • Zod Rune: now adds 15 life after each kill
  • Xod Rune: now also gives +1 to All Skills

Mystic Orbs

  • Zayl's Soul: now gives 1% Energy, down from 2%

Tiered Uniques

  • Removed flat Poison Damage on some items to make weapon Poison leveling gear a bit more intuitive
    • Vilehand: removed
    • Slimedrool: replaced with slows target
    • Xorine's Ring: replaced with Poison pierce
  • Frostbringer: Cold Spell Damage is now Enhanced Weapon Damage (still scales Ice Lance proc)
  • Featherclaw: removed to make room for new caster gloves (% attack rating moved to Visegrip)
  • Toorc's Gift: now Chain Gloves
  • Rabbit's Foot: added "-% requirements"
  • Shadowmoon: now has all Spell Damage instead of tri-elemental Spell Damage
  • Felblood: tooltip now correctly indicates that totems get only the Life Regeneration from Metal Solace, not the life on kill
  • Iceflayer: adjusted to support Innate Elemental Damage builds

New Tiered Uniques

  • Witching Gloves: new Heavy Gloves with spell damage and a chance to cast Banish on Death Blow

Sacred Uniques

  • Sherazade: now a Falchion and drops in level 115+ areas
  • Aurumvorax: now more useful without Radiance (fire spell damage increased by 10-15, Light Radius now always only 5)
  • Eternal Vigil: Poison pierce now applies to all Elements
  • Azurewrath:
    • Now adds 100% of Vitality as Cold Damage
    • Azure Orb (150% weapon damage) proc chance now 40% up from 25%
    • Life per point of vitality is now -0.9, down from -0.5
  • Carsomyr: damage increased by 25
  • Fire Hydra: renamed to Witherfang
    • No longer reduces Annihilation cooldown
    • Now modifies your Dragon Jaws, increasing its area of effect by 30%
    • Dragon Jaws will also reduce enemy Physical Resistance by 30% in its area for 1 second
    • Removed fire resist and maximum Fire Resistance
    • Now adds 6% fire, Cold, and Lightning Absorb
    • Fire and Physical/Magic Spell Damage now rolls from 25-50%, up from 33%
  • Solar Scion: amazon skills reduced to 5-7 from 7
  • Bitter Harvest: increased Dexterity damage scaling, no longer rolls negative Max Resistances
  • Freakshow: added (51 to 70)% Poison Spell Damage
  • Piranha Swarm: Poison Spell Damage reduced to 99%
  • Chillstring: Gematria now also adds 10-15 Physical Damage per Great/Elemental Rune
  • Zular Khan's Tempest: bonus to ways skill levels now +(25 to 30)
  • Esubane: now provides Salvation Aura, giving 5% Fire/Lightning/Cold absorb to allies
  • Azgar's Mark: added (10 to 15)% Fire pierce
  • Mr Painless: replaced bonus Elemental Damage to Mark of the Wild with Poison pierce
  • Champion of the Triune: slightly reduced Elemental Resistance penalty
  • Binding Treads: added 75-150 Mana, Minimum Spell Damage roll increased
  • Titan's Steps: changed Crushing Blow to Elemental pierce, doubled flat damage
  • Toraja's Champion: Mana on Striking reduced to 6-7 from 11-13
  • Deckard Cain's Heirloom: now grants 2.5% Spell Damage per 1% Experience, down from 3%
  • Karcheus' Temptation:
    • Removed Fire Spell Damage and Fire Resistance penalty
    • Now spawns with Balefire oSkill
  • Deviant Crown: now checks for Crimson Rite instead
  • Crimson Dream:
    • Removed Blood Magic and Physical/Magic Spell Damage
    • Now adds +(4-8) to Eldritch Storm and Lava Pit

New Sacred Uniques

  • Thunderhead: new Axe for Lightning casters with Flash oskill
  • Ribcracker: new Battle Staff with high Physical Damage
  • The Intrepid: new Buckler for Physical attackers
  • Zakarum's Guidance: new Large Shield for Fire casters (and a potential alternative for elemental barbarians)
  • Elemental Trance: returning Boots for Lightning casters
  • Augur's Pelt: returning Hawk Helm for Physical attackers
  • Cedar Shake: new Hawk Helm for Elemental attackers


  • Cinadide's Bender: rounded flat Magic Damage
  • Malthael's Ward: added Fire Spell Damage
  • Marchosias' Essence: removed reanimate from full set bonus
  • Marchosias' Hatred: removed Minion Life
  • Yaerius' Alembic: changed oskills to regular skills
  • Kale Monath: new set for Poison druid
  • Red Vex:
    • Red Vex' Curse:
    • Removed Mana on kill
    • Added 10% Mana Regeneration
    • Added 15 Physical/Magic Spell Damage
    • Fire Spell Damage increased to 15%
    • Replaced Minion Damage bonus with 20% bonus to Defense
    • Red Vex' Flayer:
    • Spell damage top end increased from 20% to 30%
    • Replaced Cast Speed with 40-50 life on kill
    • Replaced Fire Resistance with 10% Mana Regeneration
    • Red Vex' Idol:
    • Replaced Elemental Totem with 20% Physical/Magic Spell Damage
    • Added 10% Mana Regeneration
    • Replaced Cast Speed with 300-500 Mana
    • Red Vex' Sin:
    • Replaced block speed with 40-50% bonus to Defense
    • Max roll on Minion stats increased to 20%
    • 2 Piece Bonus:
    • Energy increased to 175
    • Replaced bonus to all Resistances with 15% bonus to fire and Physical/Magic Spell Damage
    • 3 Piece Bonus:
    • Replaced Tremor with 30% Mana Regeneration
    • Replaced Amazon skills with +50% Bonus to Defense
    • Full Set Bonus:
    • Life on kill reduced to 300
    • Removed duplicate Blood Magic aura
    • Increased Physical/Magic Spell Damage to 75
    • Added 10% Physical Resistance
    • Added 20% Fire pierce


  • New Belt Runeword: Angelic Touch (Yham-Iah)
  • New Druid Staff Runeword: Louhi (Ven-Ohn-Xod)
  • New Warp Blade Runeword: Mirage (Elq-Ohn-Vez-Loz-Gur-Xod)
  • Returning Belt Runeword: Ahriman (Vez-Ghal)
  • Cloudburst: increased Spell Damage to 15-20% from 7-10%
  • Knave: rune combination reduced to Sol Cham Qor (now adds +40 flat mana)
  • Vortex: rune combination reduced to Sur Bur Ful (stats unchanged)
  • Aconitum: +druid skills increased by 2, no longer gives Devouring Cloud oskill (since it's in the Nature tree)
  • Cambion: Orb of Annihilation skill level increased to +32-37
  • Dirge: 101-150% Enhanced Weapon Damage changed to 25-35% to Minion Resistances
  • Kali: changed Fire Splash to Seal of Fire
  • Typhoon:
    • now made with Gla rune
    • now procs Shower of Rocks on melee attack
    • increased Strength bonus to (20 to 25)%
  • Khany: removed
  • Antediluvan:
    • Orange stat replaced, now adds 2.5% Innate Elemental Damage per Wolf Stance base level
    • Now only reduces Max Block by 20%
    • Physical Resistance increased from (1 to 10)% to (15 to 20)%
  • Demhe: lowered level of Infected Roots proc to 35
  • Durga: removed Bloodlust proc
  • Corona Aureola:
    • Now adds "+200 Life after kill" if below 50% of Max Life
    • Now adds "-10 Life after each kill" if above 70% of Max Life
    • Removed Bacchanalia skill bonus and negative Regeneration
  • Obedience: changed broken Cataclysm proc to Fire Cannonade


  • Shower of Rocks: Now increases Physical Resistance reduction by 5% (up from 4%), works on procs
  • Magic Missiles:
    • Now gives (8-10) Physical/Magic Spell Damage, instead of Magic Resistance
    • Removed projectile bonus
    • Now increases Blast radius bonus by 2 yards
  • Eldritch Storm:
    • Gives (2-5) to Fire pierce
    • With 25 points in Eldritch Storm: 2% CtC Level 60 Eldritch Storm on Death Blow
  • Lava Pit:
    • Removed radius bonus and bonus to Bloodlust
    • Now gives +2% Maximum Life healed per cast to Hungering Flames

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